Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 78

Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 78

Chapter 78: Lingering Authority Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios When Ye Feng left Kimmich’s place, he did not face much obstruction, after all, nobody dared to stop him.

And precisely so, by the time Ye Feng returned to the Blacksmith Shop, not much time had passed since he left.

“You are back?” Even Claude was surprised at Ye Feng’s speed, although he knew that Ye Feng had outstanding strength, he did not think that he would get so much stronger in such a short period of time.

Ye Feng nodded nonchalantly, while Blake who was taking care of Claude now also felt some shock internally.

Back then, he did not know about Ye Feng’s true strength, but now, after seeing his power, Blake felt that he was a joke for even wanting to challenge Ye Feng in fighting.

Thus, he did not speak at this moment, but he was grateful that Ye Feng spared him when they fought.

Ye Feng seemed like he had gone on a casual stroll, but after returning, he still went to inspect Claude’s injuries again, although Blake’s medicine had strong recovery properties, Ye Feng was still quite worried.

“Don’t think of other things now, just recuperate and heal.

” After Ye Feng checked up on Claude, he reminded the latter again.

Claude nodded and behaved extremely obediently.

Ye Feng noticed the question that Claude was holding back, he answered: “I will stay in the City of Chaos for some time, at least until this matter is settled.

” .



During this period of time, until he can fully resolve the issue of Kimmich, Ye Feng would not leave.

Ye Feng was quite clear internally that his actions today had already offended Kimmich and the other dwarves, the Iron Hammer tribe would not let this matter go after this had happened.

When he least expects it, they would launch their retaliation and revenge.

Thus, it was not safe for Claude to stay in the Blacksmith Shop alone, this was the primary reason why Ye Feng chose to stay.

Furthermore, Ye Feng was not happy that the various forces had abandoned Claude so easily, in his perspective, their actions were a form of betrayal that made him extremely uncomfortable.

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COM Regardless of the reason, Ye Feng would never cooperate with such people or forces again.

Ye Feng knew that it would be too much to ask them to help in times of crisis, but he would not allow them to abandon him so easily either.

Ye Feng was someone who focused on action, thus, after thinking about it, he started to head out, his first target was the Auction House of the City of Chaos.

The Auction House’s people were shocked, they quickly went to receive him as they said: “Sir Ye Feng, you have come.

” Ye Feng nodded, he knew that the Auction House had been protecting Claude to a certain extent recently, thus, he spoke to them in a polite manner.

By the time Ye Feng arrived in the Auction House, the entire City of Chaos had already heard of the news that he heavily injured Kimmich and severely offended the entire Iron Hammer tribe in the city.

Thus, the Auction House’s members were exceptionally polite towards him.

Looking at Ye Feng, he showed a smile that symbolized the reverence and respect towards a strong expert, he said: “Please take a seat, I’ll get our supervisor to come here now.

” The attendant quickly brought Ye Feng to a large meeting room in the Auction House without any issue, he prepared some food and drinks as well.

After a while, the supervisor of the Auction House arrived before Ye Feng: “Sir Ye Feng, my apologies, I came a bit late.

” Ye Feng would not mind this of course, he only nodded after hearing this and expressed that it was not an issue.

Before coming, Ye Feng had already thought of what to say, he came here with a clear objective: “I came here to hold an auction.

” After hearing his words, the supervisor nodded immediately: “No problem, what are you thinking of auctioning, have you decided the date? And how big do you need the venue to be? I will start arranging it now.

” Ye Feng nodded as well: “The time and venue do not matter, I don’t need a huge place, just an average one will do.

You can plan this for me, I don’t have many requirements.

” Ye Feng’s idea was simple, he would let a professional handle this.

But in the eyes of the Auction House’s supervisor, it seemed like Ye Feng was confident in his performance, thus, his attitude became even more enthusiastic.

During this period of time, Ye Feng knew that the Auction House was helping Claude, thus, he also chose to return the favor.


” Even though the supervisor did not know what Ye Feng wanted to auction now, he had already agreed to the matter.

But what Ye Feng said later became extremely shocking information — “I want to auction the orders for stage five weapons.

” After Ye Feng said that, the smiling Auction House’s supervisor froze instantly and dropped his pen out, he was obviously extremely stunned by such words.

As the supervisor of the Auction House, he knew what a stage five weapon symbolized.

Also, Ye Feng was auctioning the orders! This meant that he would forge the weapons according to the buyer’s wishes, this was something that could truly tempt any force here.

But Ye Feng who put up this tempting offer had a plain expression, he took out a piece of paper and said: “When you plan the auction, take note that these people on my list cannot attend it.

” The supervisor took over Ye Feng’s list with shaking hands, after quickly looking through it, he understood what the situation was.

The Auction House had a wide range of information sources, it was simple for him to understand the meaning behind Ye Feng’s name list.

But as the host, the Auction House agreed to Ye Feng’s request and said: “We will send the invitations according to your wishes.

” Ye Feng was very satisfied with the attitude of the supervisor, he left without having much to say.

While looking at this name list, the Auction House’s supervisor could not calm himself after a long time.

In fact, he was feeling glad about his previous choice, those beast tribes that broke the contract with Claude earlier would never have expected that this shocking situation would occur.

The orders for stage five weapons could change the strength of a force, it would change the power structure of the City of Chaos, because these forces all had complex relationships, the change in strength would also symbolize a change in their respective distribution of benefits.