Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 149

Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 149

Chapter 149: Find the Sniping Position! Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio The other four nodded and rolled up the window next to them.

The window of this car was covered with shades.

After rolling up the window, the people outside of the car couldn’t look inside the car.

Soon, the police car drove over, and the two sides met through the flower beds.

But only Jon noticed the police, and the police didn’t notice them.

The police car drove away with a siren.

“They’re moving pretty fast.

” Will Smith looked through the back window at the police car that was far away, turned around and said with a smile.

The five people left the hotel, rented a car, and set off.

They didn’t waste too much time.

Now, they encountered police cars on the road.




The speed of the police operation was very fast, but it was destined to be in vain.

Because Jon had already bugged the temporary command room, after the commander confirmed the robbers’ car, Jon and the others were ready to leave.

Therefore, no matter how fast the police acted, it was already too late.

In the temporary command room.

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COM The technicians were still working.

The commander told them to rest, but they didn’t go.

After all, after such a long time of effort, they were about to capture the robbers, so they naturally didn’t want to miss it.

It wasn’t too late to sleep to sleep after the drill was over.

The commander stood in front of the control panel, looking at the situation of the search team through the camera on the squad leader’s helmet.

In the temporary command room, the atmosphere was a little tense.

Although they felt that they could capture the robbers this time, they were still a little worried that the operation this time would be a failure.

After all, Jon had put on this kind of trick several times in the previous drills.

“Sir, we have arrived at the village in the city.

” At this moment, the commander’s walkie-talkie rang with the squad leader’s report.

“Search for the robber’s car first.

It’s a black four-seater sedan with the license plate number 30314.

” the squad leader picked up the walkie-talkie and said.

Although it could be confirmed from the surveillance video that the robber’s car had come to the village within the city.

But because there were basically no cameras in the village within the city, the leader did not know what the situation was like after the car entered the village within the city.

As for whether Jon had left the village by avoiding the cameras.

The commander did not know either.

Therefore, he could only search for the vehicles first.

As long as the vehicles of the robbers were found in the village, he could basically confirm that the robbers were still there and had not left.

When the time came, as long as the police surrounded the village, they would definitely be able to catch the robbers.

“Roger that!” the squad leader replied and then began to deploy.

“Team B, guard all the nearby exits.

Team C, go and see if there are any other exits in the village in the city.

” “Team A, follow me into the village in the city and search for the robbers’ vehicles.

” “Yes, sir.

” the special police officers responded in unison.

All the special police officers started to move out.

The team leader led Team A to the village in the city.

There were quite a lot of people in the village.

After all, a large number of migrant workers lived here.

However, because it was raining, there were not many people on the road.

A few people passing by with umbrellas saw the fully armed special police from afar and also avoided them.

In the temporary command room.

The commander’s heart jumped when he saw the picture sent back.

This time, he had high hopes.

If he failed again, it would be a big blow to the commander.

In the morning, the rain became lighter.

He thought the sky would clear up after the rain.

He did not expect an even heavier storm to come.

Two hundred meters away from the temporary command room.

Brown Williams parked his car in the parking lot.

“Venus and I will go out to act.

The others will wait here and be in charge of providing support.

” Jon looked at the four of them and said.

Because if the five of them were moving together, they would be too obvious and easily spotted.

Therefore, Jon was prepared to find a sniper position for himself and Venus and find an opportunity to eliminate this commander.

He let the three of them wait here.

This way, even if something unexpected happened, it would be easier for the three guys to pick them up immediately.

“Okay, don’t worry, Boss.

” Will Smith said.

Killing the commander of the police was a very exciting thing.

Will Smith also wanted to participate, but he could only obey Jon’s order.

Then Jon and Venus Alice brought backpack and umbrella out of the car.

Inside Jon’s backpack was an automatic rifle and two magazines.

And Venus backpack, of course, was the LR5 sniper rifle.

Of course, in addition, they also had handguns, in case of any accidents.

The sniper rifle was not easy to use.

After getting out of the car, the two walked towards the street where the temporary command room was located.

After arriving here, Jon observed the surrounding buildings.

Opposite the bank, there was an old building that seemed to have more than 20 floors.

Due to the remote location, the buildings nearby were not very tall.

This old building was the tallest building.

And it was facing the temporary command room, which was a good location for sniping.

“Let’s go.

” Jon said in a low voice and walked over at a moderate pace.

Following Jon into the old building, the two of them took the elevator to the highest floor.

But on the stairs leading to the rooftop, there was an iron door with a lock on it.

This was within expectations.

After all, in a place like the rooftop, only the internal personnel would enter.

They would not allow anyone to enter.

Therefore, basically all the buildings and the stairs leading to the rooftop would be locked.

If it was anyone else, they might not be able to do anything against this lock.

However, this naturally would not be difficult for Jon.

Even if Jon’s god-tier lock-picking skill was still at a low level… He could still open such a lock.

Not to mention that his God-tier Lock-picking skill was now at the low level.

It was naturally for him to easily open such a lock.

Then, Jon took out an iron wire from his pocket.

He inserted it into the lock hole.

In less than five seconds, a clear sound came from the lock core.

After opening the iron door, the two of them came to the rooftop.

The rooftop was very big, but because no one had been taking care of it for a long time, the corner of the rooftop was already covered with weeds.

The two of them came to the position facing the bank and looked in the direction of the temporary command room.

They could see it just in time.

Then, Venus quickly took off her backpack and used the sniper rifle’s scope to look at the temporary command room.

The trailer in the temporary command center, the awning outside the trailer, the table under the awning and the map on the table.