Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 124

Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 124

Chapter 124: Robbery Begins! In the first two drills, Jon’s character focuses on confronting the police.

He confronted the police in the bank.

This time, the focus of the drill changed.

The focus of the drill was on the robber’s escape.

This time, the audience might not see the robber used the hostage to confront the police in the bank.

Because the robber needed to flee away right after they got the money.

This was also a brand-new attempt for Jon.

After all, his previous two drills were focused on confronting the police, and this time, he fled.

When he fled, the police would certainly set up roadblocks on the road.

They surrounded and blocked the robbers.

In this case, it is a more difficult thing for them to successfully escape from the city.




After all, if the police set up roadblocks at all the intersections, the robbers would have hard time to try to break through police’s defense line, they couldn’t put wings on the car and fly over the roadblocks, right? So, once the robbers found that escaping by car was not working, they were likely to abandon the car and flee.

At that time, there would be a good show to watch.

If a few robbers who abandoned the car and ran away met with the police who were chasing and intercepting them, what would happen? Continue -reading -on MYB0 X N0V E L.

COM Would Jon still be able to win this drill this time? The audience was filled with anticipation for the results of this drill.

The popularity even higher than the previous two drills.

“It’s this pretty lady again.

I’m craving for her.

” “Hehe, the noobs are still typing with both hands.

The legends are already typing with just one hand.

” “Then what are you doing with your other hand?” “Guess what I’m doing with my other hand?” “But I’m just saying.

This pretty lady is so beautiful.

It’s worth a try.

” “F*ck…” “But why is she the host of the official live broadcast of this drill? She was the official live broadcast of the last Pennsylvania drill, and she is still the official live broadcast of this Florida drill.

” “Yeah, her last live broadcast had a maximum of more than 80 million viewers at the same time.

This live broadcast might also break the record.

” “This young lady should have a backer.

Otherwise, how could she have become an official live broadcast reporter twice in a row?” “I feel the same way.

Without a backer, who would give her such a good job?” “Good god, you guys are here to watch the drill.

Who cares who is broadcasting the drill? Just watch the drill, simp.

” “Ah, are you all here to watch the drill? I, I am here to watch the goddess.

” “Haha, No way, no way.

There can’t really be a bunch of people watching a few men’s drills, right?” “But in the past few days, there has been a rainstorm in Florida.

Can this drill continue?” “Sir, are you deaf? The young lady has already said that the drill will continue even if the weather is bad.

Didn’t you hear her?” “Didn’t you listen to the young lady’s opening speech at all?” “I heard it.

Isn’t that uncertain?” “Dumb head.

” In the livestream, the comments were surging wildly.

A large portion of the audience was curious when they saw that the official live broadcast reporter was once again Gal Gadot.

They were all very curious, wondered if Gal Gadot had a backer.

After all, the drill had been moved from Pennsylvania to Florida, but the official broadcast livestream was still on the same network as the host.

So, they were curious, what was the background of this TV station, and why could it get such a resource.

However, the audience did not figure out that it was something to do with Jon.

However, it did not matter if it was Gal Gadot.

After all, Gal Gadot was beautiful and very pleasing to the eye.

Among the many audiences in the livestream, there was also a portion that was dedicated to Gal Gadot.

The majority of the audiences did not have much reaction to the fact that Gal Gadot was the official reporter of this live broadcast.

After all, they were here to watch the drill.

It did not matter to them who was the host of the official live broadcast reporter.

While the audience in the live broadcast room was discussing, on the other side, Jon and three people had already taken advantage of the heavy rain to start fighting.

Four people were wearing raincoats, masks, and black backpacks in their hands.

They had already arrived at the bank entrance.

It was half past two in the afternoon.

The bank staff had just finished their lunch and were sleepy.

Because the bank was in a remote area, there were not many customers even on normal days.

Not to mention the heavy rain, there were not even a single customer.

The staff looked at the deserted bank, and some people had already started to fall asleep.

After all, it was the time to be sleepy.

At this moment, the bank’s door opened.

Even though the sound of the rain outside could be heard from inside the bank, the sound of the door opening was very faint.

But the bank manager, who was sitting in the lobby resting, still noticed it.

He quickly got up, thinking that a customer had come.

He walked over to them with a smile on his face and was about to greet them politely.

“Don’t move now, it’s a robbery!” A cold voice came from Jon’s mouth, accompanied by the sound of thunder outside.

It was very intimidating.

As soon as he said this, the atmosphere in the bank instantly became tense.

A security guard who was dozing off shivered.

As soon as he opened his eyes, he saw a black muzzle in front of him.

Instantly, the security guard was jolted awake.

The drowsiness on his body immediately disappeared.

“Sir… sir…” The security guard was extremely nervous at this moment.

He subconsciously raised his hands above his head, not even daring to take a deep breath.

Although he was a security guard and had worked in the bank for more than ten years.

But where had he seen such a situation? For a moment, he did not know what to do.

All he could do was to be careful and try not to anger the robbers.

Otherwise, if he were to be shot, it would not be good.

“Ah!” At this time, the few employees at the counter were a little flustered.

One of them even screamed.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!” Seeing this situation, Jon fired three shots consecutively.

The sound of the shots drowned out the sound of the rain and sounded in the bank.

Only then did the panicking employees quieten down.

Their bodies trembled, but they did not dare to make any more sounds.

“From now on, if anyone moves or screams again, I will shoot him to death.

” “Now, all of you, put your hands behind your heads and come out from the counter.

Don’t even think about pressing the alarm.

As soon as the alarm goes off, all of you will die here.

” After controlling the scene, Jon’s voice was still cold and cruel.