Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 50

Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 50

Chapter 50: Ye Feng Takes Action After hearing Gloin’s words, Ye Feng rubbed his chin and looked at the energetic dwarves in this Divine Forging tribe as he showed a look of deep thought.

If he took action and defeated all eight Divine Forging tribe elders, he would be able to suppress the opposition towards Claude and allow him to become the next tribe leader, that seemed to be a good idea.

Ye Feng made up his mind.

He then stood up and stretched his limbs.

“Earlier, Elder Gloin came to the Blacksmith Shop and wanted to compete with me in forging skills!” “However, Elder Gloin did not get his wish back then!” “Now, I have come to the Divine Forging tribe personally, today, I will do what Elder Gloin had done back then, let us all compete in forging skills.

” “Let’s compete in terms of stage four weapon forging! Why don’t all the elders participate in this stage four competition?” Ye Feng stood up confidently, he showed the demeanor of a Master Blacksmith, wanting to defeat all eight elders of the Divine Forging tribe.

Immediately, the other dwarf elders except Gloin felt deeply provoked, they all burst into rage.

“Kid, you dare to show off your forging abilities in front of the dwarf race, you are simply too laughable.

” .



“It seems that you do not know the limit of your own capabilities, today, I will teach you a lesson about forging skills…” “Hmph! Stage four forging it shall be.

It is already enough to beat a newly advanced stage four Blacksmith like you, we will all forge stage four inferior-grade weapons, it will prevent others from saying that we are using our age as an advantage to bully a newly advanced junior like yourself!” Waves of angry shouts could be heard from the dwarf elders, against Ye Feng, they were united and determined to win.

If not for the rumors that Ye Feng could kill the Vast Eagle tribe elder, mid-tier Bronze Knight Snell, and the fact that they might not be able to beat him, at this point, most of the dwarf elders might have rushed up to hit him on the head with their hammers already.

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COM “Let’s start!” Ye Feng jumped towards his forging furnace as he started to pick materials, preparing for his forging.

Gloin saw this and showed a smile, he was exceptionally happy and could not help but think of the future.

After Ye Feng loses… How should their dwarf race use this defeat of Ye Feng to stir a new commotion and reestablish their Divine Forging tribe’s reputation as the number one blacksmithing force? As for losing? Gloin had never considered that.

The eight elders of their Divine Forging tribe were either stage four Master Blacksmiths or extremely close to becoming stage five Master Blacksmiths! Against a new youngster who had just reached stage four in blacksmithing, how could these old people possibly lose? Even if they were just forging stage four inferior-grade weapons, either of these eight elders could easily beat Ye Feng’s creation to a pulp! Soon, Gloin went onto the stage as well.

All of the dwarves in the Divine Forging tribe stared at this competition fixedly, their eyes were filled with excitement and anticipation.

This was a contest of stage four forging skills, all eight elders of the tribe were participating as well, it was a grand event! “This kid does not know his place, he dares to compete with the elders in stage four forging? Who does he think he is?” “In the City of Chaos, he is merely known as a stage three Master Blacksmith, but our elders are either stage four Master Blacksmiths or stage five Master Blacksmiths!” “Hehe, he has definitely lost! There are actually people bragging that he is the number one Blacksmith in the City of Chaos when he is just someone who does not know his own abilities?” Waves of mockery could be heard.

Regarding this, Ye Feng did not care, he was fully focused on the forging.

Hammer strikes continued to resound.

Bam bam bam! Strikes after strikes.

Finally, when the final strike of the hammer landed, Ye Feng fused several stage four materials together into one longsword.

Soon, along with Ye Feng, the other eight Divine Forging tribe elders also completed their forging.

Weapons that were either covered in flames, light, or energy could be seen before everyone.

“Not bad!” “Elder Gloin’s forging skills have been elevated again! This Shining Ice Knight’s Greatsword is only stage four inferior-grade but I am afraid that it can even slash apart a stage four middle-grade shield.

” “As expected of a stage five Master Blacksmith!” “I am flattered! Elder Logue, the weapon your forged is good too, I see that it has three to five formations on it.

” The elders of the dwarf race were praising each other, but the moment they saw Ye Feng’s weapon, all of their expressions froze.

In fact, rage could be seen in their expressions.

He had a Knight’s Longsword that was extremely ordinary, it was merely stage four inferior-grade.

Normally speaking, if one was competing, making an ordinary Knight’s Longsword meant that one’s forging skills completely dominated the opponent, it showed that their forging skills were so good and incredible, they could make superior weapons even if it was meant to be normal.

But how could Ye Feng dare to do this? He was going up against the eight top tier Divine Forging tribe elders who were masters of forging in the Land of Chaos! “I want to try and see how good his forging skill is, he actually dares to forge such a common Knight’s Longsword against us!” “His disciple is so arrogant, so he has learned this from his teacher!” “Hehe!” Cold snickers could be heard.

Next, a dwarf elder held his weapon and slashed towards Ye Feng’s Knight’s Longsword.

Crack! The dwarf elder’s weapon broke into two.

Ye Feng’s weapon was completely intact.

“Hehe!” “The formations I carve on my weapons are all unique formations that the system gave me! Sturdiness Formation, Amplification Formation, and Sharpness Formation…” Ye Feng smiled as he watched this scene.

A large part of the reason why his forging skills surpassed the Divine Forging tribe was attributed to his unique formations.

The other dwarf elders were stunned, next, all of them refused to believe this as they waved their stage four weapons at Ye Feng’s Knight’s Longsword.

Soon, an unbelievable sight could be seen.

The weapons of these Master Blacksmiths broke in unison.

The scene became silent.

Ye Feng won! He had undeniably won! Unfortunately, the eight elders waved their sleeves and left in anger, shame could be seen in their eyes, as for the matter of making Claude the next tribe leader, nobody mentioned it again.

At this moment, Gloin’s plan of suppressing Ye Feng to raise the Divine Forging tribe’s reputation had failed! In fact, the Divine Forging tribe had lost their reputation once again! In this valley, in the Divine Forging tribe, many dwarves looked towards Ye Feng with a crazed gaze of admiration and adoration.

There were also those with greedy gazes, the dwarves of the Divine Forging tribe had already started to gain a desire towards obtaining Ye Feng’s forging techniques!