Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 118

Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 118

Chapter 118: Arriving in Florida! Leo smiled and nodded in response.

Then he asked Jon, “Is there going to be another drill?” Although Jon and the commissioner of the Florida State Police Department had already reached a cooperative relationship.

Gal Gadot also gave the news to the station manager.

The station manager had no choice but to release the news as soon as he received it.

After all, it was daytime now, and most people were hiding at work during the day.

Very few people had the spare time to go online and watch the news.

So, the station manager had to wait until the evening, when all the people at work were off duty, before releasing the explosive news.

With the previous two drills, this time, Jon’s third drill, as long as the information was released at a prime time, it would definitely cause an explosive discussion.

Therefore, Leo’s family did not know about this.

“The third drill will be held in Florida ten days later.

Last night, the commissioner of Florida personally came over.

” .



Jon nodded in response.

At this time, the door opened and a sixteen or seventeen-year-old girl walked in.

When she saw Jon, her eyes lit up and she hurriedly walked over.

“Hey, brat.

” “Don’t be rude!” Before Jon could reply, Leo had already scolded the girl.

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COM The girl did not care about Leo’s scolding and made a face at Leo.

“It’s okay.

” Jon did not really care about this.

Although he was much older than the girl, he did not care about what the girl called him.

The girl was the daughter of the couple, the sister of his comrade who had died in battle.

Her name was Elina.

She was in high school.

Elina looked at Gal Gadot and asked, “Jon, is this your girlfriend?” “Yes, you can call her Gal Gadot, “Jon smiled.

Alina smiled and greeted Gal Gadot, “Nice to meet you.

” She was not an impolite person.

The reason why she called Jon brat was because she was very close with Jon.

But she was not familiar with Gal Gadot.

She still had to be polite.

Gal Gadot responded with a smile.

Elina sat on the sofa at that moment and put the backpack she was carrying in her arms.

She unzipped it and took out a stack of small cards from the backpack.

Then she said, “Hey, Jon, I want ten of your autographs.

” “Are ten enough?” Jon naturally wouldn’t reject Elina’s request.

Elina thought for a moment.

“There are only a few people in my class who actually hanged out with me.

I won’t give the autographs to those who aren’t close with me, and I won’t give them to the boys.

Ten autographs, that’s about it.

” After saying that, she said, “I seem to have revealed the purpose of asking for autographs?” Everyone laughed.

Jon wrote a few autographs for her and then stayed at Leo’s house for more than an hour.

Before he left, he placed his backpack in front of Leo and said, “Uncle, this is the government’s pension.

I’ll leave 500,000 dollars here.

” He withdrew 500,000 dollars from the bank.

Naturally, it was to give it to Leo’s family.

After all, their son’s accident had something to do with him, and they were on such good terms.

It was only right to help a little.

Before, Jon did not have much money, so he could not help them.

Now that he had money, he wanted to help the family.

Leo looked at Jon.

“When you lie to us, you look a little uncomfortable.

I can see that this money is not a pension from the government.

” “It’s yours, right? We can’t take it.

” Jon said, “Uncle, you know, it’s because of me, Adrian…” Leo interrupted him.

“When I sent Adrian to join the army, I thought that there would be a day.

This is because someone betrayed him, not because of you.

We don’t blame you.

” Leo and his family were reasonable people.

They knew that the mission three years ago was a high-ranking person who betrayed Jon and his comrades.

That was why their son died in the war.

And Jon’s life was also saved.

How could Leo blame him.

And the money was Jon’s.

Although Jon was now famous and had the ability to make a lot of money, it was still Jon’s money, so how could they accept it.

Jon was silent for a long time.

He looked up at Leo and said, “If you don’t accept this money, I’m afraid I won’t be able to come here in the future.

” Leo looked at him and sighed for a long time.

In the end, Leo’s family accepted the money, and Jon left with Gal Gadot.

“This is my comrade’s home.

At that time, the few of us were carrying out a mission together.

The higher-ups informed us of the mission’s objectives, causing us to fall into a desperate situation.

The rest of us all died in battle.

” In the car, Jon spoke slowly.

Gal Gadot listened quietly.

She knew that Jon was willing to share this matter with her.

This meant that she was very important to Jon.

“It’s all in the past, Jon,” she comforted him.

Jon did not say anything.

He looked out the window at the traffic.

What was past was only time.

As for the people who betrayed them, he did not dare to forget them.

For the next three days, Jon and Gal Gadot spent their time in New York.

Three days later.

Jon packed his luggage alone and took a plane to Florida.

The next seven days were the preparation time.

Jon needed these seven days to figure out everything in the city and find a perfect escape route.

The plane flew for three hours.

Jon arrived in Florida.

As soon as he got off the plane, he turned on his phone and saw more than a dozen missed calls.

These calls were all from Will Smith alone.

This meant that the four of them should have arrived early.

After getting off the plane, Jon lowered the cap on his head, put on his sunglasses, and walked out with his backpack.

As he became more and more famous, Jon was more likely to be found walking on the street.

If he were recognized by somebody, he would be asked to take a photo with them.

If he was found, it might affect the traffic in the airport.

If that happened, others would be in trouble, and he would be in trouble too.

And Jon was the person who hated trouble the most.

Therefore, he had to disguise himself.

He had to try his best not to be recognized by anyone.

After disguising himself, Jon took out his cell phone and dialed Will’s number.

“Hey, boss.

” Will Smith’s voice soon rang, “Have you gotten off the plane? The four of us are outside the airport now.

Where are you now?” He spoke rather quickly and seemed to be in a hurry.

Will Smith was indeed an impatient person.

Otherwise, he would not have become an explosives expert.

“I’m heading out now.

I’ll be out soon.

” Jon replied and hung up the phone.