Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 12

Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Explosive Flame Heavy Sword, Advanced Knight Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios After thinking about it, Ye Feng decided to hang a huge signboard outside the Blacksmith Shop.

“A maximum of three stage two weapons a day, those who use materials to exchange for them will get priority.

” Forging stage two weapons would raise Ye Feng’s strength substantially.

Furthermore, he would gain some forging materials as well, he would not need to worry about running out of them.

He would even save time by not having to go outside to buy them.

After hanging the signboard outside the Blacksmith Shop, the commotion got smaller, but even so, the Blacksmith Shop was still getting a huge influx of customers.

Of course, there was an exception in Osborne City.

Obviously, it was Eric’s clan.

With Avril around, Ye Feng would give Eric’s clan the priority if they needed weapons.

Avril appeared in the Blacksmith Shop, after keeping the stage two weapon that Ye Feng prepared for her, she was about to leave when suddenly, Ye Feng called out to her.

These days, Apal and Osla’s clans, and even the people from the City Lord Manor came to the Blacksmith Shop frequently, their goal was obvious.

But Ye Feng rejected them all.

“Apal, Osla, and the City Lord Manor’s people are coming constantly these days, I am thinking of selling them stage two weapons, what do you think?” Ye Feng asked Avril.

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COM Avril smiled gently, she looked like a true goddess while wearing the sacred and pure white armor, she replied: “I’ll agree with anything you do.

” “Okay, then I will sell them stage two weapons too.

” Even though Ye Feng decided to sell weapons to Osla, Apal, and the City Lord Manor’s people, he was not going to sell them these weapons so simply.

Right now, he had already learned the forging techniques to make stage three weapons, it was just that the success rate was still low.

Once the success rate rises, he would be able to make a batch of stage three weapons for Eric, by then, would they be afraid of Osla and Apal’s stage two weapons? Not long after, Ye Feng sent Avril away and returned to his Blacksmith Shop again.

At the same time, he waved his hand at the person from Osborne City Auction House who was waiting outside.

The person walked over with a stern expression, he slammed a piece of paper on the table, listing the names of various stage two weapons.

Evidently, he was unhappy that Ye Feng only bothered to talk to Avril earlier and ignored him.

“We will send the blueprints and materials over later, please wait for them.

But I need to say something, Osborne City Auction House is your largest client, don’t fail to meet the deadline of the order because of your relationship with the girl.

” Ye Feng snorted coldly: “My Blacksmith Shop is the only place that can mass produce stage two weapons in Osborne City, I hope you won’t interfere with my rules, I don’t know if your words can represent the Auction House, but if you can, help me tell them that if they try to bend the rules of my Blacksmith Shop, our contract will be terminated.

” The person from Osborne City Auction House was stunned, this was the first time he had seen a person so disrespectful to the Auction House, after all, in the entire Osborne City, regardless of which force it was, even the City Lord would pay them respect.

This Osborne City Auction House was opened here by the orders of Aden City! “I will report this to them.

” The man nodded in a dark expression, turning around and leaving.

“I won’t send you off!” Ye Feng did not even look at the person.

After the person from the Auction House left, Apal, Osborne City, and the City Lord’s people came to the Blacksmith Shop.

“I am the subordinate of City Lord Donjedo, Gonald!” “I am the subordinate of Osla, Walter!” “I am the subordinate of Apal, Gewy!” Ye Feng raised his head lazily and glanced at them before saying: “Go back and report to your masters that I will sell the stage two weapons but at the price of double the materials, understood?” Gonald and Walter’s expressions turned bitter, this Blacksmith was really hard to talk to.

Gonald said: “I need to discuss this with the City Lord, as a subordinate, I cannot decide.

” “If you can’t decide, then scram.

Come here after you’re done discussing, but if my mood is bad tomorrow, I might change my mind again.

” Ye Feng replied snappily.

Since they were enemies anyway, he did not care about maintaining their relationship whatsoever.

Gonald and Walter left in a disheartened manner.

Gewy was just about to rejoice thinking that the Blacksmith Shop was going to work with him, he was about to speak when suddenly, Ye Feng interrupted him mercilessly: “Why are you still here? I can’t even remember your name anymore, but similarly, I want double the materials from you too!” Gewy also left in a disheartened manner.

Seeing this, Ye Feng revealed a smile and turned around to return to his forging furnace, soon, clanking noises could be heard again.

There were many orders left from the Auction House, he was going to use these materials to try and forge a stage three weapon! Last time, when he gained the purple obsidian, the system rewarded him the Lightning Formation, with his previous success of forging a stage three weapon, he felt that he should use powerful techniques to balance the quality of his forging.

He immediately took action, using the stage three fire magic crystal to forge the mold! There was a continuous stream of brittle sounds transmitted throughout the Blacksmith Shop, with Ye Feng’s head covered in sweat.

The incomplete heavy sword had taken form, it was just missing the last step — enchant it with the stage three magic crystal! Ye Feng’s left hand deployed the Lightning Formation and condensed the fire magic crystal into an energy lump before putting it into the mold.

Suddenly! The flames soared, the powerful fire attribute made the furnace fire run out of control, it was just on the verge of failure, Ye Feng hurriedly pressed the Lightning Formation into the mold, the rising flames slowly extinguished only then, a fiery red weapon appeared before Ye Feng’s eyes! “Ding! Successfully forged [Explosive Flame Heavy Sword]!” “Ding! Congratulations for obtaining 150 fire elemental points, and an increase in physical strength.

” “Ding! Congratulations to the Host for becoming an inferior-class Advanced Knight!” “Ding! Congratulations to the Host for becoming a Three Star Magician!” [Explosive Flame Heavy Sword] Grade: Stage Three Middle-grade Special Trait: [Offensive Skill: Flaming Meteor] (In combat, there is a chance of releasing a huge flaming meteor to attack the enemy).

“Ding! Congratulations to the Host for obtaining [Offensive Skill: Flaming Meteor]!” After a series of system notifications, Ye Feng’s smile became wider on his face.

Either of them would allow him to become a huge and influential person in the entire Osborne City.

But now, Ye Feng was not going to stay in just this tiny Osborne City.

Compared to the entire continent, Osborne City was just a tiny insignificant city.

He did not have strength in the past, but now was different! He wanted to be stronger, he wanted to leave Osborne City! After making up his mind, Ye Feng made a decision internally.

But it would all be decided after the situation in Osborne City was resolved.

Furthermore, he needed to make arrangements for Avril.

Coming back to reality, Ye Feng looked at the Explosive Flame Heavy Sword.

After holding up this Explosive Flame Heavy Sword, Ye Feng’s smile became increasingly wide.