Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 56

Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 56

Chapter 56: Aden City’s Blacksmith Shop Walking out of the Auction House, Ye Feng had successfully obtained this precious stage five forging material after paying six boxes of gold coins.

Hearing the system’s voice and gaining this new formation, Ye Feng was feeling great inside, he did not even bother to kill those who were tailing him.

After getting away from those people, Ye Feng left the Auction House! Sixty thousand gold coins was nothing to Ye Feng but it was enough for these people to develop evil thoughts towards him.

It was a pity that these evil thieves were only Advanced Knights at most, there was not even a single lower-tier Bronze Knight.

It was simply too absurd for them to fantasize of killing Ye Feng and taking all his possession including that stage five forging material.

If they really fought, those so-called Advanced Knights would not even be able to take a hit from Ye Feng.

After leaving, Ye Feng went straight to the Knight’s Academy that Avril was in, he waited at the entrance for a while before finally meeting Avril.

“It’s been too long!” “My precious Avril!” Ye Feng gave Avril a warm hug as she showed an expression of joy and happily talked to Ye Feng.

After their short conversation, they stayed in a room of an adventurer’s inn and washed up afterwards.




“Avril, look what I prepared for you!” While the two were in bed, Ye Feng took out the peak stage three weapon and armor from his box.

This was the work of the number one Blacksmith of the Land of Chaos, Ye Feng, if others wanted him to make this for them, he would not even bother to give them a glance.

Only because this was Avril, Ye Feng made an exception and forged the peak stage three weapon and armor with all his effort! Continue -reading -on MYB0 X N0V E L.

COM “Ah!” “This must be very expensive!” Avril was very happy, her eyes turned red.

Ye Feng had not contacted her for several months, due to the words of her female friends, she almost believed that Ye Feng had betrayed her.

But to think that after several months, Ye Feng would actually give her such a precious set of items.

Peak stage three weapon and armor, even the Advanced Knight teachers of their academy did not have either of those! “I have already mastered stage three forging completely!” “Hehe!” Ye Feng smiled as he said.

Next, the two hugged again.

The night gradually got darker.

On the second day, after seeing Avril, Ye Feng decided to stay for some time before going to find the whereabouts of Nyzo.

But Avril was stuck to him like glue, she did not want to separate from him again.

Thus, she suggested that he could start a Blacksmith Shop near the entrance of the school so that they could meet each other often.

“Okay!” “I missed you too, I do not want to leave you again…” Ye Feng touched Avril’s head dotingly, he forgot all about his teacher Nyzo and his disciple Claude.

The shop near Avril’s Knight’s Academy, be it rental price or sale price, was extremely expensive, it could even be considered one of the most expensive places in a normal city.

But these shops encountered Ye Feng.

For a precious treasure that was rarely seen in the Land of Chaos, Ye Feng paid sixty thousand gold coins immediately just to get a stage five forging material.

Not to mention this tiny shop! “Rent a shop?” Hearing Avril’s suggestion, Ye Feng shook his head as he stood at the Knight’s Academy’s entrance and watched Avril enter the school.

“What’s the point of renting!” “I can just buy one shop.

” “If this is the City of Chaos, if I see any street that I like, I will buy all of the shops along that stretch!” With the power of Ye Feng’s gold coins, a shop near the Knight’s Academy was finally sold to him.

Ye Feng became busy as he got a batch of people to fix and renovate the shop, but he felt that it was too small! Thus, like in the City of Chaos, he bought the two shops beside it and tore down the walls too connect all three shops.

And with that, Ye Feng’s Blacksmith Shop in Aden City was finally completed! During the period, Avril went to find Ye Feng while she had no lessons, after seeing that his shop was so huge, she became shocked.

“This must have spent a lot of gold coins!” “Why is the shop that you rented so much larger than all other shops?” Avril was filled with surprise.

Regarding this, Ye Feng mysteriously pulled her to one side and said.

“Actually, I can already do stage four forging! As a stage four Blacksmith Shop, I have enough wealth on me, how can the shop I buy be small?” “I bought a total of three shops! You must be looking down on a stage four Blacksmith like me if you think I need to rent…” Ye Feng was speaking the truth without much concealment.

It was a pity that Avril did not believe him.

“Yes, yes, yes!” “Such a young stage three Blacksmith like you will eventually become a great stage four Blacksmith in the future!” “Even the youngest genius Blacksmith in Aden City is only a stage three Blacksmith like you.

” “If you can become a stage four Blacksmith at this age, then I can already become an upper-tier Bronze Knight!” She smiled and nodded, pacifying Ye Feng.

This made Ye Feng quite helpless.

He was speaking the truth and did not hide anything from Avril, but she did not believe him at all.

And this was only a part of his experiences, if he told her about his encounters in the City of Chaos, Avril might think of him as a lunatic.

He had stage four forging abilities, he dominated the entire forging industry of the Land of Chaos! He was an upper-tier Bronze Knight and Four Star Magician! At least five Bronze Knights had died in his hands personally.

In fact, the Divine Forging tribe with over ten thousand Dwarven Blacksmiths were under the control of his disciple Claude.

“Yes, yes, yes!” “I am just bragging.

” “You are the lady boss of this Blacksmith Shop, aren’t you going to stay for the night?” Ye Feng said as he held up Aden City, walking into the new Blacksmith Shop of Aden City.

Like this, Ye Feng started his business on the second day! In order to display his forging abilities and gain reputation, Ye Feng purposely placed a board that said he would forge for free if they provided materials in front of the shop! If this was the City of Chaos, all of the Advanced Knights and Bronze Knights who wanted his service would be overjoyed.

It was a pity that this was Aden City.

Not many people knew of Ye Feng!