Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 20

Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Preparation Before the Perfect Ending Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio The sheriff held the topographic map around the bank in his hand and analyzed the escape route of the robber if he got the car.

“The robber asked the police at the front door to retreat and even asked us to prepare the car.

He must be trying to escape through the front door!” “And there are only two main roads if he leaves from the front door.

” “Go and transfer the police guarding the back door over.

Guard the surroundings of these two main roads and monitor the robber’s escape route.

As for the back door, leave two police officers behind!” The police were now surrounding the bank and there were many policemen at the back door.

The conditions put forward by the robber was not expensive as all of them pointed to him wanting to escape through the front door.

Therefore, the sheriff transferred a part of the people at the back door to directly set up a perimeter around the possible escape route of the robber at the front door.

“Sheriff, is it possible that the robber wanted to escape through the back door, so he deliberately confused us and proposed the conditions to escape through the front door?” “If we were transferred here through the back door, weren’t we be falling into the robber’s trap?” The police officer next to him listened to the sheriff’s analysis and asked.




“This is the back door of the bank.

There’s no traffic road and it’s a hundred meters away from the nearest lane.

” “And there’s a very high wall here.

” “If the robber want to escape through the back door, he has to abandon all the hostages.

This is not a wise choice for the robber.

” Continue -reading -on MYB0 X N0V E L.

COM The sheriff pointed at the topographic map and analyzed it rationally.

If the robber really chose to abandon all the hostages and escaped through the back door, it would be a good thing for the police.

After all, he would not have any hostages, so it was easier to catch him.

After listening to the sheriff’s analysis, the police officer nodded and began to deploy manpower according to his instructions.

Just as the police were making all sorts of arrangements and considering Jon’s escape route.

Jon also stood up from the ground and moved his body slightly in the bank.

“Everyone, hold on a little longer.

This drill is almost coming to an end.

” After moving his body, Jon looked at the hostages in the bank and the dead policemen.

Now, Jon was about to begin his final move.

In this drill, whether he could end perfectly depended on this next risky move.

After finished speaking, Jon walked to the area where the hostages were and chased all the hostages apart from the negotiator.

Although the hostages didn’t know what Jon wanted to do, they still obediently walked in front of Jon.

Under Jon’s guidance, they walked towards the bank’s office area.

At the beginning of the act, Jon completely relied on his aura to suppress the hostages.

Now that the exercise had been going on for so long, everyone was already in character.

They began to cooperate with the exercise.

It was a good life experience to be able to go through such an exercise in one’s life.

After driving the hostages to the office area, Jon found six rooms and locked the hostages two in one rooms.

The extra lobby manager, Sunny, was locked in a separate room.

In the room where Sunny was locked, Jon first clenched Sunny’s hands into fists, then wrapped them with tape.

He made sure that his hands could not tear the tape off each other.

Finally, he sealed Sunny’s mouth with tape.

“Listen carefully, there are two remote-controlled bombs in my clothes.

As soon as I press the button, they will explode instantly!” “Now, I’ll give you this clothes!” “If you want to stay alive and see your wife, listen to me obediently.

” Jon looked at Sunny and said coldly.

Sunny heard him and nodded hurriedly.

He had to believe that this person dared to take a real gun, so why wouldn’t he dare to take a real bomb? As he spoke, Jon put on his military green windbreaker on Sunny.

Finally, he helped Sunny put on a mask.

Sunny’s figure was almost the same as Jon’s.

The difference in height was about three centimeters, and his figure was almost invisible under the cover of the military green windbreaker.

Almost no one would notice if he replaced Jon.

After doing all this, Jon took out a cell phone from the pocket of Sunny’s windbreaker.

Then, he put on Sunny’s windbreaker and returned to the lobby.

In the hall, Sunny came to the waiting area where only the negotiator was left.

“There are only ten minutes left before I start killing people.

” “I’ll kill you first then.

” “However, killing one person in ten minutes seems a little boring, so I plan to kill two people every ten minutes.

” “I’ve locked them in the office according to their time of death and let them wait for their deaths quietly.

” Jon bent down and whispered into the negotiator’s ear with a cold smile.

His tone was rather deranged, as if he was a perverted murderer.

As Jon spoke, the negotiator noticed that a cell phone slipped out of Jon’s pocket and fell not far away from the negotiator.

Jon did not seem to notice the cell phone slip.

The cell phone was the negotiator’s cell phone that Jon had confiscated.

It seemed to have been kicked in his pocket and forgotten to put it in the box.

The negotiator quickly covered the cell phone with his thigh.

After Jon spoke, he turned around and left.

When he left, a smile appeared on Jon’s face.

The fish had bitten the hook! After talking to the negotiator, Jon continued to sit on the floor of the bank lobby.

The negotiator’s eyes were fixed on Jon’s back.

The movable hand quietly moved the cell phone under his leg.

About three minutes later, Jon stood up.

“Sit properly.

Don’t play any tricks.

I’m going to the toilet.

” Jon turned around and looked at the negotiator and said coldly.

The negotiator nodded repeatedly.

Although he had tried his best to restrain himself, he still could not hide the guilty and nervous expression on his face.

A layer of cold sweat appeared on his forehead.

Jon did not seem to notice that there was something wrong with the negotiator.

He just turned around and walked towards the office.

The bank’s toilet was in the office.

Jon entered the office and quietly walked to the back door.

He threw Sunny’s ID card on the floor of the back door.

Then, Jon came to the room where Sunny was in.

“Now, you go to the lobby.

” “Don’t say anything and don’t play any tricks on me.

” “Sit down where I usually sit, and don’t turn around.

I’ll be watching you!” “If you don’t listen, I’ll just press the remote control, and you’ll be blown to pieces in an instant, understand?” Jon looked at Sunny and said coldly.