Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 57

Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 57

Chapter 57: The Blacksmith Shop Without Any BusinessYe Feng’s Blacksmith Shop had no business! In fact, this was the case even after he offered his services for free.

This was something unthinkable in the City of Chaos.

But this happened after all! “Even though I offered to forge for free, nobody wants to come and hire me? I am right at the door of the Knight’s Academy.

” “Are they afraid that I am too young so they do not want their forging materials to be wasted if I fail?” At the door of the Blacksmith Shop, Ye Feng looked at the signboard he made that stated he would forge for free, he looked at the people walking around the streets, feeling completely speechless.

Who was he? He was Ye Feng.

The number one Blacksmith in the City of Chaos! He was about to master stage four forging fully, his success rate for stage four superior-grade weapons was already close to a hundred percent.

But now, he had no business at all! It was simply unimaginable.




Earlier, in the City of Chaos, when he was in the Blacksmith Shop, there was not even any time to rest.

Everyday, Bronze Knights came in search of him and wanted his help in forging weapons! But in Aden City.

Not to mention the Bronze Knights, even the many Elementary Knight studies in this Knight’s Academy passed by his shop without taking a look at it.

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COM “I’ll go forge my stage four weapons instead.

” Ye Feng sighed a little, as someone who was both a Bronze Knight and Four Star Magician, his senses were extremely sharp, he could hear the conversation of a pair of students nearby, they were whispering to each other.

“Free forging!” “Are you going?” “We just need to provide materials, we do not have to spend any gold coins, the amount can be saved to buy resources for our cultivation.

” “I’m not going! I saw that shop owner, he is too young, he does not look like a Blacksmith, he seems like a student instead.

” “I’ll assume he can only make stage one weapons! I’m afraid even his stage one weapons are of poor quality.

” “We are all Intermediate Knights, we need stage two weapons, if he fails in the forging, what would we do! It is likely he cannot even repay us the amount for the materials…” “Let’s go!” “We can go find another place.

” After hearing this conversation, Ye Feng’s expression turned a little livid.

Two Intermediate Knights actually looked down on a stage four Blacksmith like himself, they were afraid that he might ruin their stage two weapon material and be unable… unable to compensate them? Ye Feng was simply speechless.

Since the Blacksmith Shop had no business, Ye Feng reorganized the materials he had and started to forge weapons again.

He still had a lot of stage four forging materials left, but most of them were supplementary materials, he did not have much main materials left! However, Ye Feng had a lot of gold coins, he could buy the stage four forging materials in Aden City itself.

Not long after, with the power of Ye Feng’s gold coins, a new batch of stage four forging materials arrived in his Blacksmith Shop.

As the fire was lit in the forging furnace, smoke started rising.

Ye Feng held his hammer and stood before the forging furnace, he could not wait to get working again.

After leaving the City of Chaos, other than the weapon and defensive equipment that he made for Avril, Ye Feng had not forged anything else.

“I wonder if my forging abilities have declined because of the pause!” “This time, I should forge a stage four superior-grade weapon! Right now, there is only a possibility of failure when I forge stage four superior-grade weapons after all.

” Ye Feng said slowly.

Next, he skillfully started a new round of stage four weapon forging.

As the flame in the furnace blazed, all sorts of forging materials were melted under the heat, their special traits separated from the materials which were struck into the form of the incomplete weapon.

Next, he started to carve formations on them.

After that, he fused the special trait back into the incomplete weapons! With a dazzling light that sparked sharply, the fire in the forging furnace was pushed to one side.

His stage four forging skills had improved again! “I’ll continue!” Ye Feng wiped away his sweat and tossed the completed stage four weapon into a nearby box.

If the two Knight’s Academy students, who said that Ye Feng was a student that might fail to forge their stage two weapon and be unable to compensate them, saw this sight, their eyeballs might pop out.

With their status, in their entire life, it was likely that they would not see a single stage four superior-grade weapon.

Ye Feng went back to his usual style in the City of Chaos, he auctioned off his forged weapons in the Auction House and exchanged them for gold coins which he used to buy more high quality forging materials.

Next, he continued forging using these higher quality forging materials and bought whatever forging materials he could get with gold coins.

If he could not buy any suitable forging materials, he would toss them into the storage room of the Blacksmith Shop and let them collect dust! Ye Feng’s Blacksmith Shop, despite putting up an advertisement of free forging, had no business at all after a week of operation.

The entrance of the Knight’s Academy had flashy horse carriages moving around, there were also well-dressed Knights moving in and out, but nobody came to Ye Feng’s shop.

There were no customers at all, instead, on an afternoon when Ye Feng was arranging his forging materials, a love rival came instead.

“Kid from the Blacksmith Shop, come out now!” “What relationship do you have with Avril! Get out here, I will kill you today, do you believe me?” The door of the Blacksmith Shop was brutally broken by a youngster wearing a golden Knight’s Armor, he had a dark expression and seemed to have suffered some setback as he shouted crazily.

Ye Feng was inside the shop arranging his materials, he raised his head and looked at the golden armored young man as he said plainly.

“If you are not here to make a weapon, please leave!” “We only welcome customers!” Ye Feng said slowly.

After that, thoughts subconsciously surged in his mind as he felt that this sight was too familiar to him.

Back then, in Osborne City’s Blacksmith Shop, the son of Osborne City Lord, Donald, had the same demeanor.

Arrogant and overbearing! He charged his way to the shop and wanted to kill Ye Feng.

But in the end, what happened? Donald died while his father who was the Osborne City Lord got replaced by Militan.

“Another love rival!” Ye Feng shook his head and laughed.

At the other end, the golden armored youngster pointed at Ye Feng’s shabby Blacksmith Shop that had absolutely no business as he mocked loudly.

“You poor little Blacksmith student, you actually tried to open a shop like the professional Blacksmiths, but I am afraid you do not even have the ability to forge stage two weapons!” “You should get away from Avril, you are not suited for her! Only I am suitable for her, not a lowly third-rate Blacksmith like you.

” “You are a useless trash who can only hoax Avril using flattery and praises, you are not even qualified to look at her, do you understand me?!”