Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 29

Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 29

Chapter 29: The Hair-raising Hunt! Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio Although there were no residential areas, there were still a group of natural owners.

This bunch of homeless people made their homes everywhere.

Today, a few homeless men drank the wine found in the trash and came here all the way in a daze.

It was very late, so they had to find a place to hide from the cold.

Every year, there would be homeless people who got drunk and died outside due to the cold.

And none of them wanted to be like this on the next day’s social news.

Coincidentally, they found an abandoned factory nearby.

Normally, they wouldn’t consider such an abandoned factory but tonight’s situation was special, so they had to stay here.




The wind was chilly in the middle of the night.

They were also shivering as they walked into the abandoned factory.

Three of them were looking for a room in the factory that they could stay in for the night.

Suddenly, a vagrant saw a black backpack.

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COM “Hey, John, there’s a backpack here!” The vagrant quickly called out to his companions and told them about this discovery.

“Oh? Let me take a look.

” The tramp named John, who seemed to be the core of this group, went forward to pick up the black backpack on the ground.

However, he did not realize that his footsteps had triggered a small mechanism.

“John, did you hear the sound of a bell ringing?” “I’m afraid that you’re hallucinating from drinking too much.

Quickly open the backpack and see what’s in it.

” After hearing this, John ignored it and opened the zipper of the black backpack.

John felt more and more out of the place.

It didn’t seem like abandonment.

“Sh… Holy sh*t! Dollars!” “Come and see! So much money!” John hastened to call in the other two companions! “Are you drunk again? Where’s the dol… F*ck! There’s so much money! !” “Are you two high on drugs? Where did an abandoned factory get… F*ck! So much money!” The three of them were immediately shocked by the things in the backpack.

They swore that they had never seen so much money except in movies! A homeless man said excitedly to John who was holding the bag.

At this time, John looked at the money in the bag and ignored the two of them.

His blank eyes were full of greed.

The man named John took out a gun from the bag and pointed it at the other two people as he said crazily.

“This money is mine! You two idiots!” “With this money, who will still be your brothers? I’m going to enjoy my life!” The other two homeless men were stunned and then showed angry expressions.

But then their eyes gradually became calm, and even a little scared.

Finally, it turned into fear.

John thought the two men were scared and he laughed even crazily because of the alcohol.

He was wondering if he should kill the two men on the opposite side.

In any case, if the vagrants died, so be it.

These two vagrants were not the only ones who died every year.

As John was thinking this, the two persons in front of him seemed to have seen something scarier than a gun, so they ran away.

John was looking at the two of them in puzzlement.

“What are you holding in your hand?” A low and cold voice suddenly came from behind John.

He was so scared by the voice that he shivered.

The voice was like the whisper of a demon, making his goosebumps rised.

He turned his head to see what it was.

A cold gaze filled his eyes and were staring fiercely into his eyes.

The thick killing intent made John’s legs tremble uncontrollably.

He couldn’t even lift the gun in his hand.

He was completely overwhelmed by this man’s imposing manner.

He even felt that bullets couldn’t kill this man.

This was Jon, who was playing the robber.

Awakened by the trap, John woke up at once.

Jon turned over and hid.

He thought that he was a policeman, but he didn’t expect that it would be three vagrants who had lost their way.

The three of them picked up the backpack that he had casually thrown on the ground, and it looked like a good show.

Looking at his watch, he had rested for two hours.

That was enough.

He decided to shift his position.

He was on guard and would not stay in a safe house forever.

Looking at the trembling homeless man in front of him, a knife directly knocked him unconscious on the ground.

Such a small character did not need to waste time with him.

And before he fainted, Jon actually pulled the trigger subconsciously.

A gunshot rang out in the quiet night.

Countless police and media arrived at the outskirts of Brooklyn.

There were many large factories and abandoned old factories here.

It would definitely be the most suitable place for escape.

At this moment, the sheriff pressed on the walkie-talkie and asked the police station, “Everyone has arrived at the scene.

Where should we start the search?” Following the sheriff’s question, the three people in the police station immediately gave their own judgment.

Detective James looked at the scene captured by the cameras.

“These abandoned residences might be the hiding places of the robber.

The most important thing for us now is not to search.

” “But to form an encirclement first.

” “As long as we form an encirclement and keep narrowing the area, the robber will be found by us sooner or later.

” James used his rich experience to give the sheriff a rough plan.

Psychologist Ryan also analyzed.

“The robbers who are cornered may even use the trick of impersonating a special forces officer.

Remember not to wear a headgear.

” They had understood Jon’s previous trick, so they, too, were on guard in advance.

“I have already monitored all the cameras in the surroundings.

I know if there are flies flying over.

” Ian said confidently to the sheriff.

The three men’s suggestions allowed the sheriff to quickly organize a plan for a round-up.

He picked up the walkie-talkie and switched to the public channel.

“Team One is in charge of the south side!” “Team Two is in charge of the east side!” “Team Three is in charge of the north side!” “Team Four is in charge of the west side!” “All teams must make sure that the people in the team are our own people at all times!” “Target! All abandoned and uninhabited buildings! Search them one by one with police dogs! If we don’t find him tonight, we’ll all be in trouble tomorrow!” The sheriff roared into the walkie-talkie.

In fact, they didn’t need the sheriff to say it.

They knew that the New York Police Force had become the laughingstock of the police forces in other cities today.

“If this mass arrest fails again, you can imagine how the media will report on them.

” The sheriff nodded in satisfaction as he looked at the four teams that he had arranged and attacked quickly.

They no longer had their usual lazy appearance.

It had to be said that although Jon’s actions had ruthlessly slapped the New York Police Force in the face, it had made these usually motionless lazy people become serious, too.

“This time, I want to thank you in person, Jon.

” The sheriff couldn’t help but laugh wildly in his heart.