Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 105

Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 105

Chapter 105: Combat After hearing of the news brought back from the Divine Forging tribe, Ye Feng thought about it and immediately prepared to send people there.

Currently, the Iron Hammer tribe’s strength could not be matched by just sending several people.

After the Divine Forging tribe forced Ye Feng to escape into the ancient forest, they became increasingly arrogant and overbearing.

Because the dwarf tribes had never had close relationships, and with the fact that the Divine Forging tribe was on the decline, not many forces were willing to stand up for them to try and stop the attackers at this time.

Thus, Ye Feng had to disregard the expenses and utilize the mechanical armors and mechanical beasts that he forged these days.

After gathering his men, he went off to the location of the Divine Forging tribe in a huge group.

“I want to go too.

” At this time, Blake stated his request, Ye Feng paused for a moment as his original intention was for Blake to stay behind and guard this base of theirs.

Thus, after Ye Feng heard Blake’s request, he hesitated.

However, Blake still managed to convince Ye Feng: “Currently, the City of Chaos is slowly getting on track, even if we are not around, nothing will happen.

I’ve gained some new insight in my fighting techniques these days, I want to test it out in battle.

” Ye Feng was a little hesitant at first, but after hearing Blake’s words, he realized that this was not something that could not be altered, thus, Ye Feng quickly agreed to it.

But to allow the both of them to leave the City of Chaos at the same time, some arrangements were still needed.

These days, because they had been handling all of the paperwork of the city, Ye Feng and his disciple were very familiar with what to do.

After such a long time, even the weaker tribes had changed greatly, even though Ye Feng was not around for some time, because of the mechanical armors, mechanical beasts, and Blake, nobody dared to come and provoke him.

As a result, all of the manpower inside the City of Chaos became part of Ye Feng’s strength.

Thus, after the two made appropriate arrangements, they left for the Divine Forging tribe’s location.

Because the information said that this was urgent, they sprinted at full force along the way.

They reached the vicinity of the Iron Hammer tribe in no time, seeing the enemies that bore old and new grudges with them, they started to fight.

Along the way, Ye Feng had chosen to let the people wear their mechanical armors before setting off to prevent sneak attacks, it became an extremely good decision now.

When Ye Feng made four mechanical armors, he could already defeat the Warwick tribe, during this period of time, he made way more than just four of them, thus, when the Iron Hammer tribe saw an entire row of mechanical armors, they felt a huge headache emerging.




Especially after they saw Ye Feng leading the group, the dwarves screamed out loud: “Oh goodness, Ye Feng, Ye Feng is back!” The Iron Hammer tribe was not so naive to think that Ye Feng would die inside the ancient forest, the cause of the shock was simply because they had not expected Ye Feng to be able to return to the City of Chaos so quickly in such a situation.

What feared them even more was that Ye Feng looked completely uninjured, as a result, the entire situation started to turn around now.

The Iron Hammer tribe members who had originally encircled the Divine Forging tribe now formed into a group as they started to fight against Ye Feng’s group.

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COM Right at this time, the mechanical beasts appeared, they did not have any cognitive abilities, once they were activated, they went into the enemy group and started to bite with sharp fangs, the stalemate became quite hilariously broken through.

At this time, Ye Feng did not need to say much, the Knights behind him who were wearing mechanical armors charged up and fought, the armor displayed an immense use at this time, it allowed one person to fight against an entire group of Iron Hammer tribe experts, because they did not have the mechanical armor, they were greatly disadvantaged.

As time passed, it seemed like Ye Feng’s group was slowly catching up in strength, because he was the creator of the mechanical armors, during the time he made the second batch of them, he had already modified them to be even more effective now.

Such modifications made the mechanical armors even stronger than before.

Ye Feng obviously took the role of the vanguard as he fought against the Iron Hammer tribe experts.

Even though he lost to them last time, Ye Feng’s strength had risen immensely since that previous fight, he had a much easier time than when fighting against them now.

Normally, mechanical armor needed energy to be used as well, but Advanced Knights were capable of bearing with the cost.

Ye Feng obtained a formation when he obtained the mechanical beast blueprint, after he carved this formation onto the mechanical armor, it gained a much greater usability.

Because of this, the battle situation was turned about by Ye Feng after a while, even though the Iron Hammer tribe was quite indignant about the results, they had no choice but to fight against the powerful attackers.

Blake who was at another side was already fighting and killing, he had lost his arm because of the Warwick tribe, right now, he was simply going all-in against these enemies that he could not forgive.

Blake was not weak to begin with, after losing an arm, he continued to practice his fighting techniques.

He even received Ye Feng’s guidance during this period of time, his strength had grown evidently since then, it was fully displayed in this battle.

Blake was like an emotionless slaughter machine in this battle, all of his enemies felt a huge headache when they fought against him, after all, his mechanical arm had no sensation of pain.

Many of his old moves were also improved and adapted, if he could not block and attack with his weapon, he would use his mechanical arm to break it, that would cause the enemy to be disarmed.

Many of the people wearing mechanical armor also started to mimic his actions, they started to destroy or take away the weapons of their enemies.

Because of this, no matter what powerful offensive skills the enemies had, they could not display their full strength.

Even the Iron Hammer tribe had not expected this to happen.