Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death - Chapter 265

Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death - Chapter 265

Chapter 265: Unexpected Phone Call The Bureau of Investigation was investigating Aubrey’s villa.

When they checked the surveillance cameras, they found the Death Inquisitor leaving just before the end of the live broadcast.

In addition, they distributed a large number of props, chains, engines, and other articles and items from the basement, and they found a large amount of criminal evidence in it.

They were all evidence of Aubrey’s crime.

After everything was sorted out, the police chief flew into a rage.

He almost exploded on the spot.

Aubrey had committed a lot of crimes.

Why didn’t his subordinates know anything about it? Were they that worthless? Every time he took another look at the miserable situation in the basement, his heart would ache even more.

The dried dead skin, the ghastly white bones, and even the skeletons.


After counting for a moment, there were more than a hundred of them.

He closed his eyes in pain.

If it wasn’t for the Death Inquisitor’s live broadcast of this matter, the poor people, as law enforcers, wouldn’t know that such a demon was hiding in this peaceful era.

“Can someone tell me what’s going on?” Zachary was furious.

All the police officers who saw this scene lowered their heads in shame.

It was evident that it was because of their negligence of their duty.

Even if they were to lose their heads right then and there, they would not complain in the slightest.




Very soon, the matter was exposed, shocking the people of Circassia once again.

At this moment, their emotions were complicated and contradictory.

Why did their people’s police officers not realize at all that so many innocent lives had been taken? It was hard to imagine how much pain their families must be in.

Sigh! They could not help but sigh in disappointment.

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COM When the news broke out, Paul completely collapsed in his chair.

His face was deathly pale.

His career was completely over.

Jack looked at a few pieces of news.

Just as he was about to put down his phone, an unfamiliar phone call came in.

He frowned.

Although there was no record of this call, she knew who it was.

When he hacked into the database of the Zero Major Crimes Unit, he had already memorized the phone numbers of key figures.

And this number, he clearly remembered, was Monica’s.

It was so late, so why was she calling him? With mixed emotions, Jack picked up the call.

He deliberately showed a puzzled tone and said, “Hello, Hello.

” “I still owe you breakfast.

Do you still remember me?” “Oh, it’s Officer Mo.

What’s the matter?” Jack really did not know why she was looking for him.

“Breakfast is not yet served.

Can I buy you dinner?” Monica asked.

Jack could hear from her voice that she was not in a good mood.

“Of course.

” Jack did not refuse.

She felt that this time Monica had her reasons.

There must be something going on.

It probably just wasn’t dinner.

What exactly was the matter? This just stimulated Jack’s curiosity.

Hearing Jack agree, Monica’s answered, “Okay, we’ll meet at the police station.

See you there.

” Ten minutes later, Jack drove to the police station.

Monica was dressed in black, and she had on delicate light makeup.

Her eyes were no longer cold and indifferent.

She merely looked confused.

Jack gazed at the tight black clothes wrapped around her petite body.

Her top was slightly high, and the curve of her hips was just right.

There was not a single bit of fat, and she had a perfect glass figure.

Jack rolled down the car window slightly and sized up Monica.

This was the fourth time they had met, and every single time they saw each other, her style was different.

Opening the passenger seat, Monica got into the car.

A faint fragrance came from the car.

Jack sniffed and said, “It’s so hot, and yet you’re wearing so many layers.

Aren’t you hot?” Monica looked at him.

“You men are indeed animals that think with your lower body.

You’re right about pursuing sex.

” Why did she sound a little sarcastic? Jack raised his head and did not refute her.

Men were born with natural instincts.

What could he do? “Where are we going to eat?” “Are you hungry now?” Jack was slightly stunned.

He knew that she must have something to do, so he changed his question and asked, “Where are we going?” “Let’s go to the beach and have a look.

I want to be quiet for a while.

” Jack glanced at her, then he started the car and drove to the right.

Monica was quietly lying on the seat while listening to music in the car.

She tilted her head slightly and looked at the scenery outside the window.

Jack drove in peace and did not say anything along the way.

Half an hour later, the car stopped by the roadside.

There was a quiet beach not far away.

Listening to the sound of the splashing water was relaxing and calming.

Monica just probably wanted a bit of quiet time.

What was this place? Monica was fond of going to bathhouses.

People would often flock there on shot days, and it can get very noisy.

This place was different.

It was quiet and serene.

Jack shook his head.

He did not want to talk more about this topic.

The two of them walked side by side and strolled on the Golden Beach.

“Do you think the Death Inquisitor is a good person or a bad person?” Monica suddenly asked a question.

Jack was stunned.

He hesitated and said, “It’s hard to say.

To a good person, he is a good person.

To a bad person, he is a bad person.

” The sea breeze blew a strand of her hair, revealing her delicate face.

“You’re hesitating.

In fact, he is a good person, right?” Seeing that Jack did not speak, Monica asked again, “Do you think the police are good people or bad people? This question was a little sensitive.

Jack didn’t say it clearly.

“Good police are good people, bad police are naturally bad people.

” Monica had expected him to be like this.

She let out a heavy breath.

“I consider myself a good police officer.

Do you think it’s right or wrong for me to arrest the Death Inquisitor for alcohol?” Hearing this question, Jack was silent.

It was not that he did not want to say it, but he was unwilling to guide Monica.

Although she did not mean it, the listener meant it.

Although she felt that there was no problem now, when he came to his senses and thought about it properly, it was inevitable that there would be more trouble.

“It’s hard to say.

It’s my duty.

There’s no right or wrong.

” Monica let out a breath and said, “Actually, the Death Inquisitor touched me a lot today.

I watched the program broadcast by Columbia Television.

I saw their sincere expressions and the scene of them thanking the Death Inquisitor.

I suddenly felt very afraid.

I was afraid that if the Death Inquisitor was caught and such an incident happened again, the criminals would have exceeded the limits of the law.

Would there still be people who would travel thousands of miles to punish the criminals? If that moment really comes, who will seek justice for the dead? How will justice be maintained? What will happen to the justice in this world?” Speaking of pain, Monica squatted on the ground and curled up her body, only revealing her small head.

Jack sighed and looked at the sea in the distance.

It was pitch black there.

There was no light at all.

If there was light in the world, there would be darkness.

If there was justice, there would be evil.

The two were opposites, but they did not mix.

This was perhaps the rule of nature.

Who could stay out of it? The only thing they could do was to hold on to the light in their hearts.

In Jack’s heart, there was also a ruler that he could use to measure the evil in the world.

“We cannot resist this world, but we can hold on to our original heart and do what we think we should do.

We can do as we wish.

” Jack’s voice seemed to have a magical power that shook Monica’s soul.

She raised her exquisite face and stared at Jack.

“Follow our hearts, and follow the justice in our hearts.

” She murmured softly, and Jack knew that she already understood.

“Thank you, I feel much better now.

” The complicated look on Monica’s face disappeared, and the burden on her body seemed to have been lifted.

“Well, it’ll be fine after we get through this.

” “What do you want to eat? It’s my treat today.

” Maybe it was to thank Jack for bringing her to this good place.

Monica smiled as she spoke.

“Then I won’t stand on ceremony.

How about a barbecue?” Monica thought about it.

“Okay, barbecue with draft beer.

” During this period of time, she had been working under high pressure, and it had been a long time since she relaxed a bit.

It was a good opportunity to take advantage of this to release the pressure she felt.