Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 148

Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 148

Chapter 148: Police‘s Operation, Jon’s Operation! “Roger that, sir!” The squad leader nodded and did not waste any more time.

He quickly turned around and left the temporary command room.

He ran towards the search teams that were already on standby.

This time, Gal Gadot did not let the cameraman and himself follow the car to film.

After all, the two of them and the audiences in the livestream were very clear that Jon should have planted a bug in the temporary command room.

Under such circumstances, would Jon still stay where he was and wait for the police to arrest him? It was obvious that this was impossible.

Therefore, this operation was doomed to fail.

The police would yield no result.

Instead of following the car and broadcasting the operation, it was better to broadcast in the temporary command room.

At this time, Gal Gadot took the microphone and got onto the camera, she explained the situation to the audience with a professional smile.




“It’s already the second day of the drill.

After an overnight investigation, the police finally succeeded in identifying the robber.

The car that they changed was a four-seater car which located at the North Freedom Road.

” “According to the surveillance cameras on the road section of the car, the police finally locked the location of the robber in an urban village of the Saint Hillock.

” “The urban village of the Saint Hillock is the largest village within the city of Florida.

It can be said that there are all kinds of people living here.

For the robbers, it is also a very good place to hide.

” “After locating the whereabout of the robbers, the police’s search team also quickly moved out.

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COM “Whether the robbers will fall into the net or the police ending up with failure, both scenarios can happen.

What is the result? Let us wait and see!” In the livestream.

“Wow, this young lady has appeared again.

We haven’t seen each other for such a long time.

I really miss her.

” “Are you missing her? You’re lusting after her body.

You’re despicable!” “But judging from the situation, this young lady doesn’t seem to know that Jon had already come to the command room this morning?” “It can’t be.

Jon showed his face to the camera this morning.

We all saw it.

How could the cameraman not see it?” “Could it be that the cameraman didn’t tell the young lady?” “They are colleagues.

How could he no let her know? It should be because of the rules of the drill.

Even if they knew, they couldn’t tell it to the police.

After all, if the reporters let the commander know about it, then this Jon’s plan would be meaningless.

It would be extremely unfair to them.

” “That’s right.

Jon took such a huge risk to make a trip to the command room, but JOn didn’t expose himself.

Instead, it was revealed by the commander of the live broadcast.

Then, there wouldn’t be any fairness to this drill.

” “Also, didn’t you see that the live broadcast didn’t follow the car to this operation?” “That’s right.

The police car had already planned to start moving, but this young lady and the cameraman didn’t have any intention of following.

This means that they knew that this police operation would be a failure, so they didn’t waste time to follow the car to the live broadcast.

” “That makes sense.

In other words, now that everyone knows that Jon came to the temporary command room, the police don’t know?” “Haha, I feel that the police are so miserable, being kept in the dark by everyone.

” “It’s not that the police are miserable, but that Jon is awesome.

Jon took such a big risk and placed the bug in the temporary command room.

This is what he deserves.

” “Yeah, Jon’s operation is too awesome.

If it were me, I wouldn’t even dare to think about it.

” “I wouldn’t dare to say anything.

I still feel sorry for the commander.

Look at how confident he is now.

I wonder how he will feel when the time comes.

” “The more you look forward to it, the more disappointed you will be.

Sigh, this is also a blow.

” “If the drill is over and the commander watches the live broadcast and sees that Jon came here while he was asleep, I wonder how he would feel.

” “Do any of you guys have any guesses? Now that Jon knows about the police’s movements, he definitely won’t wait for the police to come to the village in the city.

Then, where will the robbers go back to?” “They should be preparing to break through at the road intersection.

” “Break through? How is that possible? Breaking through won’t be so easy.

Even if all the attention of the police is in the urban village, it doesn’t mean that the police officers stationed at the intersection will relax.

Now that Jon has broken through, it’s still too risky.

” “I don’t think it’s impossible, but it doesn’t mean that Jon also thinks it’s impossible.

Brother, you are you, and Jon is Jon.

Don’t compare yourself to Jon.

” “Haha, that’s right.

When the drill started, some people said that Jon would be caught within a few hours.

” “That’s right, brothers.

Where are you? Come out and say something?” “These big brothers were slapped in the face.

Naturally, they don’t dare to come out now.

They’re just clowns.

” “For these people, it’s too difficult to admit that Jon is very strong.

” “Actually, I have a feeling that Jon might be able to do something big this time.

” “Good God, the prophet is here.

I remember that you were the one who said that Jon was going to do something big last time.

And the result, Jon did go to the temporary command room.

” “Good brother, tell me, what Will Jon do this time?” “I only predicted that Jon would do something big, but as for what it will be, I really can’t guess.

Everyone, just wait and see.

” “Haha, let’s wait and see.

” The audiences were crazily discussing the outcome of the police operation this time.

Even though all the police officers were full of confidence that they would be able to successfully capture Jon this time.

It would allow the drill to end as soon as possible.

However, the audiences didn’t think that the police would be able to capture Jon.

After all, the audience knew everything that was going on in the drill.

They already knew that Jon had come to the command room this morning and a bug bug.

Hence, Jon could keep track of the police at all times.

In this case, would Jon still be arrested by the police? Obviously impossible.

At the car rental shop.

Jon had already rented a car, and Brown Williams was driving at this time.

According to Jon’s plan, they were heading to the temporary command room.

Twenty minutes later.

Jon heard sirens.

In the distance, several police cars were approaching.

“Boss, it’s the police!” Brown Williams turned to look at Jon, who was sitting in the passenger seat.

“Roll up the window.

” Jon looked at the police car in the distance and said to the others.

Although, their car and the police car were driving in opposite directions.

In the middle of the driveway, there was a flower bed blocking the view.

From the opposite road, it was not easy to see the situation in the car.

But to be on the safe side, it was best to roll up the window.

After all, a random glance by a police officer might happen to see Jon and his team.