Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 108

Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 108

Chapter 108: Teaching As a Blacksmith, Ye Feng’s skills were not poor to begin with, since he had decided to teach the Divine Forging tribe, he became exceptionally serious in this matter.

Soon, most of the members of the Divine Forging tribe experienced what Ye Feng’s seriousness entailed, their carefree lives were basically a part of history now.

Ye Feng was very strict and solemn when he taught forging related knowledge, even Blake who was seen as a talented individual suffered greatly during his classes.

In fact, even Claude who was specially trained before the Grand Forging Competition suspected his own talent after Ye Feng forced him to undergo intense training.

Two people with great talent were barely able to endure his training, the members of the Divine Forging tribe were far inferior to them.

Each time they complained to anyone, they could hear Blake and Claude’s cold laughter: “This is nothing, back then, teacher did this to us…” After the Divine Forging tribe members heard what Ye Feng did to Blake and Claude, they became less frustrated, sometimes, they even looked towards Blake and Claude with glances of pity and sympathy.

At the same time, they were envious towards their talent.

Ye Feng’s forging skills were self-taught, when he gave Blake and Claude lessons, they were structured and helped develop a deep foundation, thus, the two of them also copied this style when they taught the rest of the tribe.

Ye Feng was not stingy at this time, he took out the blueprint of the mechanical armor and started teaching those who had good foundation the method to forge the mechanical armor.

The truth was, many people had heard of the mechanical armor’s reputation, when the Iron Hammer tribe attacked, they saw with their own eyes how powerful Ye Feng’s mechanical armor was.

Thus, they became very excited now, they did not think that he would bring out this blueprint for them to learn.




Most of the time, Blacksmiths tend to keep their blueprints or techniques a secret, many of these Blacksmiths were able to create many things in their lifetime, but few were willing to teach or give their forging blueprints to others.

Even for their own disciples, not many would teach all their skills, thus, many people felt excited and amazed when Ye Feng brought out his mechanical armor blueprint.

Ye Feng did not care about such emotions, when he heard about such a situation earlier, he felt extreme disdain towards such actions.

In his opinion, in order for a person’s skills to improve, interacting and learning from others was necessary.

By keeping the creations secretive and preventing it from developing further, it would not benefit him.

Thus, Ye Feng taught these people while imparting his experience and knowledge, he asked for them to do the same, many people were not used to it at first, but after seeing the mechanical armor blueprint, they could not refuse to contribute.

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COM The research results that they took out were also improved upon later, after they successfully forged the mechanical armor, they also gained some confidence to fight against their strong enemies.

The mechanical armor could undoubtedly increase the strength of the Divine Forging tribe.

On this aspect, the Divine Forging tribe was submerged in the atmosphere of learning, but for the Iron Hammer tribe, they were not feeling the same.

After what Ye Feng did earlier, the Iron Hammer tribe had suffered a huge setback, because of the mechanical armors and mechanical beasts, the Iron Hammer tribe had no way to fight back.

At this time, the Iron Hammer tribe’s conflicts were directed towards the Yoruk tribe.

As a dwarf tribe, the Yoruk tribe’s specialty at creating mechanical beasts was well known to everyone, it was obvious where Ye Feng’s mechanical beasts came from.

Furthermore, the Yoruk tribe was very close to Ye Feng during the gathering.

Because of various reasons, the Iron Hammer tribe started targeting the Yoruk tribe at this time.

The Yoruk tribe had gotten closer to the Divine Forging tribe earlier because of Ye Feng, during this period of time, when it came to matters regarding the Divine Forging tribe, the Yoruk tribe would either object or stay silent about it.

Thus, the Iron Hammer tribe was very unhappy with them now: “You are really Ye Feng’s good allies, I assume his mechanical armor’s idea and the mechanical beast blueprint came from your tribe?” The Yoruk tribe could not answer the Iron Hammer tribe’s question at this time, they had basically acknowledged it, causing the Iron Hammer tribe to understand that Ye Feng had gotten so powerful and hard to deal with because of the Yoruk tribe’s help.

Even if they denied their involvement, it could not stop the Iron Hammer tribe from targeting and attacking them now.

Initially, the Yoruk tribe was wholeheartedly thinking of helping the Divine Forging tribe, but before they even did anything, Ye Feng and his people quickly defeated the Iron Hammer tribe and caused them to escape in defeat.

Afterwards, the situation aggravated till the point where they wanted to use the Ritual Ceremony to banish the Divine Forging tribe, the Yoruk tribe had to be very careful with expressing themselves.

And because the Iron Hammer tribe had contacted many other tribes beforehand, while the Yoruk tribe did not know many of them due to their aloof nature, the support of the majority naturally went to the Iron Hammer tribe.

The Iron Hammer tribe’s goal was very clear now — they wanted the blueprint of the mechanical beast from the Yoruk tribe.

Everyone here was a Blacksmith, how could they not understand what the Iron Hammer tribe was trying to do while beating about the bush, everyone was clear about their intention.

But the rest also wanted to get the blueprint of the mechanical beast, since such an opportunity arose, they were not going to back down, it was the perfect excuse.

The Yoruk tribe had the initiative in this situation in the past, but because the Iron Hammer tribe gathered the remaining five tribes on their side, the Yoruk tribe could not say anything even if they were angry now.

No matter how strong they were, they could not fight against six tribes at the same time, as for the Divine Forging tribe? They were too busy with their own matters now to help the Yoruk tribe.

Because of this, the Yoruk tribe was forced into a corner by the Iron Hammer tribe.