Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 123

Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 123

Chapter 123: Exercise begins, live broadcast begins! Thunder rumbled in the sky.

Not long after, heavy rain poured down.

The world outside the car was in an uproar from the rain.

Some people on the road had brought umbrellas and quickly opened them.

However, under such heavy rain, an umbrella definitely could not protect them completely.

In just a few seconds, their legs were wet from the rain.

The pedestrians without umbrellas quickly found shelter from the rain.

“Take out the raincoats in the trunk, we’ll change into them.

” Jon turned his head to look behind and said slowly.

Because the storm had been included in the plan, when Jon bought items, he prepared the raincoats as well.

Leon, who was sitting at the back, quickly took out the raincoats.




He divided the five raincoats into five people’s hands.

Then they changed in the car.

A few minutes later, the five people put on their raincoats and masks.

“Venus, Will, Leon, the three of you go in with me.

Brown is monitoring the situation outside.

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COM “For this drill, we try to avoid confrontation with the police.

After we get the money, we run immediately.

Also, after we enter the bank this time, we must control the hostages immediately to prevent anyone from calling the police.

” Jon gave the order.

“Understood!” The few of them replied.

“Let’s Go!” Jon said.

He had originally wanted to wait for the rain.

Now that the rain had come, he naturally had to start taking action.

The five of them got out of the car.

The five of them walked in the rain, carrying a few black backpacks as they walked in the direction of the bank.

This was because the location of the bank was already a little remote.

Furthermore, it was currently raining heavily.

The streets were deserted.

There were no new customers in the bank, so the security guards were sleepy.

… In the Florida police station.

The police officer was speechless when he saw the heavy rain outside.

He didn’t expect that that was a rain during the drill.

He had seen the weather forecast just now and knew that this rain would last for four to five days.

This was an escape drill.

Such a heavy rain would make it more difficult for the police to catch them.

Right now, his heart was cursing Raymond for choosing this day with such weather.

However, even though he was ridiculing, he did not dare to tell Raymond.

However, if it was a real battle, the robbers would very likely choose this weather to rob.

Therefore, this drill naturally could not be delayed because of this rain.

And now, all the police officers were ready.

Although they did not know which bank was going to be robbed, the police officers were geared up.

As long as the commander gave the order, they would set up roadblocks in the entire city.

Although, the drill had not officially started.

The commander had already made such preparations, and his methods were somewhat roguish.

After all, when a robbery actually happened.

No one would ask the police to arrange this in advance.

However, this was something that couldn’t be helped.

Jon, who played the robber, was really too smart.

The person in charge had naturally seen his two previous drills.

Jon was smart and cautious.

If he hadn’t been prepared, Jon would have been long gone by the time he got to the scene.

After receiving the message from the bank.

And he wouldn’t have had time to block the intersection.

Jon would have been able to escape the city very quickly.

By then, the drill would have ended in an hour or two.

And it would have ended with a victory of the robbers.

That would have been embarrassing, the Florida State Police would lose its reputation.

After all, the last time the drill was broadcast live, so many people watched it.

Since the news broadcast on New York City Television, people had been anticipated for 10 days.

So many people followed the live broadcast.

If the drill were ended with robbers’ victory in just two hours, the Florida State Police Department would become a national joke.

Hence, the chief had to resort to rogue tactics.

He had prepared in advance.

Moreover, this matter was done with the approval of the commissioner.

This drill attracted a lot of media.

It was even more than the last time.

The live broadcast benefits from the last drill had almost been eaten up by the Gal Gadot, the remaining media outlets had only received a little bit of traffic.

But now, they had also increased the viewership quite a bit.

In other words, with the popularity of the Jon’s drill, even if they only received a little bit of traffic, they would still earn quite a lot of views.

Under such a trend of interest, even if the official live broadcast of the exercise was still scheduled for Gal Gadot, there were still dozens of media outlets rushing over.

At this moment.

These media were still like last time, waiting outside the police station.

After all, outside the police station, they had no other place to go.

And Gal Gadot, of course, was different from all the media.

She was currently in the police station.

Because it was a 24-hour live broadcast.

Hence, this time, the television station assigned two cameramen to Gal Gadot.

And the official livestream had started.

“Hello everyone, I am the official live broadcast reporter of this Florida State Police Station drill, Gal Gadot.

” “Now, we are already in the Florida State Police Station, waiting for the official start of this drill at any time.

” “However, this time is different from the previous two times.

The weather has changed.

This drill is in the rainy season in Florida, so it has started to rain heavily.

” “According to the weather forecast, this storm will last for five days.

Such heavy rain will definitely affect the drill.

” “However, because the drill will start with actual combat, the drill will continue even if it rains heavily.

” “Now, you can see that the police officers in the police station are all ready to move out at any time.

” “And on the other side of the drill, are the robbers played by Jon starting to take actions?” “This time, the drill will focus on escaping.

I believe that it will test the ability of the police officers to catch them even more “In this drill, will the final victor be the robbers or the police? Let’s wait and see!” After the live broadcast started, Gal Gadot took the microphone and left the country.

She gave a long opening speech.

Although the live broadcast had just started, there were already many viewers waiting in the livestream.

It was only when Gal Gadot said this opening speech.

After she finished her opening speech, the entire livestream had already reached five million viewers.

Moreover, this number was still rising rapidly.

From this number, one could see the popularity of this drill.

After all, this drill was different from the previous two.