Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 103

Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 103

Chapter 103: Is the Police Going to Lose? ! At 4:30 am, the commander was exhausted.

He was so tired that he fell asleep on the table.

The cameraman beside him was still carrying the camera.

He was still filming the temporary command room.

He also filmed the situation outside the bank.

In the square outside the bank, there were more than 20 police cars.

These police officers didn’t go home to rest but stayed in the cars to deal with the night.

After all, the police force was much more difficult than other professions.

Sometimes when they were on duty, it was common for them to fall on the ground and sleep.

Being able to sleep in the car was a better treatment.

In addition, there were also a few police officers standing guard, in case something unexpected happened.




Even though it was already past four o’clock in the morning, it was the time when most people slept like a log.

But at this moment, in the live stream.

There were still eight to nine million people watching the live broadcast online.

“Bros, aren’t you all going to sleep?” Continue -reading -on MYB0 X N0V E L.

COM “I feel that the biggest climax has passed.

Now it’s time for the end, although the ending time is quite long.

” “Let’s wait a little longer.

Maybe Jon will take advantage of the night to wipe out the entire police force.

When the time comes, the climax will be completely detonated.

” “My God, this is a robbery drill, not a military drill.

Jon’s mission wasn’t killing all of the police forces.

” “Furthermore, Jon is not a terrorist.

He’s just a greedy robber.

Jon won’t raid the temporary command room.

It’s too ridiculous.

” “If he doesn’t raid, what is he doing now?” “What else can he do? Sleep.

After all, there are still about 20 hours before the end of the drill.

Jon has to make up for his sleep and be in a good mental state to deal with the police’s operation.

” “I don’t think the police will be able to find him.

After all, the city is so big and there were only two robbers.

Moreover, he’s a highly intelligent man.

How can they find him?” “However, after daybreak, the difficulty of the search will be greatly reduced.

Hopefully, the police will be able to work harder.

” At this moment, the audience was still discussing on the comment section.

They were discussing the direction of this drill and the final outcome.

Very soon, the sky gradually brightened, morning arrived.

In this city filled with tall buildings, the first ray of sunlight of the day greeted them.

At seven o’clock.

The SWAT team leader came back with his subordinates.

As expected, he found nothing.

He didn’t even get any traces of Jon.

So… The SWAT team leader looked extremely depressed.

When he came to the temporary command room and found that the commander was still asleep, he subconsciously slowed down his footsteps.

Just as he was about to leave and light a cigarette, the commander woke up.

He looked at the sky and then at the expression of the SWAT team leader.

He knew that there was no result from this search operation.

The commander said slowly, “It’s been a hard night.

You and your brothers who operate at night are also tired.

Go and rest.

Come back at night.

” Even though there was no breakthrough in the search, they were still human beings after all.

They were not made of iron.

How could they not be tired? “I get angry whenever I think of Jon.

I’ll find a car to sleep for a few hours.

Let the brothers rest first.

” “There are so many pairs of eyes watching this drill.

I must catch Jon with my own hands.

” The SWAT team leader was a person who was obsessed with winning the drill.

Jon’s performance was so eye-catching, which also aroused his rebellious mentality.

In his current state, he wouldn’t be able to sleep even if he went home.

It would be better to find a car to take a nap.

“Suit yourself.

” The commander naturally knew the SWAT team leader’s temper and said helplessly.

At eight o’clock in the morning.

The police officers who took turns to rest last night had all returned.

A new round of search and arrest operations began.

The commander also formulated a brand-new search and arrest plan.

The scope of the searching area was expanded.

But the main searching locations were the hotels and other places that could hide the room records in the past nine days.

The police officers followed the plan of the commander.

With the photos of the five robbers, they visited and searched.

To see if they could find some useful information.

The police operation, like a big net, almost spread out in the surrounding ten kilometers.

However, this huge net that seemed to be able to catch all the robbers in one fell swoop missed the areas a few hundred meters around the bank.

In fact, it wasn’t so easy for Jon to escape this huge net.

However, the police found Jon’s room records in the pedestrian street yesterday.

Although Jon didn’t go back to the pedestrian street, this created an illusion for the commander.

That was, Jon deliberately created a pretense in the pedestrian street, but he and the other robber had already run far away.

Therefore, when the commander cast the net, he subconsciously ignored the area around the bank.

Time slowly passed in the police officers’ search.

Morning passed.

Noon passed.

Afternoon passed… This search and arrest operation basically had no effect at all.

Night fell again.

The commander stood at the door of the temporary command room.

He looked at the vast night sky.

He lit a cigarette.

His expression was dejected.

After a whole day of searching, he still couldn’t find any information about the five robbers.

This result was extremely depressing.

“We’re going to lose this drill.

” The commissioner also walked out at this time.

He looked at the lights in the distance and slowly said.

The commander looked at his watch.

There were still more than two hours left.

After all these times, if they still hadn’t captured Jon, it meant that the police had completely lost this drill.

In his heart, he absolutely didn’t want to lose.

No matter if entire country was paying attention to this drill, even if no one paid attention, even if only the robber and the police knew about this drill, he doesn’t want to lose.

No one wants to lose.

Besides, they are the police, the police that represented justice, when faced with the robber of evil, how could they give up so easily? How could they lose? But there was no way.

This robber was too strong.

Jon was different from all the criminals they have met before are different.

This guy was smart, he was meticulous.

He was invincible.

They did not have the ability to catch him.

And that smart guy was going to win this drill.

Now, in the official broadcast, the record was broken again.

There were 80 million people.

Eighty million people across the United States were watching the robbers won, and the police suffered their failure.

As the drill was nearing its end, the officers who had gone out to search for Jon returned one after another.

The square outside the bank was filled with police officers.

And outside the cordon, there were many media and people.

They were all here to witness the results of the drill.