Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 79

Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 79

Chapter 79: Exerting Pressure Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios The Auction House acted rapidly, because of their actions, the fact that Ye Feng was holding an auction became known to many forces, at the same time, they also learned of certain details about it.

The most common information was the long list of names that were banned from attending the auction.

This blacklist and the temptation of stage five weapons caused the entire City of Chaos to go into a commotion.

Many of the beastmen who chose to cancel their cooperation with the Blacksmith Shop earlier started to feel a headache when they received this information, after all, who had no enemies in this world? If their enemies were also on this name list, then the situation would still be controllable, it would mean that their difference would not be pulled apart.

But if their enemies suddenly obtained a new stage five weapon, it would be bad news to them.

Also, the Auction House stated that ‘the client can specify the weapon’ they wanted, this was also something that contained deep meaning, when such information reached the tribes, the answer was obvious — They had offended a stage five Blacksmith, and Ye Feng was someone who became a stage five Blacksmith using a very short amount of time.

By doing this, Ye Feng had basically removed their potential to become an expert in the future.

No matter how strong someone was, they would still need weapons.




At this time, these tribes started to feel regret, why did they choose Kimmich just because he defeated Claude in a competition? Ye Feng who was the master of Claude had far more value than Kimmich.

Stage five weapons were extremely rare and almost never seen, thus, they could not accept the fact that they were going to lose out on a stage five weapon now.

These beastmen could also sense that this situation worked against them, at this time, they let go of their usual grudges and started to interact with each other frequently.

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COM Not long after, someone went to Ye Feng and started to talk to him regarding this matter: “Sir Ye Feng, although we had some misunderstanding earlier, this should not result in any conflicts between us, am I right?” “There are no conflicts,” Ye Feng was not going to relent on this matter so easily: “This is just business, I can transact with anyone I want.

” Because of what Ye Feng said, the visitor could do nothing now, Ye Feng was showing a firm attitude on this matter.

Although they subtly threatened that there might be conflicts arising, they did not have the guts to actually do anything to him, after all, many people were watching Ye Feng now.

On one hand, they did not dare to offend Ye Feng.

On the other hand, they were afraid that Ye Feng would support their enemy forces because of this.

The pressure that they tried to place on him had no effect, these forces even wanted to back off now, their weak alliance was showing signs of collapsing.

The truth was, they knew that they were completely suppressed by such rules, if they tried to do anything to Ye Feng, they would only face greater revenge.

For the other forces, making a move on Ye Feng was the same as engaging them in war, thus, many tribes had no choice but to accept their fate now.

“Ye Feng is thinking too highly of himself!” Many of the tribes were unable to take this result, Warwick tribe was one of them.

As a werewolf tribe, they had never experienced such a treatment from anyone, thus, they felt a certain level of grudge towards Ye Feng: “I have never seen such an arrogant person, he really thinks too highly of himself just because we tried to talk to him nicely.

Does he think that I won’t dare to do anything to him?” Seeing the agitated Warwick tribe, some people tried to calm them down: “Brother, the circumstances are against us, we cannot offend Ye Feng thoroughly.

Currently, he…” “What if he has no choice but to agree to work with us?” The person who spoke earlier showed a cold smile: “I remember he came with someone.

” Even Blake did not expect that anyone would target him, by the time he realized what happened, the Warwick tribe had already surrounded him.

Even Blake had never seen such a large group of enemies, he did not do anything but gave up and surrendered immediately.

The Warwick tribe did not think that it would be this successful, but before they let out a sigh of relief, Blake already went on a rampage.

Because Blake gave up and surrendered to them earlier, the Warwick tribe was not guarded against him at this moment.

Thus, he managed to land some important attacks on them.

But soon, they reacted and retaliated, after all, they had prepared amply before executing this plan.

Blake quickly took his weapon while the Warwick tribe reacted as well, both sides started to enter heated combat as the scene turned intense.

Blake who was top ten in Aden City’s Knight’s Academy was not weak at all, but in the City of Chaos, he was not strong to the point where others feared him.

The Warwick tribe knew that they had made a blunder, but at this point, the situation had gone beyond their control, it was too late to give up now.

Many of the Warwick tribe’s members died in Blake’s hand, but there were also experts who came here to capture Blake.

Because Blake was fighting against so many people at the same time, he had to pay a price for it.

The truth was, he had also wrongly assessed the strength of the Warwick tribe.

He did not think that escaping would be so tough.

There was no chance for both sides to ceasefire now, as they fought, Blake found an opportunity during the fight and killed the strongest enemy on their side before successfully escaping.

By the time Blake escaped and relaxed his mind, he felt an intense pain on his left shoulder.

He turned to look and found that his left arm was completely missing.

Earlier, because he was too focused on escaping, and because of his adrenaline rush, Blake did not realize that his left arm was chopped off.

But what Blake felt thankful for was that he managed to stay alive.