Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 98

Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 98

Chapter 98: Retreating In Defeat Even Ye Feng did not think that the Divine Forging tribe and Sacred Forging tribe would arrive so quickly.

Originally, the Heavenly Forging tribe had been greatly humiliated because of Claude, thus, when they saw Ye Feng now, they were not polite at all.

Ye Feng was not surprised about the animosity of these two tribes.

They hated him to begin with, in this situation, they would definitely not let him off.

The Sacred Forging tribe members were very angry now: “If you can’t even deal with one person, you are no better than a corpse.

” Saying so, they charged towards Ye Feng and attacked.

The members of the Heavenly Forging tribe also attacked without holding back, they sent attacks at Ye Feng as well.

At this time, the elders who had sustained considerable injuries also joined the fight, Ye Feng knew the situation was bad when he saw so many enemies, after a while of fighting, he could feel the pressure.

His strength could not rival the cooperation of so many enemies.

At this time, Ye Feng was feeling a little regretful that he did not investigate before choosing to attack them.

Because of the situation, Ye Feng had always been very vigilant, but during this period, he had been too successful.

As a result, he failed to evaluate this situation properly.

This was a lesson to him, Ye Feng thought about his mistake but he did not show any expression regarding it.

The truth was, Ye Feng was very excited about facing so many people at once, this was a challenge for him.




He looked at all these people with a wary gaze, but when he fought against all of them so intensely, he started to get more excited.

At this time, Ye Feng was not arrogant enough to think that he could defeat so many enemies at the same time, but being able to stay intact against the barrage of attacks from them already showed how formidable Ye Feng was.

Even though Ye Feng was thinking of how to get out of this situation, it was not shown on his face as his attacks became increasingly ruthless.

Even the people who were attacking Ye Feng together could not imagine that instead of surrendering himself now, he fought more and more intensely against the enemies.

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COM But the difference in strength could not be made up for with just courage alone, the people of the Sacred Forging tribe snickered at this moment: “Kid, aren’t you going to surrender yet?” Ye Feng looked at the person speaking as he laughed: “Surrender? I don’t have that habit.

” Ye Feng said that while fighting without slowing down, although it had been a long fight and his stamina had decreased by some extent, Ye Feng knew that he could not let his mood be affected in this situation, thus, even after fighting for so long, he had not shown any weakened spirit.

Only the people who attacked him felt amazed and also pity towards him.

If Ye Feng was the junior in their tribe, he would be fully nurtured by them, it was truly a pity that they were enemies.

At this time, Ye Feng did not know what the person was thinking, but even if he did, he would scoff.

No matter how much this person appreciated his talents, he would not let Ye Feng off regardless, thus, Ye Feng paid more attention to him afterwards.

Many times, he moved towards the man and barely avoided the edge of his sword.

After seeing that Ye Feng was so close to getting injured, this person got very excited, it was already out of all their expectations that Ye Feng was able to contend with them for so long at this age.

Right when they thought that Ye Feng’s stamina had been worn out, he started to move again, sending out three Void Slashes consecutively, this trump card of his displayed immense results once he used it.

The overpowering strength of this skill made the elders of the three tribes extremely worried, they quickly did their best to resolve the attack.

But after they resolved it, they could not see Ye Feng anywhere in the vicinity.

The experts of the three tribes looked at each other, they did not expect that Ye Feng would be able to get away safely.

This was simply like a powerful slap on their faces.

“Good, very good.

” The Heavenly Forging tribe elder’s face turned completely dark: “This kid actually managed to escape against the combined attack of us all.

” If word was to get out about this matter, the first thing people would think of would not be Ye Feng’s strength, but how weak these three tribes were.

By then, their reputation would be completely ruined.

Originally, because of Claude’s matter, many people thought of them as petty tribes, if this situation occurs now, not only would outsiders think that they were petty, they would even be treated as weak which was the reason why they could not tolerate others’ success.

“Then we…” The person from earlier hesitated now, he made a throat slitting action.

“Pursue him, we need to kill that kid.

” The elders’ expressions were also extremely ugly, at this time, they detested Ye Feng to the core, no matter how they explained this situation, it was extremely humiliating to them.

In the future, how would people think of Ye Feng? How would they think of these tribes? Once they thought about these problems, they felt extremely angry and frustrated.

Ye Feng’s reputation was going to rise greatly because of this, while they would become his stepping stones.

“This kid fought against us for so long, his stamina is definitely going to be depleted.

Even if he runs from us now, he cannot get far.

Let’s chase after him now.

” In addition, the others also said after deep consideration: “Seal the information.

” The people who were originally going to send out orders to chase after him regained some of their sanity, if they let the information leak, it would mean that they were useless, everyone would laugh at them.