Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 95

Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 95

Chapter 95: Winning Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios The truth was, Ye Feng could already tell that the rest of the dwarf tribes that he saw truly did not like him, or rather, they did not like humans at all.

But they were not stupid, even though the Heavenly Forging tribe showed that they did not like him, they also did not say anything.

Everyone knew what strength Ye Feng had.

They did not dare to provoke him.

After all, the Warwick tribe’s outcome was known to everyone, these dwarves did not think that their combat strength surpassed the werewolves.

Even though the dwarf tribes showed an ambiguous attitude towards Ye Feng, and the atmosphere was a little peculiar, the Grand Forging Competition still started regardless.

The host of this Grand Forging Competition was an elderly dwarf with white hair.

The Yoruk tribe explained to Ye Feng that this person was quite reputable in the dwarf tribes, he was also from the Heavenly Forging tribe.

Even though the Heavenly Forging tribe was arrogant and proud, they truly had the abilities to feel that way.

Out of ten competitions held among the tribes, they had won more than six of them.

Thus, the Heavenly Forging tribe had always been hosting this Grand Forging Competition, this time was no exception.

The elderly dwarf from the Heavenly Forging tribe displayed an indomitable authority as he explained the rules of the competition sternly: “This competition will have the contestants forge their own signature weapon, the highest grade weapon will win.

” .



“The winner will obtain stage five forging materials, and also take three of the things that the elder has forged.

” Once the elderly dwarf said that, the scene went into a commotion, they were evidently shocked by the rewards.

After all, it was very rare to see such abundant rewards even in the previous competitions.

Stage five materials were very valuable, while the chance to take three forged items was unprecedented.

Ye Feng frowned as he looked at the elderly dwarf, he soon smiled as he understood the reason.

The Heavenly Forging tribe was extremely confident of winning this competition, in that case, if Claude won the competition, the Heavenly Forging tribe’s plan would be ruined.

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COM Originally, Claude was very nervous, but after hearing the rules of the competition, he became very confident in himself.

He had not slacked off in this period of time, while this competition was also a training opportunity for the youngsters, the older dwarves would not participate.

Precisely so, this competition was not very hard, Claude had already started to think of what he would forge and the ratio of materials he would use the moment he heard the rules.

By the time Claude was done, he saw that many of the people had started to forge already, even though he was the last person to start, his actions were not slow at all.

After Claude finished refining and purifying his materials, he had already caught up to most of them, and after he started carving the formations, he had already pulled ahead of them.

Claude’s actions could not be hidden from the spectators, even a judge turned around to look, being evidently shocked by Claude’s speed.

Claude worked with no nervousness, after he finished carving the final formation, he took in a deep breath and signaled to the judge.

The judge had been observing Claude’s actions to begin with, after seeing this, he immediately went to inspect the weapon.

“He forged a stage three superior-grade weapon.

” After hearing the judge’s words, many people were shocked.

The forging of a stage three weapon was not so easy, at this speed and with this quality, it was truly praiseworthy.

After Claude finished his forging, the rest were also done.

But in terms of quality, none could compare to Claude, he was undeniably the champion this time.

After learning of this, everyone’s expression turned unsightly.

It was an undeniable fact that Claude won the competition, even if the other tribes were very unhappy with this result, they could not go against their conscience and say that their work was superior to Claude’s.

At this time, Claude was very excited, he looked towards Ye Feng with gratitude in his eyes, while Ye Feng also clapped to congratulate him.

But at this time, a change occurred.

Before Claude received his trophy from the judge, he was interrupted by someone: “No, I object, he cannot be the champion.

” But at this time, many people were stunned, even Ye Feng was surprised, not expecting anyone to come out and object to such an obvious result.

Right at this time, a commotion occurred among the people, even the judge could not help but frown, he looked at the crowd and said: “Silence, everyone, keep quiet!” This judge was clearly someone with high authority among the dwarves, after he spoke, everyone went silent.

“Claude is a member of the Divine Forging tribe, he made a better weapon than any of you guys in this competition, he is undeniably the champion, on what basis are you objecting to it?” This person was clearly not concerned about respect now, Ye Feng also recognized that this person was from the Heavenly Forging tribe, he was unable to accept this result.

“Claude won this forging competition, that is not wrong.

But what I want to say is, his forging techniques are learned from a human.

This is a dwarf competition, thus, I would like to suggest that we void his results!” After the Heavenly Forging tribe’s member said that, many people spoke up for him and agreed, the dwarves were not as close to Ye Feng as the Yoruk tribe after all.

Earlier when Claude won, they felt indignant, but they had to admit his victory.

But now, when Claude’s identity was questioned, they started to respond:” That’s right, that is completely right.

” “Even though he is a dwarf, ask him, who did he learn his forging skills from?” “He is a dwarf who learned techniques from a human, because of this, I suggest that we exile him from the dwarf race.

” This suggestion was met with a resounding wave of agreement, Claude’s expression turned pale, he felt like the entire world had abandoned him.