Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 84

Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 84

Chapter 84: Deception, Confusion! “Very good.

Now, all police officers retreat ten meters, including you.

” Inside the bank, Jon was also shouting through the loudspeaker.

The commander heard Jon’s voice and said after a moment of silence, “We can do as you say, but in exchange, can you release a hostage?” The commander was thinking of ways to reduce the number of hostages Jon had.

As long as Jon had one less hostage, it would be less difficult for the police to rescue all the hostages.

“Are you negotiating with me, officer? You don’t have any right to negotiate with me now.

Release the hostage? I can shoot a hostage to death and then release him.

” Jon’s voice was cold.

The commander took a deep breath when he heard that.

Jon was right.

He did not have any bargaining chips to negotiate with him now.

“Okay, as long as you don’t hurt the hostage, I’ll do as you say.

” Then, he ordered his subordinates, “All police officers, retreat ten meters.

” .



When he gave the order, he also slowly retreated.

Six minutes later, the bank’s door slowly opened.

A group of people dressed in the same clothes walked out of the bank.

All of their waists were tied together by the same rope, as if they were tied together.

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COM Obviously, this was a countermeasure taken by the robbers for fear that the hostages would escape after coming out.

With this tying, it would be difficult for the hostages to escape.

The commander looked at the hostages with a serious expression.

These people formed a human wall.

The robbers only needed to hide behind the hostages to avoid the snipers on the opposite building.

In fact, the robbers didn’t have to avoid the snipers.

After all, there were five robbers.

Under such circumstances, the snipers would not shoot at will.

Because if they couldn’t kill all of the robbers at the same time, the remaining robbers would make things worse.

Looking at the people coming out of the bank, the commander began to count silently in his heart.

In the current situation, it was very important to determine the number of people getting on the bus.

After counting three times, the commander confirmed that the number of hostages was eight.

There was no mistake.

“Report the number of robbers.

” Because the robbers were all hiding at the behind of the hostages, and they were even bowing.

From the point of view of the commander, it was a little hard to see clearly.

He picked up the walkie-talkie and said to the police officer who was arranged at the side of the bank.

The position at the side could be seen very clearly.

“Sir, there are a total of five robbers coming out of the bank!” “Two of the robbers are holding G36-C assault rifles, two robbers are holding 92 handguns, and the remaining robber is not holding a gun.

” “There was no heavy sniper rifle, but one of the robbers was carrying a backpack with a similar sniper rifle box.

” A police officer reported the situation he had observed.

The commander nodded slowly.

The information that the police officer had observed completely matched the scene he had seen in the surveillance footage.

Two of the robbers were armed with 92 handguns, and two of the robbers were armed with G36-C assault rifles.

As for the high-precision sniper rifle, it was not convenient to leave with it in hands.

It made sense to put it into boxes and put into backpacks.

The eight hostages and five robbers all came out.

“The police officers at the back door of the bank are ready.

You guys hurry to the Freedom Road intersection to set up defenses and be ready to intercept the robbers’ vehicles at any time.

” “The robbers’ license plate number is 14332.

When you arrive at the Freedom Road, report immediately if you see the robbers’ vehicles.

You are not allowed to intercept them without my order.

” The robber and the hostage were slowly walking toward the bus.

The commander quickly picked up the walkie-talkie and gave the order to the police officers guarding the back door of the bank.

Now that the robber had chosen to escape through the front door, it was no longer useful to guard the back door.

“Roger!” The police officers guarding the back door heard the order of the commander and responded.

All the police officers quickly got on the bus and headed to Freedom Road intersection.

In the bank, Jon and Venus Alice, who were hiding in the back door passage, saw this scene.

They looked a little happy.

Just now, Jon was still preparing how to deal with these police officers, but he didn’t expect them to suddenly leave.

This saved a lot of trouble.

He and Venus Alice naturally didn’t go out with the hostages.

He used two security guards as the robbers for this part of the plan.

He had two security guards pretend to be robbers and follow the hostages out while they hid in the back entrance of the bank.

However, he tied a bomb to the two security guards and gave the remote control to Will Smith.

The two security guards were so scared that they did not dare to act recklessly.

Moreover, before they left the bank, Jon gave the two security guards a gun each.

After all, they were robbers.

It would be ridiculous if they did not have weapons.

With the guns in their hands, they could make the commander even more sure that they were the robbers.

However, Jon took out the bullets from the two guns.

After all, no one could guarantee that the two security guards would open fire directly under the tension.

Taking out the bullets was also to let them know that they were only holding a useless metal product in their hands, so they should not have any funny ideas of confronting the robbers.

The robbers had to run away, and the commander confirmed that there were no problems with the number of people walking out of the bank.

At this time, the attention of all the police officers was naturally on the robbers.

Originally, Jon had planned to wait until Will Smith drove away and the police chased after him, then he and Venus Alice would take care of the few police officers guarding the back door.

But he did not expect that before the robbers got into the car, the police officers at the back door had all been transferred away.

“Change your clothes.

” Seeing that the police officers at the back door of the bank had been transferred away, Jon hurriedly took out the clothes that the two of them had changed into.

Because they were still wearing the same clothes as the hostages, if they walked out in this outfit, they would probably be recognized after escaping not far away.

Therefore, it was very important to change into casual clothes.

After taking the clothes, Venus Alice directly took off her clothes in front of Jon, leaving only her close-fitting clothes.

Jon was a little stunned.

He did not expect her to not avoid him when she changed.

However, he had to admit that Venus’s figure was really good.

At that moment, Jon did not say anything and also changed his clothes there.

After changing, he threw the camouflage suit into the bank.

After all, the fact that he and Venus were no longer on the bus would be exposed sooner or later.

By then, the commander would be able to guess how they escaped.

There was no need to destroy their traces.

After changing his clothes, Jon took out the bank manager ID card that he had prepared earlier.

He opened the back door.

Then, the two followed the route that they had already planned and began to escape.

A hundred kilograms of gold.

After it melted, there were a total of twenty hollow tubes.

The total weight was about 103 kilograms.

Jon carried thirteen tubes, Venus carried seven tubes, and she also carried the high-precision sniper rifle.

Among the robbers that had gone out before, the person only carried an empty box.

The real sniper rifle was still with Venus.

Jon thought that they might put it into use and agreed to let her keep it.