Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 132

Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 132

Chapter 132: The Depressed Commander This was an abandoned factory.

Therefore, it was very likely that the robbers would prepare a car here in advance.

They would drive the car that they had prepared when they robbed the bank.

After they drove here, they would change the car that they had prepared beforehand and leave.

After all, 10 million USD that weighed 300 pounds, plus the weight of the guns and ammunition, the possibility of the robbers leaving on foot was very small.

“Let’s retreat first.

The possibility of the robbers leaving the Pyramid District is very small.

They must have changed vehicles and left.

” the commander ordered to retreat.

After spending so much effort, it couldn’t be said that they didn’t find anything.

At least they could confirm that the robbers didn’t leave in the car used to rob the bank.

However, there was another piece of bad news.

This was because the police did not know what kind of car the robber had switched to.

This was a huge and difficult workload for the few technicians who were checking the surveillance cameras.

The only situation that was beneficial to the police was that North Freedom Road was not a road with dense traffic.




To find all the cars that had come out at this time from the surveillance cameras, although the workload was not small, it was still a task that could be completed.

“Yes, sir.

” the squad leader replied and then gave an order at the scene, “Everyone, retreat.

” “Remember to bring back the vehicles that the robbers abandoned.

” the commander ordered.

When the squad leader was recording the scene, the commander saw that the keys were still on the vehicle of the robbers, and the door was not locked.

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COM Obviously, Jon did this on purpose.

He left the car key so that when the police officers found the car, they could drive the car back.

The rain was still falling.

The commander was very depressed.

Jon was really difficult to deal with.

Right now, him could understand the mood of the commanders from the previous two drills.

In the livestream.

“I knew it.

How could the strongest robber in history be so easily caught?” “Jon is really strong.

In the previous two drills, he completely tricked the police.

Now, he’s leading the police by the nose again.

” “The previous two times were fine.

After all, Jon has hostages.

But this time, it’s completely without hostages.

” “Without hostages, the Florida police still can’t do anything to Jon.

Jon is too strong.

” “From the drill until now, the police haven’t made any progress at all.

They even have to help Jon drive his car back.

” “Jon: Haha, not only did I make you unable to catch me, I also made you drive my car back.

I feel inexplicably sad for the police.

” “Hmph, so what if there’s no progress? Anyway, all the exits in the city have been blocked by the police.

I can’t think of how Jon will escape.

Sooner or later, Jon will be caught.

” “Haha, seeing that Jon hasn’t been caught, somebody is anxious.

” “He’s anxious, he’s anxious.

” “You can’t think of a way because you’re an idiot.

Do you think that Jon can’t think of a way that you can’t think of?” “No, no, no.

No one would think that Jon’s IQ would be the same as a shithead like you.

” “Comparing Jon to the morons is humiliating Jon.

” “Haha, so, where is Jon Now?” “I feel that with Jon’s style, he might be somewhere else right now.

” “Now that I think about it… the police are investigating in the rain, but is the robbers are sleeping?” “Good Lord, I’m starting to feel bad for the police.

” After watching the live broadcast, the audience began to discuss in the livestream.

“After Jon leaves North Freedom Road for half an hour, within an hour and a half, monitoring all the vehicles coming out of this road.

” “Pay special attention to vehicles with seven seats or more, and then check which vehicles are likely to be used by the robbers.

” The commander looked at the map before speaking to a few technicians.

Based on the map, from Jon’s disappearance to the location of the abandoned factory, it was about half an hour’s drive.

Adding on the change of car and back on the road, it would not take more than an hour and a half.

Therefore, the commander asked the technicians to count all the cars within half an hour.

However, what the commander did not know was that after the robbers changed their car, the robbers stayed in the abandoned factory for another hour.

It was already two hours later when Jon appeared in the surveillance camera again.

And… Just as Jon had hoped, the commander placed the focus of the investigation on cars with seven seats or more.

It could be said that the commander had accidentally cooperated with Jon’s plan perfectly.

In the hotel at the urban village, five people were playing poker, and the atmosphere was very lively.

“Boss, you said that the police found our car in the abandoned factory now?” Will Smith asked as he played his cards.

However, his face was now covered with notes.

There were fifteen of them.

Each note represented a loss.

As for the other four.

Brown had eight, Leon had ten, and Venus had five.

As for Jon, he only had one.

This meant that he had only lost one game tonight.

“Look at the time, it should be about time.

” Jon looked at his cards and said slowly.

If the police had not found the abandoned car by now, it meant that the Florida police’s reaction was a little slow.

“However, finding the car is only the beginning.

They will be even more troubled in the future.

I reckon that in another two days, they might not be able to find this place.

” Jon was still very confident in his plan.

Therefore, from the moment he planned to stay in this hotel for two days, Jon was not worried that the police would come looking for him in two days.

In the temporary command room.

The commander looked at the map.

He did not know what the next step of the plan was.

After all, they did not even know what kind of car the robbers escaped in, so they had no way to deploy it.

Now, he could only wait for a few technicians to find the vehicle that had come out from North Freedom Road.

Boom! A muffled thunder sounded.

The commander looked at the heavy rain outside.

He saw a person rushing over from the curtain of rain.

It was the squad leader.

The squad leader walked over and was silent for a moment.

He took out a cigarette, handed it to the commander, and said, “Want to smoke?” The commander took it and the squad leader lit it for him.

Then he lit one for himself.

He started smoking.