Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 94

Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 94

Chapter 94: Reaching Regarding the logo, Claude was clearer than Ye Feng.

Thus, after Claude said this, Ye Feng agreed with it, it was not easy to refine such a high quality weapon after all.

This meant that there were few possibilities available, not many people would sacrifice a high quality weapon just to frame someone.

Even Ye Feng would not waste a weapon for such a purpose.

After such an assassination attempt, the two of them traveled the rest of the distance very carefully, but nothing else happened as they successfully reached the Grand Forging Competition’s location.

At this time, Ye Feng saw a familiar face, it was the member of the Yoruk tribe who had exchanged blueprints with him earlier.

Once the Yoruk tribe noticed Ye Feng, all of them showed a warm smile as the person said: “Sir Ye Feng, you have arrived.

” Ye Feng also went to talk with them: “I came here with Claude, the matter in the City of Chaos has not ended, I need to ensure his safety.

” Ye Feng’s words were said for everyone to hear, at this time, he noticed that there were many hostile gazes towards him, although Ye Feng did not know why they were doing that, at this time, he did not want to affect the competition for his own reasons.

The truth was, this competition was very important to Claude.

After the Yoruk tribe heard of the matters in the City of Chaos, they showed excitement on their faces, it was clear that they were paying huge attention to it: “During this period, we’ve heard many news about the City of Chaos.

I heard that the tribes under your lead defeated the Warwick tribe’s alliance.

” Ye Feng nodded: “We were lucky.

” .



The truth was, Ye Feng could sense that only the Yoruk tribe had no animosity towards him, the rest of the dwarves looked towards him with assessing glances, there were also many of those with evil gazes.

Ye Feng did not want to create enemies for Claude now, the Divine Forging tribe was not able to take such an impact anymore.

Thus, when talking, Ye Feng restrained himself and did not take the initiative to talk to the dwarves he was unfamiliar with.

But he would not reject the friendliness that the Yoruk tribe showed.

At this time, the Yoruk tribe rebuked Ye Feng on purpose: “How can that be? I heard that you have already taken over the Warwick tribe’s territory, this is a symbol of your strength, there is no need to be too polite.

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COM “It was all thanks to the mechanical beasts.

” “We’ve heard that the mechanical beasts that you created are even better than the ones that we make, they can last a longer time.

” The Yoruk tribe brightened up when they talked about forging: “Truly as expected of you.

” From seeing their expressions, Ye Feng knew that the Yoruk tribe was really enthusiastic about forging, even though they provided Ye Feng the blueprint of the mechanical beast, after they heard that his creation was even better, although they showed interest in it, there was no greed.

At this time, they did not show any intention of asking Ye Feng to give them the blueprint, instead, they felt deep admiration towards his talent… Ye Feng liked such people personally, he was not stingy towards them as he explained — “Actually, I only modified the initial blueprint a little.

Even though the mechanical beast had incredible strength, its greatest weakness is the expenditure of energy, once it uses up the energy crystal, the mechanical beast will be useless.

On top of the foundation, I added in several formations to ensure that the mechanical beast will have sufficient energy to function.

” “This modification is incredible, to tell the truth, we have tried to make such modifications ourselves, but the effect was too poor, we had to give up.

” Ye Feng and the Yoruk tribe conversed harmoniously, they exchanged questions and answers, during this period, Ye Feng also gained some new ideas and inspiration.

The Yoruk tribe also benefited greatly from this.

But those who could experience such a scene of joyful conversations were the minority after all.

Although at this time, Ye Feng’s name had already been mentioned by many forces, he was even more popular among the dwarves, Ye Feng could still feel some malice from the eyes of some of these dwarves.

Even though Ye Feng did not expect everyone to like this, he still felt amused by this gathering.

Initially, the so-called Grand Forging Competition was just the sharing of forging knowledge by some of these tribes.

But later, they started to compete among each other.

Ye Feng thought about this but he did not show much of an expression, at this time, someone from the Yoruk tribe came to him and whispered in his ear: “They are from the Heavenly Forging tribe, they do not like humans, be careful against them.

” Ye Feng nodded, in this competition ground, although many people did not wear specialized clothing, logos could be seen on their shirts that showed they were from different tribes.

The Yoruk tribe was very enthusiastic about explaining this: “The Heavenly Forging tribe had always thought that their skills were obtained from heaven, they do not like to interact with others, they don’t even bother talking to some of our tribes, the reason they came here…” Before the Yoruk tribe member finished his word, Ye Feng understood what they were saying.

Since the Heavenly Forging tribe did not like to interact, the reason that they came to this competition was clearly not to talk.

They were here for the competition, for the title of number one.

Even though Ye Feng was meeting them for the first time, he could see from their eyes they had looked down on everyone and everything, like they were high and mighty.

But Ye Feng was very amused by their thoughts, he felt that interacting with others to learn new knowledge was a very common and wise thing.

In this competition, he did not feel that this Heavenly Forging tribe would emerge victorious.

After all, he had been Claude’s teacher for so long, he was confident that Claude would do him proud.