Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 106

Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 106

Chapter 106: Utter Defeat In such a situation, the lack of a weapon basically meant that they were meat on the chopping block.

This was something that the Iron Hammer tribe had no choice but to admit.

Initially, the Iron Hammer tribe did not expect that Ye Feng would return so quickly, they had not prepared much against him, thus, at this moment, against his attacks, they were quite flustered.

But this was not the worst thing for the Iron Hammer tribe, they soon realized that the worst had yet to come — the people from the Divine Forging tribe who were focused on defense earlier also started to attack at full force.

Earlier, they were afraid of the Iron Hammer tribe and went on the defensive, but now, Ye Feng was here with reinforcements.

They would not stay as cowards at this time, even a fool could tell that this was a great opportunity for them.

As a result, the Iron Hammer tribe started out fighting against Ye Feng’s group but now, they were pincered in the middle by two forces from their front and back.

Especially now when many mechanical beasts were mixed into their group, the Iron Hammer tribe started to show signs of losing after the effect of all these reasons.

If the Iron Hammer tribe was quite confident of defeating Ye Feng at the start, then at this point, their confidence was already starting to waver.

Currently, many Iron Hammer tribe members were injured while others had lost their lives, this made the firm and determined Iron Hammer tribe start to feel an inclination to change their decision.

At this time, many Iron Hammer tribe members took their chance and escaped from the battlefield, Ye Feng saw this clearly and started to shout to his men: “If the Iron Hammer tribe members run away, don’t pursue them, let them go.

” Ye Feng’s words were too effective, many of the Iron Hammer tribe members who were indecisive about running away earlier started to take action to escape from the battlefield.

After they realized that Ye Feng kept his word and nobody chased after them, more and more people followed suit.

At this time, the members of the Iron Hammer tribe also noticed that the outcome had been decided, no matter how unwilling the Iron Hammer tribe was about losing, there was nothing else that they could do anymore.




Looking at the members of the Iron Hammer tribe now, they had chosen to retreat pitifully and no longer fought against Ye Feng’s subordinates.

Watching the Iron Hammer tribe escape, the Divine Forging tribe resounded with an intense cheer, many people expressed their praise towards Ye Feng, after he saw that they were not harmed greatly, he let out a sigh of relief.

But good times did not last, Ye Feng did not notice at this time that another storm was slowly approaching the Divine Forging tribe.

The matter of Ye Feng leading the Divine Forging tribe to defeat the Iron Hammer tribe and saving them from this predicament soon became widely spread news, many tribes gained a deeper understanding of Ye Feng.

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COM But at this time, some unfriendly discussions started to get louder at this time, even some members of the Divine Forging tribe were influenced by them — this was a conflict between the dwarf tribes, why was a human like Ye Feng interfering? This was a conflict between two dwarf tribes, in actuality, it had nothing to do with Ye Feng, right? So what? Because Claude was his student? Claude was a dwarf but he went to study forging under a human, he did not inherit the forging techniques of his own tribe? Then was this Claude a traitor? How could such a person exist among the dwarves? At this time, many people could no longer remember how they had been sarcastic towards the Heavenly Forging tribe for wanting to hold the title of victor despite not having the skills to back up such confidence, discontent towards Ye Feng became louder and louder.

Such words naturally reached Ye Feng’s ears as well.

Initially, when Ye Feng heard such discussions, he did not mind them at all, but afterwards, these arguments became louder and louder, even the more passive dwarf tribes could not ignore it anymore.

Even the Iron Hammer tribe which had suffered a huge setback from Ye Feng’s attacks quickly regained a lot of their rights to speak because of this matter.

This was extremely good news for the Iron Hammer tribe, thus, even though they were trying to recover now, they started to act extremely quickly.

The most important thing now for the Iron Hammer tribe was to visit the various dwarf tribes and convince them to hold the Ritual Ceremony and chase the Divine Forging tribe out of the dwarf race.

“Our forging techniques originate from the Great Deity of Forging, right now, an outsider has started to interfere in our internal affairs, this is in fact a form of sacrilege towards the dwarf race, and towards the Great Deity of Forging.

” The Iron Hammer tribe spoke with clear and powerful reasoning, they had already thought of the possible excuses that they could use in this situation from long ago.

Many of the tribes were unhappy with the result of the previous competition to begin with, at this time, many heard of stories about Ye Feng’s help towards the Divine Forging tribe, they started to feel convinced by the Iron Hammer tribe that Ye Feng was too meddling.

As the Iron Hammer tribe spread such information widely, many people started to think that the Divine Forging tribe had, in a way, betrayed the Great Deity that they all bore faith in.

The dwarf race was specialized in forging, they had the same Deity which they held rituals for.

This was the legendary Great Deity of Forging, even though the eight dwarf tribes were separated and had conflicts among each other, they even had different forging ideologies, there was one thing that bound them together and was publicly recognized — The dwarf race’s forging techniques were bestowed by the Great Deity of Forging.

Even though the dwarf race was split into eight tribes, because of the Great Deity of Forging, these eight tribes were tightly connected together, this was an intrinsic connection between them.

Thus, no matter which tribe it was, the dwarf race paid great importance to the Forging Ritual Ceremony, right now, the spread of such news was not favorable to the Divine Forging tribe.