Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 19

Starting By Acting As A Bank Robber, I Shock The World - Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Tied Up the Negotiator! Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio  Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio “You, go and sit down!” After Jon closed the door, he first motioned Sunny to return to the alert area.

Sunny did not dare to say anything and hurriedly run back to his seat.

With Jon’s current brutal temperament, he did not dare to provoke Jon at all.

After Sunny sat down, Jon squatted down.

He searched the body of the negotiator who was lying on the ground.

After confirming that he was indeed unarmed, Jon removed the microphone and headset from the negotiator’s body.

“Very good, I only have two requests!” “First: get all the police officers in front of the bank to withdraw and get rid of the sniper upstairs!” “Second: get me a fully-fueled car!” Jon put on his headset and spoke about the subject indifferently.




“These two requests of yours are really difficult.

” “Do you have any other requests, such as letting you meet the person you want to meet the most or eating your favorite food?” “Do you have children? We can…” After hearing Jon’s words, the negotiator who was lying on the ground hurriedly spoke up.

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COM Indeed, actual combat was different from movies.

Any request that asked for police retreat, a car or money, the police would not agree to it.

Because once they agreed, the robber would drive away with the hostage and the capture would be more difficult.

But they would not directly refuse.

Because once they refused, it might anger the robber.

The robber would directly attack the hostage and make things worse.

Therefore, the negotiator only vaguely responded to Jon’s two requests.

Then he asked if there were any other requests that could be fulfilled.

“Shut up, I didn’t tell you!” “Director, did you hear my two requests?” However, the negotiator could not finish his words.

He was directly interrupted by Jon’s stern voice.

Jon spoke into the microphone again after interrupting the negotiator.

His two requests were not addressed to the negotiator, but to the other end of the microphone, only for the highest sheriff.

In the temporary command room.

At this moment, few of them were a little confused by Jon’s actions.

Since this kid did not want to negotiate, why did he let the negotiator into the bank? “As long as you promise not to hurt the hostages, we will do our best to fulfill your request!” The sheriff stood up in the temporary command room and spoke into the microphone.

“You have 30 minutes.

After 30 minutes, if I don’t see what I want, I will start killing the hostages!” “Kill one every 10 minutes!” “Don’t worry, I still have enough hostages here to kill for two hours.

So all the time added up, you guys still have quite a lot of time.

” Jon continued to speak into the microphone.

After hearing Jon’s words, everyone in the command center had serious expressions on their faces.

The robber had already announced that he was going to start attacking the hostages.

Then the situation would be even more serious.

“Oh right, thank you for sending another hostage in!” “Including him, the hostage in my hands can last for two hours!” In the command room, when everyone felt that the situation was grim, Jon’s voice sounded again.

This kid had no intention of negotiating with the negotiator? He let the negotiator in just to take another hostage? “D*mn it! This kid even kidnapped the negotiator!” The SWAT team leader frowned and said coldly.

“He took the lives of seven policemen.

It’s not impossible for him to kidnap the negotiator.

” “Now he has a total of twelve hostages in his hands.

This matter is even more troublesome.

” He had his first reaction was afraid this would happen, so he stopped the negotiator.

Now it seemed that he should have stick to his opinion.

Since it had happened, there was no remorse for it.

Jon found the handcuffs from the belongings of the earliest policemen who died and handcuffed the negotiator to the waiting area.

Then, he took away the microphone and headset that he brought in and placed them in the box where the items were previously placed.

After that, Jon sat on the floor of the bank lobby again, quietly watching the situation outside.

The negotiator, who was leaning against his seat with handcuffs, tried to talk to Jon a few more times.

He wanted to see if there was a chance to break Jon’s psychological defense with words.

However, Jon completely ignored him.

While quietly watching the situation outside, Jon also looked at the watch on the wall from time to time, observing the passage of time.

Jon was making a big move right now.

At this point in the exercise, the time of the confrontation had come to a close.

Jon was getting ready to walk away.

If he could get out of this bank drill, he should be able to get the highest score from the system.

And Jon let the negotiator in without killing him because this negotiator… was the most important piece in his plan to get out.

The negotiator was kidnapped and the robber made unreasonable demands.

At this point in the exercise, the rhythm was completely in the hands of the robber.

After all, there were 12 hostages in the hands of the robber.

So many lives were in the hands of the robber.

In order not to anger the robber and threaten the safety of the hostages, the police could only allow the robber to lead them by the nose.

“Sheriff, what should we do now?” In the temporary command room, a cadre of police officers looked at the chief commander and asked.

Should they satisfy the robber’s request? If they really got a car for the robber, the difficulty of capturing him would definitely increase after the robber drove away.

The robber had so many hostages.

If they didn’t give it to him, the robber would definitely kill the hostages.

The original purpose of the negotiation was to appease the robber and try to stall for time.

But now, the robber had directly requested that his request be met within 30 minutes.

Obviously, they couldn’t delay any longer.

“First, withdraw the sniper on the opposite rooftop.

” “Oh right, find a two-seater sedan so that when the robber want to take the hostages away, he can’t take so many people away.

” “Reducing the number of hostages will be more beneficial to us.

” The sheriff was silent for nearly a minute before he spoke in a deep voice.

Since they couldn’t delay any longer, they could only satisfy the robber’s request and save the hostages’ lives.

The police officer behind him heard this and responded, then quickly went to prepare the vehicle.

The SWAT team leader also hurriedly picked up the walkie-talkie and withdrew the sniper from the opposite rooftop.

This cunning robber, Jon, definitely had a way to verify whether there was a sniper.

At this time, he could not provoke him.

Otherwise, the SWAT team leader would definitely be the scapegoat!