Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 11

Forging The Path To Godliness - Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Greater Reputation Is Not Good Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios With these twenty-three stage two weapons, Eric’s clan would gain a huge rise in strength, even if Osla and Apal’s clans worked together, Eric would not fear them.

Furthermore, Osla clan had lost half their foundation from this beast tide.

Now that they had these weapons, in the entire Osborne City, there was no single clan stronger than Eric’s one! Even if they had the backing of the City Lord! Soon, Eric kept away the twenty-three stage two weapons and no longer nagged at Avril, he only told her to mind her own image and go home sooner before he left.

At the same time, at the other end of Osborne City, Apal who had a sinister look went to find Osla who was upset and angry.

Osla was someone with a fiery temper to begin with, he originally felt disdain towards a sinister person like Apal, as well as a self-righteous man like Eric.

After hearing that Apal was coming, Osla’s face immediately showed intense displeasure.

In fact, he did not even go to meet Apal, he felt that this beast tide had something to do with either Apal or Eric after all.

Even if there was no relationship, Apal did not come here in peace either.




However, Apal still made his way to Osla’s room.

“Oh, my goodness, I have never seen you in a more pathetic state, my dear Osla.

” A tall, thin man with two lines of mustache that looked like mouse whiskers walked in, having a smile on his lips.

Seeing his sinister state, Osla felt that this crafty person was up to no good.

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COM “Apal, are you here to see us as a joke? If so, please go back, if our Osla clan recovers from this, we will pretend nothing happened.

If we are unable to return to our original state, I will not let any of you off!” “Listen to yourself! Old friend, what are you talking about, why does it sound like I was the one who created this beast tide.

” Apal squinted and said: “Look at it objectively, who benefited the most from this beast tide?” Osla sneered: “I didn’t see any benefits, I only know that my losses were the most severe!” Apal patted his head, it was really troublesome to talk to someone without wits, if not for his desire to get rid of Eric, he would not have wanted to cooperate with Osla.

But he could only gain benefits by cooperating with Osla now.

“My dear Osla, think about your clan’s businesses that are near the commoners at the edge of the city, beyond that are my businesses, and at the center of the city are Eric’s businesses.

This beast tide came straight towards the city, we are the ones who were the first to bear the brunt.

Brother Osla, you have suffered heavy losses, but my losses are not small either!” Osla was simpleminded but he was still a superior-class Advanced Knight that managed to raise his clan to this level, he was not purely a fool.

He guessed that since Apal and him were the ones who bore the brunt of this beast tide, the greatest winner was either Eric or the City Lord! And the City Lord’s son Donald seemed to have been heavily injured by a blacksmith kid, he ordered his subordinate to kill that kid but Eric stopped him.

Osla frowned: “It’s Eric!” But Apal quickly waved his hand: “I didn’t say it was Eric, let’s investigate first and not blame the wrong person.

” “There is a stage three demon beast in the forest, I heard that it produced an offspring recently, did someone try to steal the offspring which caused the beast tide to occur? We can send our clans’ Intermediate Knights to go to the demon beast forest and search around for evidence at the middle or top of the mountain.

” Saying so, Apal waved his hand as eight Intermediate Knights walked into the room: “How is it, am I sincere enough? You can send a few more people to investigate.

” Osla and Apal cooperated at once.

Sending a group that had inferior-class Intermediate Knights at least, they went off to the demon beast forest.

The demon beast forest that no longer had a beast tide was very weak compared to this group, not long after, they completed their mission and brought back a thin silver sword to Osla.

In the entire Osborne City, the only person who could head to the middle of the mountain alone who also owned a thin and long silver sword was Eric! Osla slammed the table and destroyed it, gritting his teeth in anger: “Eric! Too despicable! He actually used this despicable method to weaken me! I will declare war on you!” Seeing this, Apal’s lips curled up into a sinister smile.

On the next day, before Osborne City even recovered from the aftermath of the beast tide, alarming news was spread! “Osla is declaring war on Eric!” As for Apal and Donjedo, they chose to stay at the sidelines and observe this battle without doing anything.

But Eric had no fear towards Osla.

In the following half a month, Osla and Eric’s forces clashed with rising intensity.

But Eric had the upper hand all along.

The reason was simple, after getting Ye Feng’s help, Eric assembled a group that carried all of Ye Feng’s weapons, their strength grew drastically, they were no longer considered an ordinary group.

Apal and Donjedo who wanted to play some tricks at first were also deeply shocked by the strength of his force.

Those powerful weapons all had magical energy, a medial-class Intermediate Knight was able to unleash the combat strength of a superior-class Intermediate Knight! At the same time, Ye Feng’s reputation also spread in Osborne City.

News that he was the blacksmith who made those weapons had spread.

Thus, there was a particularly funny sight in Osborne City, while the two clans were fighting heatedly along the streets, Ye Feng’s shop was gaining popularity instead.

Among these people who came to find Ye Feng, be it commoners or rich bosses and merchants, or even the auction houses of Osborne City, they wanted him to forge things for them.

Most of them wanted him to make the most common Knight’s Longsword.

But making that weapon could not raise his strength, it was as good as being without a reward.

This situation gave Ye Feng a huge headache.

So be it that these commoners wanted the lowest grade Knight’s Longsword, but the Osborne City Auction House was even more overbearing, they wanted Ye Feng to become their private blacksmith! Undoubtedly, Ye Feng would not agree to such an absurd request, he immediately chased them away.

He also did not accept the request of anyone else.

He did not lack money now, he only needed materials.

If anyone used materials to exchange for weapons, it would be a good thing for him.