Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 97

Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 97

Chapter 97: Taking The Initiative To Attack Earlier, when Ye Feng used the new skill that he obtained through forging, Void Slash, he had already seen its power during an assassination attempt.

But if he used it on many people, would the move be weaker as a result? After Ye Feng used it again, he could not help but admit that he had underestimated the power of this skill, anyone who was hit by this move instantly lost their life.

Because Ye Feng displayed incredible combat strength, in just a while, these people who ambushed him scattered and ran.

The Yoruk tribe who was at the side would not let these murderers go so easily, the ones who got away from Ye Feng were killed by the Yoruk tribe members.

Ye Feng’s strength impressed the Yoruk tribe as they said: “Sir Yoruk tribe, to think that your offensive skill is so powerful.

” Ye Feng laughed and shook his head: “After getting assaulted by the Iron Hammer tribe for so long, it is only natural that I’ve gained much experience and strength.

But now, I’ve decided to change my plan, can you take care of Claude for me?” The Yoruk tribe understood what Ye Feng meant by this, they agreed on the spot: “There are no problems, but Sir Ye Feng, the Iron Hammer tribe has a close relationship with the Heavenly Forging tribe, the Sacred Forging tribe that is on the Heavenly Forging tribe’s side is also not weak.

” Ye Feng nodded, he expressed that he understood it as he started to consider what to do.

After the two parties parted here, Ye Feng went to the Iron Hammer tribe alone.

Counting both old and new grudges together, Ye Feng had a huge score to settle with them.

At this time, Ye Feng could be said to be extremely calm, the truth was, he had already formulated a slight plan on this matter.

Following the words of the Yoruk tribe, Ye Feng quickly found the territory of the Iron Hammer tribe, at this time, Ye Feng was extremely prepared.

After he reached the Iron Hammer tribe, he did not come out immediately, he used his fireballs to burn some of the houses he saw.




The Iron Hammer tribe members had also realized something was up, they quickly called out to the others to put out the fire but they did not think that the fire was started by Ye Feng, they only thought that someone had made a mistake at the furnace which started this.

They did not think much but went to deal with the fire instead.

At this time, Ye Feng chose to launch his attack, nobody expected that Ye Feng who had undergone so many assassinations would choose to go and attack the tribe itself.

Caught unguarded, many of the Iron Hammer tribe members were attacked by Ye Feng.

Although many of them took their weapons and tried to save their injured comrades, how could they be Ye Feng’s match? Continue -reading -on MYB0 X N0V E L.

COM Before Ye Feng even got serious, many of his enemies were already heavily injured at this time.

How could such a commotion not reach the other members of the Iron Hammer tribe? The elders of the Iron Hammer tribe who were still in a discussion quickly came out after hearing the sounds, they started to look around.

But they did not expect to see this scene, they became enraged: “Ye Feng, you dare to come here?” Ye Feng snickered: “Why wouldn’t I dare? Only your Iron Hammer tribe can assassinate me, but I cannot come to your territory and seek revenge?” The Iron Hammer tribe elder showed an expression filled with animosity, he smiled coldly: “Of course you can come, in the words of you humans, this is called walking right into a trap.

” But next, he saw many Iron Hammer tribe members with heavy injuries, he felt very angry in his heart: “You came to our Iron Hammer tribe and injured so many people, how can we possibly let you off?” Saying so, he joined the combat.

The others also reacted at this time, all of the elders of the Iron Hammer tribe went into battle, they also sighed in relief due to their advantage in numbers.

After the group of elders joined in to attack Ye Feng, his predicament got tougher.

However, even though these elders were all gathered now, they did not expect that Ye Feng’s strength was so much higher and more terrifying than they could ever expect.

Ye Feng slowly calculated as he fought, initially, when the elders came out, Ye Feng was a little scared.

But now, he could tell that the Iron Hammer tribe elders could not fight with their full strength — Even though the elders were fighting now, they were too concerned about their identities, the fact that they were attacking all at once was quite embarrassing after all.

Precisely so, even though it seemed like Ye Feng had to beat all the elders, the truth was that they were only taking turns to fight against him.

This one-on-one fight was what Ye Feng wanted to see.

Their advantage in numbers became pointless now, these Iron Hammer tribe elders did not expect Ye Feng to be powerful to this extent, they stopped caring about reputation as they chose to attack together.

When Ye Feng fought against these elders earlier, he had already understood their fighting style, thus, when he fought against them now, he was having an easy time.

“So many elders are bullying a single person, you are truly…” Ye Feng’s taunting made many of these people’s faces turn red, they were originally people with great reputation in the Iron Hammer tribe, they had never been in such an embarrassing situation.

But they did not want to let Ye Feng continue speaking, thus, they started to attack more quickly, wanting to eliminate Ye Feng and hide all traces of this embarrassing fight.

But Ye Feng had also found the weakness of the Iron Hammer tribe now, because these elders had barely fought in their lives, they could not cooperate well in this situation.

Ye Feng made use of this and attacked them individually in various ways, soon, two elders were heavily injured by Ye Feng.

At this time, a voice could be heard: “Your Iron Hammer tribe is really amazing, you can’t even beat one person with so many elders, what are you doing?” The two tribes who were in an alliance with the Iron Hammer tribe had arrived, the Heavenly Forging tribe and Sacred Forging tribe.