Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 51

Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 51

Chapter 51: Ambush “It seems that the matter of making Claude tribe leader would not be so easy! But it cannot be forced either…” “Since we’ve gotten rid of Claude’s status as trash, the objective in coming to this Divine Forging tribe has been completed!” Saying so, Ye Feng called Claude and left the Divine Forging tribe on his horse carriage, amidst the gazes of admiration and greed of the dwarves.

Not long after, the eight furious elders who had left appeared one after another, their gazes flickered as they looked at Ye Feng leave.

They were moved by Ye Feng’s forging skills! But if they could get rid of Ye Feng’s forging skill from the face of this Land of Chaos, that would be good too! In that case, their Divine Forging tribe would still be the strongest forging tribe in this Land of Chaos, nobody could challenge their status as the number one force.

… The horse carriage traveled rapidly.

When crossing a dense forest, bulky figures that seemed like huge tigers ran past consecutively, encircling Ye Feng’s horse carriage.

This was the Land of Chaos, there was a tribe that was more famous than the Heavenly Snake tribe or the Vast Eagle tribe, they were the Weretiger tribe.




They were born with divine strength, often being the strongest Knights among those of similar levels, but they were even poorer than the Heavenly Snake tribe and did not plunder to sustain a living.

“Is Ye Feng in there?” “Get out here!” The weretiger leader wore dark purple armor and carried a huge axe, his strength was close to an upper-tier Bronze Knight.

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COM Right now, this purple armored weretiger was roaring as he waved his huge axe, slashing at the horse carriage.

The horse carriage shattered instantly.

Ye Feng protected Claude and dodged the axe attack while frowning as he went to one side.

At this time, Ye Feng and Claude were ambushed by the weretigers.

Thirty Advanced Knights, three Bronze Knights, and the purple armored weretiger who was close to upper-tier Bronze Knight in strength as their leader.

“Teacher, what do we do!” “In the City of Chaos, we have never offended the weretigers…” Claude had flustering, he was only an Elementary Knight after all.

Any weretiger here could easily kill him until not a scrap of his flesh was left.

“Does the Divine Forging tribe want me dead so badly?” Ye Feng snickered coldly.

The weapons and armors of these weretiger were brand new, there were even forging marks of the Divine Forging tribe’s dwarves, how could he not tell where they were from? “You will all die here.

” The purple armored weretiger smiled ruthlessly as his near upper-tier Bronze Knight strength burst out, his giant axe slashed through the air, arriving before its enemy.

Bam! In Ye Feng’s hand, peak stage four magic, starfire meteorite, appeared.

In the blink of an eye, many of the weretigers had expressions of fear frozen on their faces as they were all turned into charred corpses that fell on the ground.

Not far away, in the dense forest, there was an indistinct gasp as the person hiding in the forest was shocked by Ye Feng’s move.

Ye Feng was not only a Bronze Knight, he was even a powerful Magician that could instantly cast stage four magic.

“You dare to hide in front of me?” Ye Feng picked up the axe of the purple armored weretiger as he tossed it into the dense forest.

In the dense forest, a dwarf who was cut in half by the axe and had separated upper and lower body fell down! “Master Naray?” Claude shouted.

Ye Feng looked towards Claude as he instantly explained the status and identity that this Master Naray had in the Divine Forging tribe.

Naray was a stage three Master Blacksmith in the Divine Forging tribe, as well as a peak Advanced Knight! He was the errand boy of the eight Divine Forging tribe elders, he helped them to do those things that could not be done publicly.

“Hehe!” “Divine Forging tribe! You guys actually dare to try and kill me!” “Good!” “After I return to the City of Chaos, I will settle the scores with you! After offending me, you will not have a good outcome.

” Ye Feng smiled coldly.

The horse carriage was destroyed, Ye Feng could only travel on foot with Claude as they went back to the City of Chaos.

Along the way, the Divine Forging tribe sent many people to ambush them and try to kill the pair of master and disciple, incidents continued to occur.

But Ye Feng easily resolved everything! After all, with the Divine Forging tribe’s influence, mobilizing upper-tier Bronze Knights to kill him was their limit.

Silver Knights would not bother to take on such a mission to kill someone just for the Divine Forging tribe’s friendship and some stage five weapons.

“When I came, Divine Forging tribe’s Elder Gloin did not tell me… you were this… strong…” An upper-tier Bronze Knight of the Giant Boar tribe looked at Ye Feng who was penetrating his body with a giant sword, he said his final sentence before dying.

After that, Ye Feng and Claude endured waves of assaults before finally arriving before the gate of the City of Chaos again.

The current Ye Feng returned with injuries all over his body, his strength as an upper-tier Bronze Knight and Four Star Magician had been expended.

After the two of them returned to the Bronze Knight, the manager of the Auction House, upper-tier Bronze Knight Nathan, came to meet him.

Thereafter, a message from Ye Feng towards the Divine Forging tribe was released by the Auction House to the entire Land of Chaos.

As long as any force or tribe who cooperated with the Divine Forging tribe could break all relationships with them, they would be able to bring materials to Ye Feng and ask him to forge high quality weapons for them for free! Other than the Heavenly Snake tribe, the weapons that Ye Feng made were mostly sold to the City of Chaos via the Auction House.

Thus, many forces that wanted Ye Feng to forge weapons for them had no choice but to spend a large amount to buy his weapons from the Auction House.

Once news got out, an uproar occurred in the City of Chaos, as well as among the tribes that were close to the Divine Forging tribe.

“Hehe!” “Master Ye Feng’s weapons are only sold by the Auction House and can not be easily bought, even if they are sold, they will be sold out in a short period of time.

If not for that, who would go to buy weapons from the Divine Forging tribe after the incident with the Vast Eagle tribe?” “The Vast Eagle tribe used the Divine Forging tribe’s weapons and got wiped out by the Heavenly Snake tribe! What trash weapons are they selling, how dare they call themselves the tribe blessed by the Forging Deity? The dwarf race has really gotten humiliated because of them…” At once, many tribes established a relationship with Ye Feng and became distant with the Divine Forging tribe.

Furthermore, many aggressive tribes even attacked the Divine Forging tribe and took the dwarves’ heads to show that they were determined to break all relationships with them.

The Divine Forging tribe suddenly found that they lost many working partners, their people were even attacked at times, they had to come up with a solution.

They started to sell weapons at an extremely cheap price towards their customers, this prevented their foundation from being shaken by this invisible force that assaulted them!