Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 104

Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 104

Chapter 104: The Drill Is Over! The commander stood at the door of the temporary command room.

He looked at the audience and the media in a gloomy mood.

There was only one more hour before the drill was over.

He had no intention of continuing the search.

The police officers that were sent out also came back one after another, although there were still a few teams that were still investigating.

However, there wasn’t much hope left.

This drill was about to end.

“Hello, everyone.

It’s now 8:50 pm.

There’s only an hour and twenty minutes left until the drill ends.

” “And now, the police still haven’t catch Jon.

Moreover, we can see that the police officers that went out to search for Jon have returned one after another.

” “At this point in the drill, the robbers can basically be said to have won.

” “And in the next hour and twenty minutes, whether the police can launch a desperate counterattack and successfully capture Jon, we’ll wait and see.

” At this time, Gal Gadot got on the camera.




She explained the situation at the scene for the audience.

From the start of the live broadcast until now, the number of viewers online had also reached a new peak.

85 million viewers! This was another new record.

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COM “In this world, is justice still unable to defeat evil? I instantly felt like my faith had collapsed, and I felt terrible.

” “The police can’t catch Jon, just like I can’t catch you.

If the police didn’t meet Jon, if I didn’t meet you, would our ending still be like this?” “The rain drenched the sky, and the sky was dark…” “That’s enough.

It’s not even 12 o’clock at night, and you’re already depressed?” “Good god, they’re all a bunch of talented people.

I was a little upset when the police couldn’t catch the robbers during the drill, but when I saw the comments, I laughed.

” “Although… I still want to say that the police can’t beat the robbers, so I think I can’t beat you in bed.

” “? ? ?” “Oh, report that the person.

” “Dude, next time you fight, you can call me.

I don’t believe that the two of us can’t defeat him.

” “This is a livestream with a serious intention.

What are you doing?” “But where is Jon hiding? Why is there no news at all after the police searched for more than 20 hours?” “He should have left the city a long time ago.

After all, he asked the hostages to pretend to be robbers.

The time he took the bus was enough for him to drive out of the city.

” “Yes, there’s a real possibility of him leaving the city.

Otherwise, it wouldn’t be so hard to find him, right?” “If that’s the case, I feel that the robbers are not being fair if they leave the city.

Why don’t they leave the country? That way, it would be harder for the police to find them.

” “There’s no point in talking about this now.

After all, this drill is about to end.

Before the next drill starts, let’s make some suggestions.

” “Yeah, but this drill lasted for more than three hours.

It feels very satisfying.

” “It’s still because Jon can hold on for so long.

Otherwise, we would have washed up and gone to sleep a long time ago.

We have to thank Jon for this.

” “Thank you, Jon, the strongest robber in history!” “The strongest robber in history!” The words ‘the strongest robber in history’ flooded the comment section.

While the audience flooded the comment section, they were also discussing the fact that the police had been searching for him for more than 20 hours.

However, there was no news of Jon at all.

Many of the audiences were curious about where Jon had gone.

Many viewers suggested on the chat to make the exercise more difficult.

After all, after robbing a bank, it was too easy for Jon to hide for 24 hours with his things.

At this time.

The 80 million viewers in the livestream were not the only ones watching the end of the exercise.

There were also netizens who were discussing enthusiastically on various platforms.

There were even quite a number of foreign viewers who were very interested in the outcome of the exercise.

After all their country did not have such a large-scale drill that required so much manpower.

The social impact of this drill could be said to be very large.

And more and more people knew about Jon.

9:30 pm.

There was less than an hour left until the end of the drill.

Most of the teams that had been searching outside had returned and did not bring any news.

Their last hope had been destroyed.

“Should we end it early?” The commissioner stood beside the commander and looked at the police officers who had returned.

It was already this time.

In less than an hour, a miracle would not happen.

Unless the robber turned himself in.

But was it possible a robber who was already got away but decided to turn himself in? So many people were looking forward to the outcome.

But they already knew the final result, it was better to waste the last hour.

After all, this drill had lasted for so long.

It was time to end it.

Hearing this, the commander’s heart sank.

He nodded slowly.

Although he didn’t want to see such an outcome, he had to admit that the police had no chance to turn the situation around in this drill.

Then, the commander took out his walkie-talkie and ordered the two teams that were still searching outside, “All teams, retreat.

This drill is over.

We have failed.

” This drill lasted for a very long time.

The brothers were all very tired.

It was time for them to return and rest.

“Roger!” “Roger!” On the other end of the walkie-talkie, there was a moment of silence before a reply came.

Obviously, the police officers could not accept that they failed, but there was nothing they could do.

“Announce the results, commissioner.

” The commander put down his walkie-talkie and said to the chief.

After the drill ended, they would know where Jon was.

Then, they would be able to verify their deduction skill and find out where they were wrong.


” The commissioner nodded and took out a loudspeaker from the temporary command room.

He announced to the square, “Now, I announce that this drill has ended early.

The final winner is Jon!” A resounding voice spread across the square.

The cameraman beside Gal Gadot also quickly filmed this scene.

More than 80 million people across the United States had witnessed it.

Upon hearing this announcement, all the police officers did not say a word.

Right now, through the live broadcast, the entire United States was watching, and they had lost.

They had lost the face of the police department, and at the same time, they had also lost the face of every officers.

Since the end of the drill had been announced and Jon had won, the commissioner naturally had to inform the winner of the drill, Jon.

The director took out his cell phone.

He dialed Jon’s cell phone and turned on the loudspeaker.

Gal Gadot saw this and quickly put in a microphone.

The call was quickly connected.