Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 110

Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 110

Chapter 110: More Profitable Than Robbing A Bank! “None of this is important.

It’s already so late.

We should get down to some serious business.

” The corners of Jon’s mouth curled up.

How could Gal Gadot not know what Jon was thinking? Her face turned red and said, “What serious business? It’s already so late.

Sleeping is the real business.

I’m going to wash up and sleep.

” As she said that, she got up and was about to leave when Jon grabbed her wrist.

He pulled her back onto the sofa again.

A hand reached in from Gal Gadot’s collar and caressed her curvy breast.

“You have to wash up, but you have to wait for a while to sleep.

” as Jon said, he turned off the lights in the room.

The mind of Jon was dominated by his sexual desire.

His evil urge had been aroused by Venus when he was with her last night.

He had been holding it in for a whole day.





He naturally had to release it all on Gal Gadot.

In the pitch-black room, the noises and moans of pleasure lingering through the night.

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COM The next day, at 7:30 in the morning.

Jon was woken up by the ringtone of his phone.

It was the commissioner calling.

Jon answered the phone with his sleepy eyes.

Yesterday, the two of them did not go to sleep until 5 am.

They had only slept for two and a half hours.

Although Jon had opened his eyes, he was still not completely awake.

He was still light-headed.

“Good morning, Jon.

The interview for this drill is scheduled for 9 am.

You are the absolute protagonist of this interview.

Don’t be late.

” The commissioner’s voice sounded.

“Okay, I’ll be there on time.

” Jon replied.

The interview was considered the end of the drill.

After the interview, he could return to New York.

Jon yawned and looked to the side.

There was no one there.

He got up from the bed and saw that Gal Gadot had finished washing up.

She had put on her makeup and walked over.

“Beautiful lady, the way you walk is a little strange.

” Jon said with a smile.

Gail Gardo glared at him.

“Isn’t it all because of you?” Last night, the two of them had been making love for three to four hours.

After such intense exercise, it would be strange if her walking posture was normal.

However, her strange walking posture was not very obvious.

If one did not observe carefully, they would not be able to notice it.

Jon smiled and kissed her.

“The commissioner just told you about today’s interview, right?” Gal Gadot packed her bag and asked.

Jon nodded.

“Then get ready.

Don’t be late.

I have to go over first.

” Gal Gadot smiled and said.

After all, she was the live broadcast reporter appointed for this drill.

Naturally, she could not miss this interview.

Therefore, she also had to prepare.

The audience was still looking forward to the interview after this drill.

The audience’s anticipation showed that there was still a lot of popularity.

Naturally, Gal Gadot would not let go of this opportunity.

… Morning, 8:40 am, Jon came to the police station.

“Boss, you’re here.

The commissioner said to see you before the interview starts.

He told me to wait for you here.

” Will Smith stood at the door.

When he saw Jon walking over, he immediately came up to welcome him.

Actually, the drill had already ended.

He didn’t need to call Jon boss anymore.

However, this guy seemed to have blurted out the word “Boss”.

Jon nodded.


” He followed Will Smith into the police station.

Since the commissioner wanted to see him before the interview began, there must be something going on.

After Will Smith brought Jon to the commissioner’s office, he left.

After all, the commissioner’s office was a place where one would feel extremely stressed after staying for a long time.

After Will Smith left, the commissioner stood up from his chair and smiled.

He called out to Jon “Don’t stand there.

Sit down.

” “Or coffee without sugar?” “Okay.

”, Jon nodded.

The commissioner made two cups of coffee, one in front of Jon and one in front of him.

Then he sat on the sofa.

Jon picked up the cup and took a sip.

He asked, “Commissioner, you specially asked Will to bring me to the office.

Is there something you need?” Jon was not a person who beat around the bush.

So, he asked directly.

He naturally did not think that the commissioner had asked Will to wait for him at the door just to make a cup of coffee for him.

“The police department’s drill this time should be pretty good, right? I heard about it yesterday.

You participated in a live broadcast of the drill, and the gifts sent by the audience have already reached tens of millions of dollars.

” “You’re making more money than robbing a bank.

” “Are you interested in participating in another drill?” the commissioner said with a smile.

Participating in a live broadcast was making more money than robbing a bank.

Even though this matter sounded a little ridiculous, but it was very true, Jon was the one who made it happened.

When he participated in a live broadcast of the drill, the gifts that gave by the audience in the livestream were more than 40 million dollars.

Some of this money was given to the platform.

After giving the platform a share, there was another $20 million.

And he had heard that the television station was willing to give 90% of the $20 million to Jon.

90% of the $20 million.

That was $18 million! And the gold in the bank was only worth $10 million in total.

Jon only participated in a drill, and he received $18 million.

Wasn’t this better than robbing a bank? Moreover, these money was clean, legal, and could be spent at anywhere.

Jon raised his eyebrows and said, “From what you mean, you want to continue the drill?” Hearing that, the commissioner quickly said, “No, no, my men have been almost tortured by you.

If we have another drill, I’m afraid they will break down.

” Through this drill, the commissioner had basically achieved his goal.

Naturally, he could not start another drill.

Otherwise, wouldn’t the police force be embarrassed again? “Today, I received five or six calls from other states’ police forces.

All of them wanted to invite you to participate in the drill.

” “Actually, they have been thinking of inviting you to participate in the drill for a long time.

But last time, I acted quickly and was ahead of all of them.

” “Now that the drill is over, and they know that you’re here, they called me.

” “I just wanted to ask for your opinion.

” the commissioner said.

After the drill in New York, many local police had their eyes on Jon.

They even posted on Twitter that they wanted to invite Jon.

However, the commissioner of Pennsylvania was one step ahead and directly went to the FBI, successfully inviting Jon.

This time, the scale of the exercise was even larger and had a wider impact.

The police departments that had originally intended to do so naturally began to contact him by phone early.

Hearing the commissioner’s words, Jon fell into deep thought.

Although he didn’t like trouble, because of the existence of the system, he obviously couldn’t live his life according to his own ideas.