Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 70

Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 70

Chapter 70: Access to the Safe! Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio While the commander was struggling.

Jon was ready to make his move again.

First, he arranged for Venus Alice to stay in the lobby and watch the hostages.

Then, he took one of the hostages with him.

He had Will Smith and Brown Williams pick up the big box they had brought in earlier.

They head to the area behind the bank counter.

Behind the bank counter was a very important part of the bank.

That was where the bank’s safe was.

The commissioner had arranged for 100 kilograms of gold bars there.




It would be very difficult to get into the safe area.

With Jon’s lockpicking skills, there was no way he could get to the doors outside the safe.

Therefore, before Jon took action, he brought the highest-ranking manager among the hostages.

The manager was a high-ranking staff of the bank.

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COM He obviously could open the bank’s safe.

“Now, take us to the gold.

” Jon brought the few of them to the first door, pointed the gun in his hand at the manager, and said coldly.

Combined with his low-level Robber Aura, the manager trembled in fear.

Even though he knew that this was a drill and Jon wasn’t a real robber, he couldn’t help but feel fear in his heart.

At this moment, he was really afraid that these people would enter the safe and really rob the gold.

Then, Jon would use his high IQ to slip away under the eyes of the police.

After escaping from the pursuit, he would leave the United States and live a carefree life.

The more the manager thought about it, the more he felt that his imagination was possible.

After all, that was 100 kilograms of gold.

In US dollars, that was 10 million US dollars.

It was enough for a few people to spend their entire lives.

No one couldn’t be bought by the money.

Even the manager himself would occasionally have the idea of robbing a bank.

His ability was not enough.

Robbing a bank? He would go to jail.

But the people in front of him were intelligent people.

They could really steal the gold.

When that time came, they would just leave.

Then he would be implicated.

If Jon knew what he was thinking, he would definitely scoff.

Not to mention, after completing the last drill, the system had rewarded him with five million dollars.

This time, if he waited until the end of the drill and performed a little better, he would definitely get a high score.

At that time, the system might even give Jon at least a few million dollars.

Why would he snatch these gold bars recklessly? “Hurry up, sir.

Otherwise, this heavy gun might very well hit on your head.

”, Will Smith saw that the manager was still not moving, so he tightened his grip on the gun in his hand and spoke to him.

“Although this is a drill, the robbers will definitely use all available means to snatch the gold inside.

After all, the money inside is not yours, but if you get beaten up because of this, then it’s totally not worth it.

” Brown Williams also spoke.

This sentence made the manager could not help but shiver.

In order to steal the gold, although the robbers could not really kill him, it was very likely that they would beat him up and force him to submit.

But when he really got beaten up, his face would be bruised and swollen.

Who would compensate him then? Moreover, the money inside was not his after all.

There was no need to argue with these robbers for other people’s money.

Besides, although this was a drill, it was also treated as a real battle.

If it was a real battle, the robber pointed a gun at him and asked him to open the safe, would he still hesitate? Just a little hesitation, the irritable robber might use a real gun and blow his head off.

When the manager came to his senses, he shakily took out the key from his own body.

Jon was not only surprised to see this scene.

When he was changing his clothes, Jon had already asked his teammates to take the hostage’s belongings.

It was cell phones, wallets, keys and the like.

But the key to the safe was not found.

It was obvious that the manager had used some kind of method to hide the key.

He was quite good at hiding.

At this moment, the manager opened the first door.

Jon immediately took out his walkie-talkie and ordered Leon Evans, who was in the surveillance room on the second floor, “Leon, cut off the signal to all the cameras heading to the vault immediately.

” Leon Evans’s voice came through the walkie-talkie.

Leon Evans was a computer expert.

When he was in college, he hacked into Google with the permission of the American company Google.

This ability was not something an ordinary person could do.

In the entire police force, in the field of computers, If Leon claimed he was the second place, no one dared to say that they were the best.

Once he cut off the surveillance signal from the surveillance room, the police outside would naturally not be able to connect to the surveillance footage.

Then, Jon led everyone into the first door.

After walking about 15 meters, there was another door in front of him.

This door could only be opened by fingerprint identification.

Without waiting for Jon to speak, the manager walked forward and pressed his right thumb on the fingerprint identification area.

After thinking it through, the manager decided to cooperate with the robbers.

Therefore, facing this door, he didn’t hesitate and immediately went forward to open it.

He had to open it sooner or later.

If he turned side, maybe the robbers would treat him better, so that he wouldn’t be beaten up if they were unhappy.

“Fingerprint identification successful.

Please come in.

” Inside the fingerprint identification area, a cold notification sounded.

They walked another ten meters.

This one was a retina lock.

Seeing this, Jon frowned slightly.

Obviously, he did not expect this bank to have such high security and a retina lock.

He knew that in all the banks in the United States, there were many vault doors that did not have such locks.

Not to mention the door to the safe.

But when he thought about it, this was the head office of a bank.

It was a head office.

The security of the head office was definitely much better than the ordinary branch.

The manager went forward and aimed his left eye at the retina identification camera.

Soon, another cold voice sounded.

“Retina identification successful.

Please come in.

” Following this voice, the door slowly opened to both sides, and an empty space slowly appeared before everyone’s eyes.

“In front is the safe.

The gold is placed in the center.

” The manager looked at Jon and said carefully.

Jon escorted the manager and two of his teammates into the room.

They saw a pile of shinning gold bars in the empty space in the middle of the safe.

Under the light, the gold bars emitted a faint golden light.