Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 91

Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 91

Chapter 91: Where Did Jon Go? ! Then the police officer quickly went to confirm the identity of the last person.

This time, everyone was looking forward to it.

After all, if this person was still not Jon, then the drill that everyone thought was going to end would have to be extended.

The police took off the mask of the last person.

It was still not Jon.

At this moment, everyone could not believe their eyes.

Jon was not here? Jon was not in the bus! Then, where did he go? “The robbers are very cunning, and they know how to disguise themselves.

It’s also possible that they disguised themselves as another person we don’t know.

We have to check carefully.

” At this moment, a police officer spoke.

When he said this, not only the other police officers, but the SWAT team officer also nodded.




After all, before participating in this drill.

They all knew Jon.

They knew that he was proficient in disguise.

If he disguised himself as a stranger, it would be hard to find him.

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COM So, the police officer took the photo again and checked the hostages for a second time.

This time, he checked them very carefully.

However, he didn’t find any traces of disguise on the ten hostages.

In other words, all ten of them were real hostages.

None of them were robbers.

Jon and Venus Alice weren’t here! No one could figure out where they went if they weren’t here? The number of hostages and the number of robbers were confirmed from the beginning.

Why were there two more hostages and two less robbers all of a sudden? At this moment, everyone at the scene was dumbfounded.

And in the livestream, the comment section was exploded.

“Can anyone tell me what happened? Why isn’t Jon around but there are two more hostages?” “How come there are more hostages and why there are robbers missing?” “Didn’t they say that there were only nine hostages in total? After they manage to save one hostage why there are still ten of them? I really don’t get it.

” “I don’t get it either, but I think Jon is really awesome.

When no one was optimistic about him, he just disappeared in front of the entire nation’s audience?” “How did he disappear? is he someone with a high IQ? Damn it, I realized that with my IQ, I don’t deserve to watch this show.

” “Jon is really strong.

He’s too strong.

I’m completely in awe of him now.

” “Do you think that the two extra hostages were prepared by Jon before the drill?” “I think so.

Now that the two robbers have escaped, the drill must continue.

I can watch it again.

” “A minute ago, I was thinking that if the drill ended like this, it would be too boring.

I didn’t expect Jon to give me a surprise.

” “What a twisted turn.

Jon is the strongest robber in history, no doubt.

” The comments were surging crazily.

Just a few minutes ago, everyone thought that Jon had already been caught and this drill had also entered the end with his capture.

But who would have thought that things would turn around.

Jon wasn’t here! At this moment, all the audiences were discussing.

With 70 million viewers, even if each person only sent one comment, the server wouldn’t be able to handle it.

Fortunately, the live broadcast platform had already predicted that this drill would be very popular, so they had already made preparations.

They had already set up a server before the drill.

Now, it came in handy.

The comments now completely filled up the livestream screen.

If they didn’t turn it off, then they wouldn’t be able to see the live broadcast.

Gal Gadot stood beside the cameraman and watched the police officers confirm their identities one by one, but in the end, they did not find Jon.

She was also stunned.

But after the shock, a bright smile appeared on her face.

She knew that Jon would definitely be able to escape.

“Sir, the identities of everyone at the scene have been confirmed.

The three robbers captured are Will Smith, Brown Williams, and Leon Evans.

” “But at the scene, Jon and Venus Alice were not found.

As for the two extra people, they are hostages.

” At this moment, the SWAT team members could only pick up the walkie-talkie and report the situation.

In the temporary command room, there was only silence.

It was so quiet that no one spoke.

In fact, before the SWAT team reported, they had seen everything that happened from the beginning to the end through the camera on the SWAT team’s helmet.

Seeing this scene, the smile on the face of the commander disappeared and was replaced by an extremely gloomy expression.

This time, they did not capture Jon! This result made him very angry.

While he was angry, he also felt puzzled.

Where did Jon go? He did not make any flaws.

Every step could be said to be under his control.

In the bank, when the surveillance cameras were not cut off, he had confirmed it many times.

But now, how could two more hostages appear out of thin air? The commander frowned.

In his mind, he recalled the scenes from the start of the drill until now.

There were some details that he had overlooked.

When the police arrived.

Jon pulled the curtains down so that the police officers could not see what was happening inside from the outside.

However, what was unusual was that Jon did not block the camera.

At the beginning, it could be explained that the robbers had forgotten.

But later, a robber deliberately reminded Jon.

Jon still did not block the camera.

This meant that Jon had deliberately let them see the scene in the bank.

“The problem is very likely to appear here.

” The commander muttered, his brows furrowed.

He was a little frustrated now.

Because he had overlooked an important factor in this drill, which caused Jon to escape.

Jon’s was too smart.

His plan could be said to be extremely thorough and interlinked.

As long as he ignored any small problem, this flaw would be enough for Jon to escape.

“Sir, what did you find?” The SWAT team leader could not help but ask when he heard the commander mutter to himself.

Up until now, he still did not realize that there was a problem.

“Previously in the bank, Jon did not block the camera.

Why didn’t he block the camera?” “He could have blocked the camera so that we couldn’t see what was going on in the bank.

This was more beneficial to them.

” “And he wanted us to use the camera to monitor his every move.

” The commander said slowly.

“Is this what Jon wanted?”, the SWAT team leader asked.

They had discussed this before.

Jon didn’t block the camera because he had forgotten, but he deliberately let the police know about what happened in the bank lobby.

“Yes, that’s what he wanted us to see.

He’s too smart.

He must have hidden two hostages from the beginning, in our blind spot.

” “He didn’t cover the camera because he wanted us to determine the number of hostages from the surveillance footage.