Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 19

Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Magic Defensive Equipment Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios As long as Ye Feng could make eighteen Star Meteorite Swords from twenty star cloud rocks, even if they were not perfect creations, he would still be an outstanding Blacksmith.

But Ye Feng’s performance was simply too out of his expectations.

Being able to make thirty Star Meteorite Swords out of twenty star cloud rocks, other than being the illegitimate son of the Great Deity of Forging, he could not think of any other explanation! This was no longer within the realm of an outstanding Blacksmith.

Ye Feng was a genius among Blacksmiths! “Ye Feng, my friend, from today onwards, you are my eternal friend! In this Osborne City, as long as I am still the City Lord, your words will be equivalent to my commands!” “Regarding those who attacked you in the past, Apal, Osla, and the former City Lord’s people, I will get my men to get rid of them all now!” Within the Blacksmith Shop, Militan’s attitude towards Ye Feng became even more respectful than before, he seemed to have been completely awed by such incredible forging abilities.




It could be said, Ye Feng from Osborne City was the most amazing Blacksmith that he had ever seen! Even those Master Blacksmiths from the upper city that praised themselves to high heaven could not compare to him at all.

Regarding Militan’s praise, Ye Feng enjoyed it, after all, nobody would be unhappy about others’ praise towards themselves! Furthermore, his skill was indeed worthy of getting Militan’s praise.

The transaction of thirty Star Meteorite Swords and gold coins was completed very quickly! After checking the bag of gold coins, Ye Feng tossed it to one corner of the Blacksmith Shop.

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COM He had no interest towards gold coins, he only liked Avril, as well as forging, he wanted to improve in forging and get stronger! “After Nyzo returns, he’s going to be shocked when he sees so many gold coins! When he was at the Blacksmith Shop, he had never earned so many gold coins.

” How many gold coins were there? Thirty or fifty thousand, Ye Feng could not remember clearly.

It could be said that right now, in Osborne City, other than the City Lord Manor, even if the original three forces combined into one, they would not have as many gold coins as Ye Feng! Blacksmithing was an incredibly lucrative job in Marfa Continent.

Especially someone like Ye Feng who could produce many weapons in a short time, his weapons were all considered high tier weapons for Osborne City.

If Ye Feng was willing, if he forged weapons without resting for a month, he could buy over the entire Osborne City! Militan left with the thirty Star Meteorite Swords.

It gradually got darker at night.

Before the forging furnace, flames were raging intensely, Ye Feng had just completed one forging session, he obtained a stage three weapon and some fire elemental points.

Right when Ye Feng was about to rest.

At this time, outside the Blacksmith Shop, Militan returned again, many subordinates were behind him, carrying huge boxes and bringing them over.

Once the box landed on the ground, there was a rising wave of fire as the ground was completely charred black, it was evident that the thing inside had a powerful fire element.

There were also several boxes that emitted a cold chilly aura from far away, they evidently had powerful ice attribute energy.

“Militan, what are in these boxes?” Ye Feng’s eyes shone brightly like he had seen treasures.

Each weapon that he made would allow him to gain fire element as well as the element related to the weapon through the World Creator System.

And what kind of weapon had the densest elemental energy compared to other weapons? Undeniably, they were magic equipment! Earlier, Bailey from Aden City brought the magic silver diamond and flowing water golden sand, Ye Feng sighed in pity when the anti-magic weapon was not successfully created.

If the anti-magic weapon was successfully created, he would gain a new special trait, just like the Star Meteorite Sword that he made earlier which gave him the power of blazing flames! Militan was not acting like the Osborne City Lord at all, he was breathing heavily and making exaggerated actions, the excitement in his heart was no less than Ye Feng’s.

“A new order! A super super huge order!” “Magic defensive equipment!” “Thirty stage two superior-grade Icy Armor, as well as twenty stage three superior-grade Flaming Armor! Both of our transactions earlier cannot even meet ten percent of this current order.

” “Ye Feng, my good friend, will you accept this huge order?” Militan looked at Ye Feng with deep expectations, waiting for an answer.

Of course, after taking two forging orders consecutively, if Ye Feng was tired, he would not force him, he did not dare to force this forge genius Ye Feng either.

Immediately, Militan fell into great joy.

“Ye Feng, after you complete the forging, we will follow our old rules, I will also take out one stage three Flaming Armor and send it to your fiancée Avril!” After giving the order for fifty magic defensive equipment, Militan left the Blacksmith Shop, only Ye Feng was left rubbing his palms, he started to move rapidly.

All of the boxes were opened.

Burning heat and chilling cold started to spread in the Blacksmith Shop Grade: Stage Two Superior-grade Special Trait: Main material for forging ice magic defensive equipment.

Grade: Stage Three Superior-grade Special Trait: Main material for forging fire magic defensive equipment.

[Heart of the Burning Red Lion-tiger] Grade: Stage Three Magic Material Special Trait: High grade supplementary material for forging stage three magic equipment.

Other than the stuff in the boxes, there was also the forging formation chart of the stage three Red Flame Armor that Militan gave.

At this moment, Ye Feng’s breathing became incredibly heavy.

If all these materials before him were used in forging successfully, how much fire elemental and ice elemental points would he get? Ye Feng did not dare to imagine it.

If he really forged them all, it would be possible for him to go beyond an Advanced Knight and become a Bronze Knight, or even a Four Star Magician.

The creation of magic defensive equipment was not as simple as forging normal weapons! When he made a defensive equipment for Avril earlier, and when he made the anti-magic weapon, they both failed.

This made Ye Feng feel a little nervous internally.

He had never succeeded in forging defensive equipment, moreover, this time, the defensive equipment he was making was even harder than normal weapons! It was a magic defensive equipment! One could say that even for the stage three Blacksmiths in a huge city, after making stage three weapons for over ten years, they would not even have attempted to forge defensive equipment or magic defensive equipment before.

“Defensive equipment expend much more mental energy than ordinary weapons when forging them! This is my first attempt at making these defensive equipment, I should be more careful.

” Saying so, Ye Feng turned on the forging furnace as flames started to rise, he carefully forged the Icy Armor that had lower value in comparison.

“The forging of defensive equipment requires countless hammer hits to take form slowly, after that, I can carve formations and make the magic energy contained within flow towards the various parts of the armor…” Ye Feng started to vigilant forge the equipment.