Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 28

Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 28

Chapter 28: New York’s Top Arrest Team Joined In! Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio At this moment, three new police officers appeared in the meeting room.

These three people had composed expressions and one could tell that they were experienced police officers.

Other than the sheriff, all the other police officers made way when they saw them.

It was enough to show the status of these three people in the police station.

After the three of them sat down, the meeting continued.

And the sheriff directly asked, “Do you all have anything to say?” The sheriff spent a lot of effort to invite them.

The three people who came formed the core team to catch the robber, Jon.

Criminal investigation veteran, James had many years of hunting experience.

He had solved many big cases and had rich experience in detection and anti-detection.




There is also Ryan, the professional psychologist.

He was the one who prepared the psychometric test for everyone enrolled in the Police Academy.

Next was Ian, the computer genius who can monitor 20 monitors at once.

These guys are the best in the NYPD.

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COM They wouldn’t have taken part in a bank drill until this heist had caused such a stir.

The whole city of New York was paying attention, including some big shots.

He received a notice that the higher-ups were very dissatisfied and needed him to arrest the robber as soon as possible! The higher-ups gave the order and he had to call out these big shots in the police station.

When the sheriff asked this question, Ian, the computer expert had just sat down and looked up with the sound of a keyboard typing.

The screen in the conference room suddenly lit up.

In a very short period of time, he had already controlled the network in the conference room.

“We know very little about this robber.

I’ll put the information I found on the screen.

” “And I found some interesting things.

” “Everyone, please take a look.

This is the audio I intercepted from the phone call between the robber and the director.

I think it will be very helpful for our subsequent hunt.

” Ian casually sent the document to the big screen.

He looked at the sheriff and asked for his consent.

At the sheriff’s signal, he pressed the play button.

The audio played a complete conversation between Jon and the director.

This sarcastic conversation caused the sheriff’s blood pressure to rise again.

In about 30 seconds, everyone finished listening to the conversation.

As a veteran of criminal investigation, James naturally heard the clues.

Using his years of criminal investigation experience, he immediately analyzed the situation.

“First: the location of the robber, Jon, is obviously in a closed environment, but there are no noisy people around.

Based on my initial estimation, it’s not in the downtown area.

” “Second: outside of the call, we heard the sound of a truck’s horn, which means that it’s most likely near the factory in the suburbs.

” “Thirdly, the location is most likely pre-arranged by the robber, so there won’t be many people around.

It’s predicted to be an abandoned place.

” “Combined with the amount of cash that was robbed, we can temporarily cover the area of action of the robber with a few keywords.

” James stared into everyone’s eyes and said word by word.

“Brooklyn, suburbs, near the factory, abandoned.

” This set of analysis instantly made the sheriff’s thought much clearer.

Many police officers also nodded crazily.

As expected, a veteran criminal police officer who had solved many big cases, James had taught the young police officers a lot.

The sheriff also nodded as he agreed with the above statement.

Then, he looked down at the topographic map in front of him.

Combined with the clues given by James, he roughly eliminated a few areas that did not match.

Then, the next place was the hideout of the robber! The sheriff severely drew a circle around a place.

At this time, the psychologist, Ryan reminded him, too.

“The robber’s current state is the joy of escaping from the police with a huge amount of money.

I’m inclined to think that he won’t choose a place with many people, so the fewer people there are, the more he is at ease.

” “I suggest that the police focus on searching this part of the area first.

The surrounding area shall be sealed off.

” Ryan also reminded the sheriff to cross out the residential areas.

Once again, the search area was narrowed down.

“I’ve already focused all the cameras here on the screen.

Once there’s a problem, I’ll find it immediately.

” Ian nodded and replied.

His thought immediately followed Ryan and added.

This set of well-rounded cooperation made everyone marveled at their professionalism.

Sure enough, professional matters still had to be handed over to professional people.

The sheriff looked at the three people in the meeting and couldn’t help but comforted in his heart.

These three people had only relied on one phone call.

In a short period of time, they had actually analyzed the hiding places one by one.

Of course, this couldn’t be done without rich experience.

However, the most important thing was their flexible mind and strong technical support.

With this combination, the sheriff could not help but full of confidence.

This time, he had to capture Jon! The sheriff said to the surrounding police officers.

“Yes, we’ll attack at any time!” “Everyone! Let’s go!” The sheriff looked at the video surveillance and gave an order to the walkie-talkie! He would take the lead in the search this time.

He vowed to make up for the mistakes he had made! At this hour, it is about ten o’clock in the United States.

All the New York police officers drove to the area that the sheriff had told.

James, Ryan, and Ian would sit in the police station and report the latest situation at any time.

The sheriff, who was sitting in the police car, was not sleepy at all.

He wanted to catch the guy who humiliated him in front of all the people of New York! A lot of the media were squatting in front of the police station, waiting for the police to make a move.

As all the police were deployed, the media followed behind.

Although they did not know what had happened, with such a big lineup, there would definitely be big news! When the New York police were deployed, Jon was still sleeping in a safe house in an abandoned factory.

He also knew that he had fooled the NYPD today.

They would be looking for him crazily tonight.

He only had a few hours to rest.

After hanging up the director’s phone, he spent half an hour getting new clothes and blankets out of the rental house.

He even fooled the police on the monitor before he got back here to rest.

He looked at his watch.

There was still more than ten hours to 24 hours.

After laying the carpet, he went straight to sleep.

In the SEALs, they had been trained to fall asleep quickly in any environment within five minutes.

The environment was much better than on the battlefield.

Moreover, he had set up some small traps around him.

They would make noise to alert him if anything happened.

After doing all this, Jon quickly fell asleep.

At this time, he didn’t know.

Several hunters had figured out his position.

All the New York police were about to surround him! He didn’t have much time to rest.