Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 69

Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 69

Chapter 69: Jon’s Arrangements! Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio The hostages were squatting on the ground with their heads in their hands.

The scene was silent.

“Leon, your mission is to go to the bank’s surveillance room and use the cameras outside the bank to monitor the police’s every move “If they make any moves, let me know immediately.

” Jon took out a wireless walkie-talkie from his pocket and handed it to Leon Evans.

There were cameras in the bank, and there were also cameras at the front and back doors.

The police could check the situation inside the bank by connecting to the cameras inside the bank.

Jon could also monitor them by connecting to the cameras outside.

Leon Evans adjusted his glasses and said on the walkie-talkie.




Then he went directly to the surveillance room on the second floor of the bank.

Through the preparation of the past few days, the robbery team had already figured out the structure of the bank, so they naturally knew where the surveillance room of the bank was.

“Will, come with me.

” Jon picked up a backpack from the ground and called Will Smith.

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COM He walked to the back door of the bank.

Then, in the passage of the back door of the bank, Jon took out a few practice bombs from his backpack.

He came here to surprise the police at the back door.

The back door was the entrance for employees to go to work and rest.

It involved employees’ privacy, so there were no surveillance cameras here.

Jon’s every move here would not be monitored by the police outside.

And Will was an explosives expert, so he naturally knew the tricky spots to hide the bombs.

A few minutes later, Will Smith had already placed three practice bombs here.

They were pulled by a very thin fishing line, so they were very difficult to find.

If one accidentally touched the fishing line, the bombs would immediately detonate.

Of course, there were some bomb disposal experts in the police force.

There was a high probability that the three bombs that Will Smith had set up would be quietly defused by the police.

After all, this was a place that the surveillance cameras could not detect.

The police would naturally pay close attention to it.

This was also a possibility.

Therefore, Jon did not expect the three bombs to be able to stop the police’s attack.

And his final step was to set up an alarm.

This was a highly sensitive alarm that Jon had bought from the system store for 10 points.

If the police attacked from the back door, they would dismantle the bomb after they found it.

And if they dismantled the bomb, they would come to the side of the alarm.

At that time, the alarm would make a sound.

It would expose the police’s tracks.

And since Jon had hostages, the police could only attack quietly.

After exposing their tracks, they would definitely choose to retreat.

Otherwise, if they attacked forcefully and angered Jon, the hostages would be in danger.

After arranging all this, Jon brought Will Smith back to the bank hall.

At the same time in the temporary command room, the commander stared at the surveillance screen.

“They went to the back door? They should have arranged something to prevent us from attacking from the back door.

” The moment Jon called Will Smith to go to the back door, the technician called him over.

From the moment the two disappeared into the hall until they came back, the commander saw everything.

Even though the commander didn’t see where the two went with his own eyes, but with his many years of police experience, he quickly guessed it.

“Sir, we’ve already found the surveillance footage of the robbers entering the bank and the bank’s layout.

” Just as the commander was thinking, the police officer beside him said.

“Show me the surveillance footage now.

”, the commander nodded and said.

The technical police officer showed the footage of the robbers entering the bank.

From the four of them swaggering over, to Will Smith taking out his gun and threatening the security personnel, to Jon driving the car, pulling a few big bags and a box, these scenes were all seen by the commander.

The commander couldn’t help but frown when he saw it.

When others robbed a bank, they were all very careful and tried not to alarm too many people.

This group of robbers was completely opposite.

It was like they were afraid that others wouldn’t be able to see them coming and basically told everyone that they were going to rob the bank.

The commander felt that his mind was in a mess.

He didn’t understand what was going on in Jon’s mind.

However, after looking at the surveillance footage, he at least knew who the robbers were.

After all, he knew all of them.

Then, the commander looked back at the current bank surveillance footage.

All the robbers and hostages were dressed the same.

The only difference was the robber had a gun in his hand, but the hostages did not.

He could only tell who the robber was and who was the hostages through this difference.

And now, there were only two people in the bank lobby with G36-C assault rifles in the footage.

They were talking to the two people who had returned from the back door.

In other words, there were now four robbers in the lobby.

Then, the commander took the layout of the bank and looked at it.

He guessed that the person who had left at the beginning had gone to the surveillance room on the second floor.

At this point, he had found the tracks of the five robbers.

“There are a total of five robbers.

Four of them are in the lobby, and one is in the surveillance room on the second floor.

It seems that these robbers were prepared before they took action.

” “But from the surveillance, they haven’t gotten the money yet.

”, the commander said.

At this moment, in the surveillance screen.

A robber pointed at the camera and said something to another robber.

The commander could imagine it.

This robber should be asking his partner for advice on whether to cover the camera.

In the footage, another robber shook his head.

He indicated that it was not necessary.

But because these robbers were wearing masks and the surveillance footage was not clear, the commander did not recognize who was who.

However, he had a strong premonition.

The person looking at the camera was Jon! If the camera had not been covered before, it could be explained as Jon’s negligence.

But now, with his partner’s reminder, Jon still did not cover the camera.

This meant that he must have done it on purpose.

He must have had some sort of plan.

But as for what Jon was thinking… The commander could not figure it out, and his expression gradually turned serious.

At the same time, the audience in the live stream saw this scene as well.

The comments surged again.

“See, I told you that Jon would not forget to cover the camera.

The reason why he did not cover the camera was obviously for a purpose.

” “But what was the purpose? If he did not cover the camera, the robbers’ every move would be monitored by the police.

” “Dude, if you can guess Jon’s plan, then you can become the police’s commander.

Can’t you see that the current police commander e is a little overwhelmed?” “That’s true.

The police and robbers have just started their confrontation, and the police’s commander already looks like he’s having a hard time.

Haha, we’ll see what happens next.