Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 119

Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 119

Chapter 119: Inconvenient to Move Around! Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio As soon as he left the airport, he saw Will Smith waiting for him outside the road.

At this time, Will Smith was also wearing sunglasses and had his hair slicked back.

He had a ruffian look on his face, which made the passing crowd avoid him.

After all, with the way Will Smith was dressed, he didn’t look like a good person at first glance.

It was better to stay away from him.

Otherwise, they thought they might get into trouble.

“Boss, why are you so late? We’ve been waiting for you for almost three hours.

” Will Smith saw Jon and kept nagging, making Jon want to take something to gag him.

“Something happened on the road, causing the plane to be stuck on the flight path.

Otherwise, I could have arrived a few hours earlier.

” Will Smith’s face was filled with disbelief when he heard this.

He said, “Boss, do you think I’m stupid? The plane is stuck on the flight path.

I can’t believe you made such excuse.

I would believe you even if you said you were stuck in traffic on the way to the airport.

” “You have such common sense?” Jon was a little incredulous.




“Where are the three of them?” Jon looked around and asked.

There was only Will Smith here.

He did not see the other three.

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COM Logically speaking, they were all from Pennsylvania, they should have taken the same flight.

“They are in the parking lot.

Let’s go.

I’ll take you there.

” Will Smith replied.

Soon, the two of them arrived at the parking lot of the airport.

Will Smith opened the door of a car, and the other three people were already sitting inside.

This was a black business car that could accommodate seven people.

Now, Brown Williams was sitting in the driver’s seat.

And Venus Alice and Leon Evans were sitting in the last row.

The three of them greeted Jon one after another.

They were also influenced by Will Smith.

“Hey, lady and gentlemen.

” Jon responded with a smile and sat in the passenger seat.

“Boss, where are we going now? Or should we hide the car first and use it when we escape?” Brown Williams, who was in the driver seat, asked.

He knew very well that he was playing the role of a driver this time.

“Where did this car come from?” Jon didn’t answer but asked a question in return.

Looking at the license plate, it wasn’t Pennsylvania’s number, but Florida’s.

Then obviously, it shouldn’t have been prepared by these four people.

Brown Williams replied, “This was sent by commissioner Raymond.

When we got off the plane, there were people from the police department waiting here.

After they picked us up, they gave us this car.

” Jon nodded.

It was what he expected.

Raymond had said before that this time, the focus would be on escaping.

Since it was escaping, it was reasonable to arrange a car for the robbers.

“Then now, let’s go to the Florida Police Department.

The focus of this drill is on escaping, not hiding.

Therefore, the existence of this car will be discovered sooner or later.

Even if it is hidden, there isn’t much meaning.

” Jon responded.

The reason why they had to hide information last time was that the police officers could not find too much useful information within seven days.

It was because the focus of the last drill was to hide.

This time was different.

The ultimate goal of this exercise was to escape the city.

Therefore, the robbers did not need to hide their tracks.

In these seven days, they could totally swagger around Florida.

Brown Williams nodded in response and then drove to the Florida police department.

Florida State Police Department.

The area of Florida was more than twice the size of Pennsylvania.

The overall economy was also much higher than Pennsylvania.

The size of the police department was naturally much more luxurious than the Pennsylvania Police Department.

And the manpower of the Florida police force was more abundant comparable to the Pennsylvania police force.

A drill would not use all the manpower of the police force.

But the police force had more manpower, which also meant that the Florida police force could mobilize more manpower than the Pennsylvania police force.

Even if it was just the same drill, it would be more difficult for Jon.

Moreover, this was not the same drill as before.

This time, the focus was on escaping.

Under the situation where Florida could mobilize large-scale manpower.

Under the situation where the police surrounded and intercepted.

They successfully took out the downtown area.

Therefore, this time, compared to the previous two drills, the difficulty was not just a little bit.

“Boss, the size of the Florida State Police Force in this drill is much larger than our Pennsylvania state.

I’m afraid the difficulty of this drill is not small.

” Venus Alice was also sizing up the police station in front of her at this moment, and she walked to Jon’s side.

A faint body fragrance filled Jon’s nostrils.

“It’s more difficult, and it’s more challenging for us.

We still have seven days to prepare, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

” Jon turned his head and glanced at Venus.

Venus was wearing a long dress and a pair of five- to six-centimeter-high heels.

And she had exquisite makeup on her face.

It was quite different from her previous appearance.

“Your style of dressing today is a little different from before.

” Jon smiled.

Perhaps it was because Venus was a professional, but her style of dressing was cool and handsome.

Jon had never seen such a style before.

Venus looked at Jon and smiled.

“Isn’t this the drill that hasn’t started yet? I usually dress like this.

” Hearing her say this, Will Smith, Brown Williams, and Leon Evans, who were behind her, all held back their laughter.

They were all colleagues from the same police department.

Although their departments were different, they were all elites from their respective departments.

They knew each other very well.

They had never seen Venus wear something like this before.

“Is that so? It’s fine when you wear it now.

Just remember to change it during the drill.

After all, it’s not very convenient.

” Jon replied with a smile and walked towards the police station.

Venus Alice gritted her teeth when she heard Jon’s words.

She was wearing this to attract Jon’s attention.

After all, this was what Gal Gadot had been wearing the last time they had dinner.

Otherwise, Venus would not have been willing to wear such uncomfortable clothes.

However, she did not expect that she would only get one sentence from Jon, “change it during the drill.

” She looked at Jon’s back and gritted her teeth.

In the commissioner’s office.

“You guys are finally here.

I’ve been waiting for you guys for an hour.