Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death - Chapter 227

Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death - Chapter 227

Chapter 227: Was All a Ploy Translator: Simple MTL  Editor: Simple MTL Someone as handsome and dashing as him didn’t need to go through that.

“All right.

I got it.

I won’t go over there.

If they’re willing to wait, just let them wait.

Maybe when the two of them are talking happily, there will be sparks of love.

If there’s anything else you need, give me a call.

” “All right, Brother Jie, you’re absolutely right.

Maybe you can really set up a marriage.

” After that, Jack hung up the phone.

It seemed that his charm was getting stronger.

He had already made a name for himself in the four neighborhoods.

Even the elderly were mobilized.

In a few more months, what else could they think of? Jack did not dare to imagine.

When the time came, he would discuss it with Rachel and try to keep a low profile.

To be on the safe side, he first made a call to the other two neighborhoods.

However, it was not safe for him to go there.

The entire afternoon was calm and peaceful.

Nothing special happened.

On a new day, as the star Jenny case came to an end, the popularity gradually cooled down.

Through this incident, the fans of the star also learned about their character.

Their idol had changed from a jade girl to a lustful girl, breaking the hearts of many fans.

This had a great impact on the fans.

For a time, the enthusiasm of the fans for chasing the star had decreased a lot.

However, the passion did not fade because they all turned to the Death Judge.

After a day, the popularity did not decrease and occupied the top trending spot on Twitter.




Whether it was Weibo, Twitter, or the top trending spots on Baidu, all of them were filled with topics about the Death Inquisitor.

It even surpassed the national affair issues.

As the matter developed, the name of the Death Inquisitor was pushed to another peak.

For a time, the glory was boundless.

Even elementary school students knew about the existence of the Death Inquisitor.

In the dark world, with a death god who walked on the edge of the law, he controlled justice and punished evil.

At 5:30, Jack arrived at the middle school and stood at the school gate, waiting for Aisha.

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COM The students who came in and out of the school were all talking about the Death Inquisitor.

This surprised Jack a little.

He didn’t expect the Death Judge to be that popular.

Seeing the great ambition of pushing the live broadcast of death to the world, he had already succeeded by a big step.

“Peter, you really recorded the live broadcast of death last night.

” “Of course, I can’t lie to you.

” “Can you send me a copy? My idol is the Death Inquisitor.

” “Sure, give me 1 USD.

” “F*ck, you’re making too much profit.

Don’t forget that we’re best friends.

” “How about this, you help me with my homework tonight, and I’ll send it to you.

Also, every time I record a live broadcast, I’ll share it with you.

What do you think? And after you watch it, I guarantee that your IQ will increase by a large margin.

To be honest, your math is too bad.

” Listening to the conversation between the two middle school students, Jack raised his eyelids.

‘Watching a live broadcast could increase one’s IQ.

Why didn’t I know that?’ Jack then sent a message to Aisha.

Aisha replied immediately.

In a short while, Jack saw Aisha’s figure from afar.

Although there were many other students around, Aisha stood out.

Her slim figure and exquisite face among the other regular-looking students was like a bright moon in the sky.

It was impossible for her not to attract attention.

Jack lowered the car window and waved at Aisha.

Aisha smiled and sat in the passenger seat.

“Thank you for picking me up.

To express my gratitude, I’ll treat you to a meal at my house.


” When Jack heard this, he was dumbfounded.

He felt like she was so full of tricks.

He pretended not to know.

“What’s good at home? Let’s eat outside.

It’s still convenient.

” Aisha pouted her lips and a faint fragrance came from her sexy red lips.

“You’re in luck this time.

My mom is cooking at home.

It’s a big meal.

Let’s go.

” Jack smiled.

Since school had just ended, he was surrounded by cars and students, so he drove slowly.

When he left the crowd, he began to speed up.

Chatty and curious, Aisha spoke again.

She was puzzled.

“Hey, what group is this? Why am I in it?” After a while, she spoke again.

“King’s game group? Who dragged me in? I don’t remember adding it.

” Aisha checked the chat history.

When she found out that the group owner was the king, she issued two missions.

The first mission was to tattoo the word “King” on her body.

The second mission was to watch a horror movie at three o’clock in the early morning.

“What’s all this nonsense? Who dragged me in? It’s boring,” Aisha complained and directly clicked to leave the group.

Jack looked at Aisha’s angry look.

Her little face was red and she looked very cute.

At this time, at the Black Elementary School on the other side of the square… It was the end of the school day.

The school was surrounded by primary school students.

Some of them were picked up by their parents, and some were standing in front of the bus stop, waiting for the bus.

On the bus stop at the school gate, a few primary school students were waiting patiently.

“Little Ford, didn’t your mother come to pick you up?” “My mother is working overtime today.

I’ve told my mother that I’m a little man now.

I’ve already grown up.

I want to go back home by myself from now on.

My parents are working overtime today too.

I want to be a little man.

Recently, I’ve discovered that my father already has a lot of white hair.

I’ll ride the car home by myself.

I won’t let my parents work hard for me anymore.

” “Yeah, me too.

I must work hard and repay my parents.

” “Hehe.

My mother said the same thing.

” Just as they were talking, a roaring Rolls-Royce suddenly rushed over from afar and charged straight at them.

Along the way, a few primary school students couldn’t dodge in time.

They were pushed into the air by the huge force and flipped three and a half times consecutively, and they fell heavily to the ground.

The surrounding adults shouted at the few primary school students at the bus stop.

However, the Rolls-Royce was too fast.

Like a flash of lightning, it directly knocked the few primary school students in front of the bus stop more than ten meters away.

They rolled more than ten times on the road.

Fresh blood splattered everywhere, dragging a long bloody trail on the straight road.

The huge impact even broke the bus stop, causing everyone to roar at the scene.

Panic, screams, and fear… They did not expect that there would be a car directly barging in at the school gate, which was surrounded by students.

It was such a huge mess.

It was directly loaded onto the curb next to it and fled into the distance.

There was also a long bloody trail on the clean road, which was shocking.

At this time, some students who had escaped shouted at the car, “Ford, Ford…” The Rolls-Royce sped away, leaving the scene in a mess.

The school, which was originally full of laughter, suddenly became a living hell.

The injured students were lying on the ground in a mess.

Some of them were groaning with blood all over their bodies, and some were lying on the ground motionlessly.

The rest of the students looked at this scene with pale faces and were all scared silly.

A little girl was crying.

She fell to the ground and cried as she looked in the direction where the Rolls-Royce had sped off.

She softly murmured, “Ford!”