Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 90

Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 90

Chapter 90: There Was No Jon! All of Them Were Hostages! “Police officers following the bus of the robbers, please pay attention.

The operation has been successful.

Immediately go and assist the SWAT in identifying the robbers.

” Then, the person-in-charge picked up the walkie-talkie and issued an order.

Now, the SWAT members had controlled the robbers.

However, the SWAT did not have a picture of the robbers, nor had they seen the robbers.

It was difficult to identify the robbers among so many hostages.

It was difficult.

Therefore, the person-in-charge asked the police officers with photos of the robbers to come to the rescue.

The faster they could find Jon among the hostages, the better.

By controlling him, they could also prevent him from using any other tricks.

Three minutes later, more than a dozen police cars whizzed by.

The lights on the police cars flashed and sirens sounded.

Dozens of police officers got out of the cars.

They quickly went in front of the hostages.




Gal Gadot, who had been following the polica car live, also got out of the car to broadcast the police arrest.

Jon had been arrested.

This was the news that Gal Gadot had just learned.

She could not believe that the man known as the high IQ robber had been arrested just like that? Continue -reading -on MYB0 X N0V E L.

COM At the same time, she was also a little disappointed because she naturally hoped that the winner of this exercise would be Jon.

But even though she was feeling down, she could only bury it in the bottom of her heart while facing so many viewers in the live broadcast room.

“Good evening, dear viewers.

It’s now 9:30 pm.

Seven and a half hours have passed since the beginning of the exercise.

” “And after the robbers tried to escape from the bank by the bus, they were finally captured by the police.

” “This is the scene of the police’s arrest.

” “Although Jon was arrested by the police, he did not disappoint the audience.

He completed the exercise with a serious and well-knit attitude.

He showed the side of a high IQ robber and created a lot of difficulties for the police during the exercise.

” Gal Gadot entered the screen again with the microphone.

The exercise lasted seven and a half hours.

During the police chase, the popularity of the live broadcast had reached a new peak.

After all, only Galgado, who was an official live broadcast, was qualified to follow and report on this chase.

Now, in her live broadcast room, it naturally gathered all the audience who were interested in the exercise.

Moreover, it was now past nine o’clock, which was the peak of the evening traffic.

Everyone had a busy day, so now they had time to watch the live broadcast.

As a result, the number of people watching the live broadcast in Gal Gadot’s live broadcast room had already reached 70 million at that time.

This figure was something that no other media could reach.

If it was 30 million people, they might be able to reach it.

If it was 40 million people, they might be able to reach it if they worked harder.

But 70 million people, this number was enough to make any media in the United States despair.

However, even if other media were envious, there was nothing they could do.

After all, Gal Gadot was the official live broadcast that the director had set up.

“Jon has been caught.

Is this true? Why does it feel like it’s a little hard to believe?” “What’s so hard to believe? Isn’t it within expectations that Jon has been captured?” “Yeah, with so many police officers and even more than a dozen SWAT members, it would be strange if they couldn’t arrest Jon.

” “To be able to hold on for so long during the drill was amazing.

It’s already been more than seven hours.

It’s not a short period of time.

” “Yeah, not only that, he even eliminated more than a dozen well-equipped SWAT members.

That’s already very impressive.

” “I just didn’t expect that Jon would be arrested just like that.

I thought that he would be able to obtain the final victory.

” “Although he was caught, Jon can still be considered the strongest robber in history.

” “However, this reporter lady has appeared on camera again.

The sensible me has already started charging again.

” “Hey, you up there, didn’t you just charge in the afternoon?” “But my brother is thinking about it again.

Sigh, actually, I don’t mind when the time comes, but no matter how bitter it is, it can’t let my brother suffer.

” “Shameless!” “Hey, your comments are as if you have never seen a woman in your entire life.

If you want to cause trouble, go out the door and turn left.

This is the live broadcast room of the drill.

” “The drill is about to end.

Wash up and go to sleep.

” In the live broadcast room, the bullet screens were surging wildly.

When they heard that Jon was arrested by the police, most people thought it was within expectations because these people didn’t think that Jon would be able to escape.

And hearing that he was arrested, obviously, this was a very normal thing because justice would eventually prevail over evil in this world.

And some people thought that it was already very good for Jon to be able to do this.

After all, he had created a lot of difficulties for the police in the bank.

Moreover, he had eliminated more than a dozen SWAT members.

That was already very impressive.

A very small number of people felt that it was a pity.

They thought that Jon would be able to escape from the police like last time.

While the audience was discussing in the live broadcast room, the police were holding photos of the robbers and confirming their identities.

Around them were SWAT members with guns.

Even at this moment, the SWAT members did not dare to relax.

They were focused on preventing the robbers from making a final counterattack.

After all, Jon was a fierce bandit.

Such a person would not be willing to be arrested.

Even in such a situation where it was almost impossible to escape, he might not let go of his last hope.

The police checked them one by one.

The first one was not.

The second one was not.

The third one… The fourth one… … The eighth one was not.

At this point, there were only two people left in the group of hostages.

The hostages and the robbers made a total of 13 people.

Among them, three robbers were already under the control of the SWAT.

The remaining two robbers were hiding among the eight hostages.

And now all the hostages had been found.

The remaining two could only be robbers.

At this moment, the atmosphere became solemn.

The police officer in charge of the investigation also held his breath.

The SWAT member with the gun also held the gun in his hand tightly.

Similarly, the audience in the live broadcast room also held their breath when they saw this scene.

There were even quite a number of people who had stop sending bullet messages.

They were waiting for what was going to happen next.

This was what everyone was waiting for.

The police officer took off the mask of one of the two remaining people.

It wasn’t the robber! At this moment, everyone was stunned.

What was going on? Why were they still hostages? Weren’t there only eight hostages left? There were nine hostages in the bank, but when the police launched a surprise attack, the SWAT captain had already saved one of the hostages.

There were only eight hostages left.

But now, what was going on? The police checked the photo carefully, but it was clear that the hostage was not one of the five robbers.