Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 20

Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Forging Begins Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios Icy Armor was only stage two superior-grade, because it was lower in level, the difficulty of forging was also smaller compared to the other armor.

One by one, pieces of frost cloud iron was tossed in.

The ores that were originally thick and emitting frost energy immediately had a reaction when they were placed into the forging furnace with high temperature.

White steam started to rise and nearly put out the fire of the entire forging furnace.

Because of this, Ye Feng started to fluster a little.

But thankfully, within the forging furnace, under the gathering of Ye Feng’s fire magic, the frost energy inside the frost cloud iron was extracted successfully like it was liquid.

Waving the hammer in his hand, the red frost cloud iron was hammered continuously, before long, one arm of the entire armor took form.

Just one arm of the defensive equipment without the formation carved on it took Ye Feng more than an hour to complete.

For regular weapons, even if he was forging stage three weapons, by this time, he would have already made three of them! “Defensive equipment consumes too much mental energy.

” Ye Feng let out a breath as he continued to forge.




The frost cloud iron had reached a temperature where it could be molded within the forging furnace, but there was still a time limit.

Ye Feng had to completely forge this piece of armor during that period of time! Bam bam bam! Continue -reading -on MYB0 X N0V E L.

COM The dull sound rang continuously in the Blacksmith Shop.

The night gradually faded away.

By dawn, the sun started to rise.

Two to three hours passed again, the armor was almost fully forged, only the iron boots were left.

As long as the iron boots were completed, Ye Feng would be able to carve the formation onto the entire armor at one go, he could then fuse in the special trait of the frost cloud iron.

By then, this stage two Icy Armor would pretty much be completed! The closer he reached the crucial timing, the more vigilant Ye Feng became! At this moment, Ye Feng was in deep concentration, even as sweat dripped down his chin, he did not bother with it.

There was little time left! If the final portion of the frost cloud iron was not turned into iron boots in time, this entire frost cloud iron would be wasted.

It would mean that the forging had failed! Eventually, as the final strike was made by the hammer, a beautiful and exquisite Knight’s Armor appeared before Ye Feng’s eyes.

By now, five hours had passed.

The sun had already started to rise.

Under the light of the sun, this beautiful Knight’s Armor shone with brilliant light, currently, it did not have much defensive effects yet! Next, the carving of the formation was the most important segment.

[Firm Formation], [Icy Formation], and [Ice Blade Formation].

In just two hours, Ye Feng had to quickly carve these formations onto the armor.

Furthermore, he had to succeed in all three of them, if either one failed, this stage two Icy Armor’s creation would end up in failure! Even though the level of this equipment was not high, the number of steps needed was shockingly high.

In the upper city of Osborne City, Aden City, there were many stage four Master Blacksmiths that did not want to deal with the forging of stage two or three defensive equipment! Simply because the gains did not match the effort they had to put in.

Forging defensive equipment was like a huge battle, the chances of failure was high, one would also feel extremely fatigued both physically and mentally.

In the case of some Master Blacksmiths, if the price was not high or if they were not making defensive equipment for their friends or loved ones, almost none of them would bother with such a strenuous and unrewarding task.

The effort needed to make such an armor was equivalent to forging five to six weapons of similar quality or even higher! In any case, from what Ye Feng knew, Nyzo did not like to forge defensive equipment, he had never been seen forging it either.

“The three formations have finally been carved successfully!” “Only the final step is left, as long as I fuse the special trait of the frost cloud iron back into the armor again, and then use the frost energy to activate the three formations, this stage two Icy Armor will be completed…” Ye Feng let out a deep breath, he was mentally exhausted.

The World Creator System allowed him to gain the respective elemental points to raise his strength after successfully forging weapons or defensive equipment.

If not for this, with Ye Feng’s nature, no matter how much money he was given, he would not bother making these Icy Armors and Flaming Armors for Militan! “Hopefully, the reward from making this magic armor can match my efforts!” Ye Feng’s mind tensed up again.

The hammering continued, attempting to strike the special trait of the frost cloud iron which could not coexist with the fire back into the armor, but there was still a barrier between the two.

This made Ye Feng break out in cold sweat.

Eventually, Ye Feng decided to take a risk, he rubbed his palms as an explosive fireball appeared, he threw it into the forging furnace.

Under the burning of the explosive fireball, the barrier between them vanished, the special trait slowly fused into the armor! The Icy Armor was successfully forged! Cold frosty air spread out of the forging furnace at this moment, [Firm Formation], [Icy Formation], and [Ice Blade Formation], these three formations were also fully activated on the armor.

At that instant, the forging furnace’s fire was put out! But that was no longer a problem.

After forging his first magic defensive equipment, Ye Feng breathed roughly as he could not conceal the excitement and joy in his heart.

“Ding! Congratulations to the Host for forging a stage two peak Icy Armor, you have obtained 1000 fire elemental points, and 500 ice elemental points!” His effort was not in vain, he finally created his first magic defensive equipment.

Even though it was only at stage two peak, it had already far exceeded many senior stage three Blacksmiths in Aden City.

After all, even in a large city like Aden City, many senior stage three Blacksmiths had never succeeded in forging a defensive equipment! Ye Feng had already passed this hurdle, while many Blacksmiths were still stuck before the hurdle with no way of progressing.

“The reward is really high!” “Such a large number of fire and ice elemental points, it is much higher than forging a stage three superior-grade weapon!” Ye Feng could not help but look forward to it.

Even a stage two peak Icy Armor could give such a reward equivalent to making a stage three superior-grade weapon.

Then, if he forged the stage three peak Flaming Armor, would he be able to receive elemental points comparable to making a stage four weapon? Stage four weapons were used by existences above Advanced Knights, the Bronze Knights! Four Star Magicians were on that level as well.

“After the first forging succeeds, the remaining ones will become much easier.

” “After I completely forge all of the Icy Armors, I will immediately start on the Flaming Armors.

Hopefully, I can grow to the level of a Bronze Knight or even reach the boundary of a Four Star Magician!” After taking in a deep breath, Ye Feng took the Icy Armor out of the forging furnace and gathered his fire magic again, starting a new round of forging.