Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 117

Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 117

Chapter 117: Something Is Wrong When Ye Feng found Militan, the latter seemed to be busy, Ye Feng chose not to bother him and went to find Avril instead.

Right now, Avril had already left the Knight’s Academy’s group, she was with Eric.

Eric looked at his daughter who was tending to her wounds skillfully, he showed an expression of pride and joy.

He was an Advanced Knight, one of the most authoritative people in Osborne City, he would not be like the common parent and want his daughter to live obediently.

In his perspective, the stronger his daughter became, the better it would be.

As for the matter of starting a family… with Ye Feng here, there was nothing to worry about.

In this battle, Avril’s performance far exceeded his expectations, evidently, the Knight’s Academy had taught her well.

Eric took a look at Avril’s extravagant mechanical armor and shook his head, suppressing the envy in his heart.

This mechanical armor that was tailor made for Avril was not just powerful, it also looked very stunning when it was worn on her.

“What is the situation?” Ye Feng arrived and saw Avril, he immediately took over the bandage in her hand and treated her wounds for her, he completely ignored Eric’s ‘grudging’ gaze behind him.

“This mechanical armor is very useful, it raised my strength to a huge extent.

I did not suffer many injuries.

” .



Avril noticed her father’s expression smiled sweetly: “Thank you.

” “Why are you thanking me now?” Ye Feng showed a stiff expression and said solemnly: “Tell me, what is our relationship?” Avril did not reply, she only got closer to Ye Feng’s face.

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COM “Ugh…” Eric looked at his daughter and son-in-law who were in their own world, he covered his own face and shook his head helplessly, turning around and leaving this place.

If he continued to watch this, he might not be able to control himself.

The two did not stay together for too long, after Ye Feng treated Avril’s wounds, the two of them left.

“343 people were sacrificed, 142 people are heavily injured or crippled…” Militan rubbed the corner of his eyes as he said with heartache: “Our losses were too huge, Osborne City has basically nobody left now.

” “Just in case, I will stay in Osborne City for some time.

” Ye Feng said beside him: “When I leave, I will let some mechanical beasts stay here, if anything happens, inform me at the first moment.

” He had already modified the mechanical beasts, he was not afraid of anyone taking them to steal the method of making them, the mechanical armor that he gave to Eric earlier was not taken back either.

After all, Eric was his father-in-law, even though the mechanical armor was previous, he could afford to give it away, in fact, he could afford to give a bunch of them away.


” Militan sighed, he did not have the mood for other things now: “I’ll take my leave first, there are many things that I need to resolve in Osborne City.

” He was not lying, as the City Lord, Militan had many things to do during normal times, now that a huge battle had just ended, he had even more affairs to handle, Militan was way too busy at the moment.

Ye Feng nodded, right now, Militan and Eric were busy handling the city’s affairs, while Avril was at a gathering with her classmates, until the Knight’s Academy’s people left, Avril would not have time to spend with him.

“Then I’ll return to the Blacksmith Shop first.

” After Ye Feng returned to the Blacksmith Shop, he packed up the place and put up a board that was similar to the one in Aden City.

“Bring your own materials for free forging of weapons.

” But different from that time, this was Osborne City, Ye Feng’s hometown, while that was Aden City with nobody knowing who Ye Feng was.

In Osborne City, almost everyone knew who Ye Feng was! But this time, Ye Feng added one condition.

“This offer is limited to only the people who participated in the battle against the werewolves.

” Back then in Aden City, he needed to raise his own strength through this, but now was different.

Osborne City needed stage three weapons mostly, they could not raise his strength by much anymore.

It would be a marginal gain.

He was trying to compensate those warriors who worked hard to defend their hometown.

… “Did you hear that Sir Ye Feng is back?” “That means, we can ask him to forge again?” “And the most important thing is, Sir Ye Feng is forging for free, we just need to bring the materials… I heard he is compensating us for participating in this battle.

” “Why do we need to be compensated for protecting our own home… Sir Ye Feng is really a good person, why aren’t we going there yet?!” Even though news spread around Osborne City quickly, there were not many people who came to Ye Feng.

On one hand, some of the people had died, the remaining ones were mostly injured, they were recuperating at home now, how could they come to find Ye Feng now? On the other hand, after the battle ended, the surviving ones still held onto the weapons that Ye Feng provided earlier.

Militan also said that he would not take back the weapons, thus, they did not need to find Ye Feng to forge another weapon.

Normally, people would not have so many spare materials lying around.

If they already had a weapon, they would choose to save their materials to forge a more powerful and suitable weapon for themselves in the future.

The main cost of forging was usually the material cost, compared to expensive materials, the forging fee was nothing.

Money was much easier to get than these rare and exotic materials.

For the following week, Ye Feng stayed in Osborne City and did not leave, but the werewolf tribe also did not attack them anymore.

“Ding! Congratulations to the Host for forging a stage four superior-grade Raging Wind Hammer, you have obtained 4000 fire elemental points.

” Ye Feng tossed the weapon aside and stretched his body before leaving the room.

By now, no customers came anymore.

Those that had any needs had already come during the week.

Most people were recuperating now, few would leave Osborne City for exploration, how could they fight with injured bodies? This caused the demand for weapons to fall, thus, Ye Feng had some free time to himself.

Once he left his room, he saw a beautiful figure swinging her sword around, her posture was elegant but powerful, Ye Feng was in a daze as he watched.

“You stopped forging?” Avril, who had just practiced her sword technique, noticed Ye Feng and smiled as she walked to him.

“Yeah… I’m resting now.

” Ye Feng regained his senses and frowned a little.

He had a strange feeling, this period of time had been too peaceful.

“What’s going on? You look worried.

” “I have a feeling…” While Ye Feng was speaking, someone barged in.

Ye Feng had an impression of this person, he seemed to be from the City Lord Manor, he was Militan’s subordinate, a close aide in fact.

“Sir Ye Feng, the City of Chaos is under attack! According to our information, it seems to be led by the dwarf tribes!”