Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 111

Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 111

Chapter 111: Interview! However, it was not necessary to rob a bank every time.

If it were a bank robbery again, it would be a little too boring.

After all, this system was a god-level acting system.

And he did not stipulate that he had to play the role of a bank robber every time.

Therefore, it was not impossible for him to challenge others.

“Do you have any ideas, Jon?” The commissioner could not help but ask when he saw that he was deep in thought.

Jon was very popular now.

There were so many police departments waiting to snatch him away.

If he had any ideas, he could naturally bring them up.

As long as it was not too excessive, he believed that some of those police departments would be willing to accept it.

“Commissioner, now that I have won two bank drills, I want to give myself a little more challenge when I have the chance.

” .



“So, I want to go to the next drill to make it more difficult.

” After a moment of silence, Jon slowly said.

The reward given by the system was judged by the difficulty of the drill and the score he had completed.

Now, Jon’s score was already S +.

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COM It would not be easy to improve his score.

Hence, the best way to get a higher system reward was naturally to start from the difficulty of the exercise.

“Good lad, I didn’t expect you to have such a challenging spirit.

I will pass on your thoughts.

” “I will inform you if they have any response.

How about it? The drill has just ended.

You should rest for a few days and think about it.

” “Okay.

” Jon replied with a smile.

The commissioner looked at the time and said, “The time is almost up.

The interview should be almost ready.

” “Let’s not waste time.

Let’s go to the venue now.

” … The interview this time would be held in a conference hall of the police station.

The interview would accommodate a total of 20 media.

It was even bigger than the previous interview.

When the commissioner and Jon arrived.

The 20 media outlets were already waiting in the conference hall.

There were also the four people who played the robbers this time, as well as the commander, the SWAT team leader.

The commissioner sat in the middle, and Jon sat next to him.

On the other side of Jon were the other four people who played the robbers.

Venus Alice was looking at Jon with a smile on her face.

On the other side of the commissioner were the commander, the SWAT team leader, and a few other police officers.

After the commissioner sat down, he glanced around and said, “Now, the interview for this drill can officially begin.

If any of you have any questions, you can raise your hands and ask.

” Immediately, the people below the stage raised their hands.

“This gentleman.

” the commissioner casually pointed at one of the people in the crowd.

The reporter who was chosen quickly stood up and said, “Hello, Mr.


Right now, there are many police stations on the internet that have expressed their desire to invite you to cooperate in the drill.

” “Then, have you already chosen a partner for your next drill? When will it begin?” This question, it could be said that all the audience members were looking forward to it.

Hearing that, Jon picked up the microphone.

“The last drill just ended yesterday.

Although I’ve already received a portion of the invitations, I haven’t made a decision on the next drill.

” “I’ve already won two drills.

I’m looking forward to the next drill to increase the difficulty of the robbers.

” After saying that, Jon sat down.

This interview was naturally broadcasted live because the commissioner had already announced it yesterday.

Although the interview had just started, there were already quite a number of viewers in the livestream.

When Jon said that, the comments in the livestream immediately surged.

“What a guy.

He actually took the initiative to increase the difficulty.

Is he crazy?” “The main request is to raise the difficulty.

This is the first time I’ve seen such a request.

” “Arrogant, this is too arrogant.

He’s just a robber.

This request is practically standing on top of the police.

Can the police hold it in?” “Can the police hold it in? In any case, I can’t hold it in.

If Jon said this to me, I would definitely teach him how to be a person in bed.

” “F*ck, if you want to teach him how to behave, then teach him how to behave.

What’s the hell with being in bed?” “Jon is too arrogant.

I can’t stand it anymore.

Come to the police station and give him a beating.

” “I think Jon is very charming at the moment.

After all, Jon is the winner of the drill.

The winner has the right to be arrogant.

Support Him!” “Haha, look at the expressions of the commander and the SWAT team leader.

Their expressions keep changing like chameleons.

” “Commander: Does Jon think that we are too weak and not challenging?” “SWAT team leader: * * * * * * * * * *.

” “Good God, the SWAT team leader was blocked from the live broadcast because his words were too intense.

” “You people really know how to spice up things.

” The audience heard Jon offer to make the drill more difficult.

They all thought he was nut.

After all, what kind of robber asks for more difficulty? The average robber would love to have a drill run as easy as possible.

For a time, the chat of the livestream was asking the U.


police departments to give Jon a lesson.

Even though everyone liked Jon, the highly intelligent robber, but seeing how arrogant he was, they also wanted to see Jon lose once.

In the meeting hall, the interview continued.

The next reporter stood up.

“Hello, commander.

As the commander-in-chief of the police this time, you failed in this drill.

What do you think?” When the commander heard this, he picked up the microphone and replied in a deep voice, “The drill failed, and 13 SWAT brothers were sacrificed.

I feel very heavy on losing the drill.

” “Of course, even though it was a failure, the experience of this failure is very important to the police department.

” “Because through this drill, we discovered a lot of problems.

” The commander’s reply was somewhat vague.

After all, the drill had just ended, and he didn’t have time to make a conclusion.

The interview lasted for about an hour.

Most of the people on the stage were asked questions.

At the end of the interview.

Gal Gadot also raised his hand and asked with a smile, “Mr.

Jon, if the full score is 100, what is your score for your performance in the exercise?” Jon thought for a moment and said, “70 points.

” “Even though we won the drill, I did not do it perfectly.

In order to escape, I even sacrificed three of my companions.

” “So, I gave myself a 70 at best.