Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 109

Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 109

Chapter 109: Threaten Undeniably, the alliance of the six tribes including the Iron Hammer tribe was something they could not resist, but they were not going to give in so easily.

The Yoruk tribe was not strong to begin with, they had a peaceful time earlier because of the mechanical beasts that they had.

If they gave the mechanical beast blueprint to them, the Yoruk tribe would be at their mercy.

And they were asking for the mechanical beast blueprint to deal with Ye Feng and the Divine Forging tribe.

These were their friends! But if they refused to do so, the Yoruk tribe might get wiped out now… They could fight against one tribe, even if they could not win, defending was still possible.

But against six tribes, what could they do? On one hand were the blueprint that they relied on and also their friends, on the other hand, their own safety was at stake.

This made many of the dwarves in the tribe hesitate.

Everyone only had one life, not everyone was noble, after all, this was just a blueprint, it could not compare to the safety of the whole tribe.

“Should we just hand the blueprint over? Our safety is the most important!” .



“If we hand the blueprint over, will we be safe? By then, they will have an easier time wiping us out.

” “Regardless, we are all dwarves, if we are no threat, they won’t kill us right… I’m sure they will spare us.

” “But the mechanical beast is our Yoruk tribe’s foundation! If we hand the blueprint over, will we still be considered the Yoruk tribe?” The Yoruk tribe members were fearful and anxious now, they talked about themselves nervously.

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COM On a whole, there were many people who held opposite views, this prevented the Yoruk tribe from coming up with a decisive answer now.

And now, different from the nervous Yoruk tribe, the allied forces of the six tribes were feeling quite relaxed.

The elders sat together and smiled at each other as they thought of ways to squeeze the Yoruk tribe dry.

“Hehe, I think the Yoruk tribe is scared gutless now.

” An elder smiled as he squinted: “This is likely the greatest difficulty they’ve ever gotten into.

” “Hmph! They are a trashy tribe, if not for those lousy mechanical beasts, they are all just trash!” An elder of the Heavenly Forging tribe snorted coldly as he said in disdain.

Because of their arrogance, they looked down on the other tribes.

Thus, the Yoruk tribe that relied on machines was even worse in their eyes.

In their opinion, the Yoruk tribe that could only make mechanical beasts and other useless toys was a disgrace to the Great Deity of Forging! They were only creating mechanical beasts that were neither considered weapons nor defensive equipment, this was simply not forging at all! But there were only their spiteful words, how could anyone not see the power of the mechanical beasts? If the Heavenly Forging tribe really looked down on it, they would not be here to try and obtain the blueprint for themselves.

“Some people are only capable of speaking rubbish.

” An elder waved his hand and frowned: “No matter what any of you say, aren’t you here to gain the benefits as well?” Even though he did not state who he was talking to, everyone here could understand what he was referring to.

After all, none of the tribes liked the Heavenly Forging tribe, if not for an external enemy like Ye Feng, they would have gotten rid of the Heavenly Forging tribe already.

Of course, the strength of the Heavenly Forging tribe made them a tough target as well.

If not for Ye Feng and the Divine Forging tribe, it was almost impossible to get six tribes to ally as one! The Heavenly Forging tribe elder who had a hot temper knew he was the target of those words, he was someone who would never let such a provocation go.

After slamming the table, he stood up and shouted: “What do you mean? You have a problem with me?” “Heh…” The other elder was not as irrational as him, he smiled coldly: “I was not referring to anyone, are you admitting something?” Right when the Heavenly Forging tribe elder wanted to continue arguing, the person who brought the alliance together stopped him: “Alright, we are all alliance mates, there is no need to ruin our relationship over such small matters.

” It was the Iron Hammer tribe elder who spoke.

Even though this elder had a white beard near his chin and seemed quite old, the tough muscles on his arms showed that he had considerable strength.

Be it in forging skills or combat strength, there were few who were stronger than him here.

“Right now, we need to discuss how we are going to deal with the Yoruk tribe and Divine Forging tribe.

” After hearing his words, the Heavenly Forging tribe elder suppressed his anger and stared at the previous elder with fiery eyes as he sat down again.

“What is there to talk about the Yoruk tribe?” An elder spoke in a lazy tone: “As long as they hand over the blueprint, we can spare them this time, after all, we are all dwarves, they did not do anything to us either.

” After hearing his words, many people nodded in agreement.

The root of the matter was that they were here for benefits, even though the Yoruk tribe was a loner, they did not have much grudges, compared to them, the alliance hated the Divine Forging tribe more.

If the Yoruk tribe really handed over the blueprint, since they were no threat anyway, it was fine to let them go.

” “Do you think that’s enough? Just the blueprint?” Suddenly, a Heavenly Forging tribe member said: “Don’t forget, the Yoruk tribe still has many mechanical beasts in their possession.

” “Isn’t that a little overboard…” An elder frowned.

It was quite clear from what he said, he felt that the blueprint was not enough, he wanted to take some ‘loot’ as well.

But in that case, there would be nothing left of the Yoruk tribe, it was the same as exterminating them.

“Actually, it is not that overboard if you think about it.

” An elder from the Iron Hammer tribe chuckled and tried to sway them: “Think about it, the battle is about to begin, even if we get the blueprint, we cannot create many beasts in this period of time, it will be useless in the battlefield… But if we have this loot, the situation will be different.

The Yoruk tribe can make a contribution towards our victory.

” “This…” “At most, we can take a portion and leave them a few!” “Good idea!” “Let’s decide on that!” In many situations, it was not that people were unwilling to do things, they just needed an excuse.

… “They are too overboard! Other than the blueprint, they also want our mechanical beasts?!” News soon got to the Yoruk tribe.

“They want to use our beasts to fight against Ye Feng? He is our friend!” Everyone gritted their teeth, they were exceptionally angry: “They are simply too much, this is a humiliation to us!” “We cannot allow this even if they just want a portion, if they take two-thirds of our beasts, it is the same as crippling our foundation!” “We cannot relent!” Different from what the six tribes thought, this situation caused the Yoruk tribe to become united instead.

They wanted to resist, they were not going to give up and wait for extermination!