Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 83

Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 83

Chapter 83: Jon Wants to Take Venus Away! Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio “Don’t shoot.

All police officers, stay alert.

Don’t act rashly and wait for orders!” The commander picked up the walkie-talkie and ordered all police officers not to act rashly.

After all, the previous raid had not succeeded and had already angered the robbers.

If they shot and killed another robber this time, Jon would definitely take action against the hostages.

They had already lost 12 SWAT team members and a negotiator.

If the robbers killed the hostages again, the situation would be very bad.

Therefore, the commander could not give the order to shoot.

And Will Smith naturally knew that the police would not dare to do anything to him.

Therefore, his attitude was very arrogant.

He even deliberately walked a few more rounds at the entrance of the bank.

Then, he pointed his middle finger in the direction of the opposite building.




The four snipers looked at the scene and stared at the scope, wishing that they could blow his brain out.

But they couldn’t shoot without orders from higher up.

Will Smith picked up the dinner and returned to the hall.

The shutter door of the bank slowly closed again.

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COM The police lost the information in the bank again.

After bringing the dinner in, Jon first checked whether there were any bugs.

After confirming that there were no bugs, he distributed the dinner to the hostages.

Because the police only knew that there were 14 hostages, so there were also 14 portions of dinner.

However, Jon hid two security guards, so there were actually 16 people in the bank.

And just now after the bank manager was rescued by Jon.

There were still 15 people left.

One portion of dinner was missing.

Jon distributed the dinner while he took out the bread from his backpack.

He had prepared this bread beforehand.

“After this, we should leave.

But if five people leave together, we definitely won’t be able to leave, so I can only take one of you with me.

” Just as everyone was eating, Jon chewed on the bread and slowly spoke.

The moment he said that, the four of them were stunned.

They subconsciously looked at Jon.

But Jon had already turned around and was staring at the curtains of the bank.

It was as if he did not know that the four of them were looking at him.

The four of them did not say a word.

They were each eating their own dinner.

The atmosphere was a little tense.

“We’re robbers.

For the sake of profit, it’s normal for us to give up a few people.

After all, there are quite a number of robbers who kill each other because the loot is not evenly distributed.

” “As long as we can bring the gold out, this drill will be our victory.

” “Therefore, three of the four of you must be sacrificed.

” In this drill, Jon wanted to win.

If he won, he would receive a higher reward from the system.

The four of them raised their heads to look at Jon.

“You’re the leader of this drill, and we only need to listen to your arrangements.

Why do we have to make a decision now?” “You make the decision.

Whoever you tell to leave will leave.

” “Speaking of which, I really admire you for this drill.

If it weren’t for you, we would have been wiped out by the whole SWAT team during the raid.

” “Now, even if you want me to go out and die, I won’t have any objections.

” These were all sincere words.

At the beginning, he wasn’t convinced, but now, he was convinced.

Jon used his high IQ and strong strength to change Will Smith’s attitude towards him.

He had the ability to be the leader.

“You make the decision.

I have no objections.

”, Leon Evans said.

“I have no objections either.

”, Brown Williams said.

“Me too.

I have no objections.

”, Venus Alice said.

Jon nodded slightly when he heard their words.

He thought that these people would argue over who should be sacrificed.

He did not expect it to be so smooth.

“How about this, Venus will leave with me.

The rest will stay behind.

I need Venus’s help.

”, Jon thought for a moment and slowly said.

He had no selfish motives in choosing Venus because she could maximize his chances of winning.

She was a sharpshooter.

He needed the help of a sharpshooter to escape.


”, Venus Alice replied.

The others did not say anything about Jon’s choice.

After Venus Alice finished eating, Jon arranged another task for her, which was to go to the second floor of the bank.

He wanted to see how many police officers were guarding the back door of the bank.

After all, the moment the police arrived, they had surrounded the bank.

Naturally, there were police officers guarding the back door of the bank.

As for Jon, he needed to know the number of police officers at the back door.

More than ten minutes later, the bus that Jon requested had been prepared by the police and could seat twenty people.

After parking the bus at the entrance of the bank, the commander did not rush to inform Jon.

After all, there were still a few minutes left before the time set by the robbers.

During this time, he needed to make some preparations.

The commander first sent four people, divided into two teams, and hid around the bank.

After hiding, he made sure that he could use binoculars to spy on the bus without any blind spots no matter where the robbers got on the bus.

The commander had to make sure that he had a certain number of people on the bus.

This way, he could make sure that Jon would not let some of the robbers escort the hostages onto the bus while he hid in the bank to avoid being caught.

While preparing the bus, the commander had already arranged for police to be on the route that the robbers might escape.

This was to ensure that they could stop the robbers’ car at any time.

Everything that the commander could be thought of had already been deployed.

This drill had already sacrificed twelve SWAT team members and a negotiator.

So no matter what, they couldn’t let the robbers escape successfully.

Moreover, under the situation where the whole country was paying attention, if they still let the robbers escape after sacrificing so many SWAT team members, then it would absolutely damage the reputation and image of the police department.

Although the police department was not afraid of losing face in this drill, the robbers were definitely had to be caught.

After the deployment was completed, the commander picked up the loudspeaker and slowly came to the bank door.

Originally, SWAT team leader had planned to replace the commander with this shout.

After all, Jon was a vicious robber.

If he were to shoot the commander to death at this time, that would cause a serious trouble.

If the commander were shot to death during a drill, it would definitely spread throughout the entire United States in a short period of time.

At that time, the police department would be truly embarrassed.

However, the commander refused the request of the SWAT team leader.

“Listen up, robbers inside.

I have already prepared the bus that you wanted.

I filled up the gas according to your request and parked it at the entrance of the bank.

” The loudspeaker spread the commander’s voice and the entire square reverberated.

At this moment, all the media outlets were filming this scene.

And the audience, was tensed up.

The robbers wanted the vehicle and began to prepare to escape.

This drill was about to enter the climax!