Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death - Chapter 264

Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death - Chapter 264

Chapter 264: Superheroes Because of this live broadcast, there was a worldwide craze for death broadcasts.

America’s Columbia Corporation planned to add death broadcasts to Marvel and turn them into superheroes because in the eyes of countless Americans, he was a hero and an angel who judged evil.

However, there were also a few people who opposed it.

They thought that death broadcasts were too bloody and cruel.

Immediately, Columbia Corporation launched a program.

Its subsidiary, San Francisco Corporation, Chicago, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and other direct television stations broadcasted it simultaneously.

On a huge stage, there were tens of thousands of viewers.

“Dear viewers and friends, good morning.

We interrupt this program to broadcast a piece of news.

Just a few hours ago, our superhero, the Death Judge who executed Aubrey, believed that everyone was aware of the death case that happened.

Due to the limitations of the law, we cannot punish criminals through official means.

At this time, our hero, the Death Judge, made his move.

He cleverly avoided the arrest of the investigation bureau and successfully captured four criminals and put them on trial.

” The emotions of the audience exploded, and the host, Vija, took the opportunity to say, “The process is not that dangerous.

We don’t know for sure.

However, his amazing kung fu, the unrivaled technical means, and the meticulous logical thinking have deeply shocked us and made the Circassian police suffer a lot.

So, I feel that he is our superhero.

There’s no doubt about it.

” It was the time for everyone to discuss as much as they wanted, and they could also ask our experts.

“We invited experts from different fields for everyone.

The comics field, the singing field, the film and television field, and the takeaway field.

They are all top figures in various industries, so everyone could ask as much as they wanted.

” Instantly, everyone was in an uproar.

“Hello, Holtmeilu.

Regarding the Death Judge being conferred the title of a superhero, what do you think?” She was a comic artist.

Usually, she did not pay much attention to the broadcast of death.

It was because of this live broadcast that she knew about him.

Therefore, there was no biased situation.




She moistened her throat and replied, “First of all, I am standing on the absolute fairness of the position to answer this question.

In the past, I also thought that the Death Inquisitor’s methods were too bloody and brutal and that he was a devil from hell.

However, I accidentally saw the murder case in Braille Road.

The way the kid died was tragic, and it was simply inhuman.

At that time, I was thinking about whether I was standing on the wrong side of thngs.

I was judging the death broadcast with my own methods.

When I thought about this question, I now feel that in order to let the dead rest in peace, for the sake of the dignity of our country, the Death Inquisitor did not hesitate to bear the crime of murder.

I think that he is a real man and a real superhero.

” As she finished speaking, everyone stood up in excitement.

There were tears welling up in their eyes.

“The Death Inquisitor is awesome.

The Death Inquisitor is awesome! He is our hero.

” “The eternal god, the eternal idol, the eternal faith…only the Death Inquisitor.

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COM “I love you to death! I want to marry you! Awoooo…” “Superhero, superhero, our favorite…The Inquisitor.

” Listening to the crowd’s roar, Milo’s eyes were also slightly moist.

Without a doubt, the Death Judge was also her idol.

Soon, the others also voiced out their thoughts.

They received even more tearful applause.

Those who were ready to challenge the opposition had already disappeared.

At this time, the host, Vija, smiled slightly and waved at the crowd.

Immediately, everyone quieted down.

“This time, our program team has invited two mysterious guests.

They are the parents of the victim.

They called especially this time to thank the Death Judge.

” Soon, a staff member invited them to the stage.

The two families knew each other.

After all, the two victims were a young couple.

They were about to get married, but unfortunately, they were met with misfortune.

Every time they thought of this, the two families would cry bitterly.

Who else could truly understand what it was like to lose someone? There was nothing sadder than this in the world.

“Hello, everyone.

I am the mother of one of the victims.

Here I am…” The person who spoke was a woman in her forties.

Her face was full of wrinkles, and her scalp was covered with white hair.

She was supported by her lover.

She was already sobbing.

“I am very grateful to the Death Inquisitor for being able to seek justice for my daughter.

She was an obedient child.

She said that when she becomes rich, she will take me to see all the sights of New York City.

We will also go to San Francisco and Egypt to see the pyramids, but…” Hearing this old woman who was over 50 years old, the scene was silent.

Everyone’s throat was dry, and their hearts were suffocating.

It was as if someone had ruthlessly stabbed their hearts.

The old woman on the stage had tears in her eyes as she said, “In my entire life, the Death Judge is my benefactor.

I have no way to repay him in this life.

I can only silently bless him in my heart and bless him with a long and safe life.

” Everyone fell silent.

The number of people on Columbia television station had skyrocketed, and it had even spread to the entire world.

When the television station’s leaders saw this, they frantically connected to the global channel and spread this warmth to the entire world.

‘It’s so touching.

Why is God so cruel to make this 50-year-old woman suffer like this?’ “Thank you for the live broadcast of death.

Thank you for the Death Inquisitor.

Thank you for punishing the sins and allowing the souls of the dead to rest in peace.

” “I’m so touched that I’m going to cry.

God, I beg you to bless the Death Inquisitor’s life to be peaceful and live a long life.

” “My idol, I love you.

” All over the world, when they saw this scene, they quietly shed sad tears, which were also tears of happiness.

They were sad because they had seen a tragedy.

They were happy because they had personally seen the Death Inquisitor gain the recognition of everyone, and at the same time, they were happy that the souls of the dead had been redeemed.

Because of a live broadcast, the lives and hearts of countless people were touched.

The influence of the Death Judge swept across the world, truly letting everyone know about him.

At this moment, Jack, who was in Dongsheng apartment, watched the scene on the television.

His expression was calm, but his heart was moved.

However, Little Aisha was crying like a mess.

Jack looked at her helplessly, thinking that women were indeed made of water.

The clothes on his arms were wet from crying.

This little girl was crying like a pear blossom in the rain.

Her small eyes were swollen.

Jack reached out for a tissue and wiped it for her.

Aisha’s face was a little red.

Looking at Jack’s gentle movements, she unconsciously pursed her red lips and felt sweet in her heart.


If you cry again, you’ll become a big cat,” Jack joked.

“You’re the big cat.

I hate you so much.

” Listening to Jack’s joke, Aisha got up from his arm and rubbed her eyes.

She recovered from her sad mood and returned to her mischievous personality.

While the discussion on the internet was going crazy, he realized that the pursuit of Circassia was not over yet.

The whole city’s police force had been mobilized.

The higher-ups had given an order to find the Death Inquisitor.

Unfortunately, they were doomed to fail…because Jack had already left Circassia.