Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 133

Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 133

Chapter 133: Jon’s Room Records! Neither of them said a word.

The atmosphere was a little depressing.

In the livestream.

Seeing the two police leaders looking so gloomy, the audience was amused.

“Although the atmosphere is a little heavy, I still want to laugh.

What’s the matter? I can’t help it when I see their expressions.

” “Can you have a little bit of compassion? The two police leaders are already so miserable, and you still want to see a joke?” “I’m sorry, it’s my fault, but I just can’t help it.


” “What do you think the commander and the SWAT team leader are thinking about now?” “I think they want to capture Jon and beat him up.

” “It’s been three drills.

This should be the most painful thing for this commander, because up until now, he hasn’t even seen Jon.

” “That’s true.

The two commanders had met with the robbers from the last two drills, but now this new commander can’t even see the robbers.

” .



“It seems that this time’s arrest won’t be short.

I feel that the longer the arrest, the more advantageous it will be for the robbers.

” “Yeah, as time goes by, the police officers and the arrest team will definitely be tired.

When that time comes, it will be Jon’s chance.

” “I have to say, Jon is really terrifying.

Whether it’s confronting the police at the bank or escaping, he has complete control over the rhythm.

” “That’s right.

He’s completely leading the police by their noses.

This robber is too amazing.

He’s indeed the strongest robber in history.

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COM “Right now, we don’t know where Jon is resting, but the police can’t slack off.

Because any flaw could lead to the robber successfully escaping.

” “Yeah, so this is a major test for the police.

” “The previous two drills only lasted for less than two days at most, but I think this time, it will start in at least three days.

” “And it’s raining cats and dogs.

The police will have to work for a few days in such weather.

It’s hard to even think about it.

” The audiences were discussing animatedly in the livestream.

Although there was no confrontation between the robbers and the police during this drill.

Until now, the robbers hadn’t even caught on the camera.

But this didn’t hinder the audience’s enthusiasm.

Everyone was still enjoying the show.

It was now 10 pm.

It was the time of the day with the highest number of viewers.

At this time, the number of viewers in the live broadcast room had reached 80 million.

This was a terrifying number.

Compared to the previous live broadcast, the highest number of viewers in the previous live broadcast was over 80 million during the climax of the drill.

When Gal Gadot saw this number, she was naturally very happy.

The live broadcast had only started for a few hours, yet the number of viewers had already reached this number.

This also meant that it was very likely that she would be able to break the record that she had set last time.

A new live broadcast record would be born in her hands.

Moreover, she could see from the stats that the gifts they received in the livestream had now reached 30 million.

The gifts did not stop at all.

At this time.

The commander finished smoking a cigarette.

He looked at the map and said, “At this time, it’s raining so heavily.

If the robbers don’t want to escape today, they should find a place to stay.

” “So, our search and investigation should focus on hotels and hotels.

” The squad leader nodded.

He thought the same.

But, to find where Jon was hiding now was a big problem for the police.

Although all the hotels in downtown Florida had been connected to the police station to verify their identity.

However, not to mention a high IQ robber like Jon, even a robber with a low IQ wouldn’t be stupid enough to take his identity and check into the hotel.

So, it was obviously impossible to find Jon in the identity system of the hotel.

However, the commander still got up and went to the console.

At this time, several technicians were constantly checking the surveillance footage.

During this time, they were sorting out the vehicles that appeared at various intersections from North Freedom Road because the traffic on North Freedom Road was not very heavy.

Moreover, it was a rainstorm.

Therefore, during this time, there would be very few vehicles coming out from North Freedom Road.

Until now, the technicians had already checked more than half of the surveillance records and only found three commercial cars with seven seats and above.

The commander looked the situation and his expression softened slightly.

The fewer cars they found, the easier it would be to search.

For the police, this was also good news.

“Check it out.

There are a few people called Kirby Jon who have checked in in Florida recently.

” The commander spoke to one of the technical police officers.

The commander was not sure whether Jon had stayed in a hotel after he came to Florida.

He was just trying to find out.

He wanted to see if Jon had left any traces in the past seven days.

“Yes, sir.

” the technical officer quickly replied.

Then, he entered the police system and checked all the hotel registration records in the city.

The technician entered Jon’s name.

“Sir, in the past ten days, a total of five people named Kirby Jon have checked into a hotel in the city.

” Soon, the technician reported the situation he had found.

“The robber Jon is among them.

” The commander and the squad leader quickly came over to take a look.

There was a total of five people named Kirby Jon who had checked into a hotel.

The robber, Jon, was among them.

However, Jon had checked in seven days ago and had already checked out by noon today.

“Las Vegas hotel? He sure knows how to enjoy himself.

Staying in such a good hotel, it doesn’t seem like he’s here for a drill, but more like he’s here for a vacation.

” Looking at Jon’s check-in record, the squad leader couldn’t help but say.

He obviously knew about this hotel.

A five-star hotel cost thousands of dollars a night.

Although he knew the hotel, he had never stayed in it before.

“Squad leader, take Team A and go to the hotel to understand the situation.

See if Jon is still hiding in this area.

” “If there aren’t enough people, send search teams B and C at any time.

” Even though the robber had checked out at noon this day.

The commander still had to arrange for people to go there to check and see if they could get some useful information.

After all, during the last drill, Jon hid in the place that everyone thought was the least likely to hide.

This meant that they knew if he would do the same thing this time.

Perhaps, before Jon checked into the hotel or the hotel, he had already found a place to hide next to the hotel.

It was possible that after he robbed the bank, he ran in the opposite direction, he went to the abandoned factory in the Little Alps and returned in a different car, and finally he hid next to the Las Vegas hotel.