Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death - Chapter 226

Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death - Chapter 226

Chapter 226: The Mighty Death Inquisitor   In fact, his desire for money was not very great.

What he needed was his own strength.

But who would complain about having too much money? After all, he needed to eat, drink, and spend the money he earned without thinking about running out of it because he earned it.

He was relieved.

Jack smiled contentedly.

Meanwhile, Ross’s face was gloomy.

Looking at the messy environment at the scene and the various police officers who were trying hard to hold back their anger, a fit of invisible anger rose in his heart.

He could no longer hold it in.

Willie, Loggins, and Anthony looked at the blood and flesh on the ground.

Their faces were pale, and they lowered their heads to suppress the impulse of their stomachs churning.

Hart recalled the entire plot in his heart.

This design was too awesome.

A small amount of adrenaline and the desire to survive could make Bipson obediently peel off all the blood and flesh in his body.

This ability to control another human’s mind had reached a terrifying level.

Judy was feeling even more unbearable.

She directly occupied the entire bathroom and vomited non-stop.

If there was someone on the scene who could still remain calm, it was Monica, who was sitting silently in her chair.

She stared at the closed live broadcast room with a myriad of thoughts in her mind.

Sure enough, the Death Inquisitor did not disappoint.

After a moment of silence, Ross suddenly raised his head and turned to Willie.

“Although the scene of the death has collapsed, the Death Inquisitor may still be at the scene or lurking somewhere nearby.

Immediately start a blanket search of the small forest.

We must find him.

” .



“Yes!” “Number two, number three, and number four are patrolling in the air.

Report immediately if you find any suspicious people.

” “Understood!” The drunkard stayed where he was and walked forward.

He touched the texture of the wall and muttered to himself, “I have to say, this prop is really awesome.

” Continue -reading -on MYB0 X N0V E L.

COM “Captain Luo, find an expert to look at this wall.

Maybe we’ll get something.

” Ross immediately understood what he meant.

If this thing was not in the tomb, then they could follow this line and find clues about the Death Inquisitor.

Thus, they could find the business channel and track down his tracks.

“Okay!” Ross replied.

Then, the search at the scene turned up nothing.

Not long after, Ross, Monica, and Judy arrived at the scene of the crime.

Seeing the traces of blood and flesh on the ground, Monica frowned.

Judy had almost vomited out her stomach before, but this time, seeing the scene, the stimulation became even more intense, and she ran to another place and vomited wildly.

Ross ordered someone to clean up the blood.

This time, he turned around and picked up a gray-haired old man from an off-road vehicle.

He was a professor in the Department of Archaeology at Harvard University.

He had studied archaeology for decades, and he had an extremely rich experience in texture and archaeology.

“Professor Harson, sorry to bother you so late.

” The gray-haired old man smiled and waved his hand.

“If there really is a wall that you can’t see, you don’t have to say anything.

If there isn’t, just do as you see fit.

How are you going to send me back?” Ross wanted to say something, but he was interrupted by Harson.

“Where is the stone? Take me there quickly.

” Seeing the old man’s eagerness, Ross simply agreed.

He knew that the old man had been immersed in this industry for decades and had a very deep love for it.

Other than that, he was not interested in anything else.

The group also arrived at the small forest, the location of the live broadcast.

At this time, the drunkard was lying in a small pit.

He touched the wall of an unknown material and was drowsy.

Harson excitedly walked forward.

With the assistance of his subordinate, he put on gloves and took out a magnifying glass to observe.

He revealed an excited expression, and he said, “Looking at the degree of decay of this material, it must have been buried here for at least a thousand years.

However, the human-shaped hole in the middle is a little strange.

I have never heard of such a burial form.

I still have to go back and study it before I can give you my opinion.

” Harson’s words were like a sledgehammer that struck at the bottom of everyone’s hearts.

‘F*ck, this Death Inquisitor was too powerful.

’ The Death Inquisitor had easily designed a killing tool that even the archaeology professor had not heard about.

Was the Death Inquisitor even human? Ross and the others were so shocked by this that they also widened their eyes.

Even the drunkard narrowed his eyes and revealed an interested look.

They did not feel good at all.

Early in the morning, sunlight shone in through the window.

The sun was blazing like fire.

Jack narrowed his eyes and listened to his body.

He felt that he had slept very soundly that day.

He opened his phone to take a look.

There were more than a dozen push messages, all about the live broadcast last night.

The serial star murder case was solved.

The Death Inquisitor made another move, shocking the world.

The police and the Death Inquisitor raced, fighting until the last moment, but they were still one step away, and they were teased at the scene.

A mysterious stone was found at the live broadcast location.

The archaeologists found that it had existed for thousands of years, and it might be an extraterrestrial object.

As for the human-shaped hole in the middle, some experts analyzed that it might be a form of burial, and the specific situation was unknown.

Jack’s lips curled up slightly.

What extraterrestrial object? This was just an ordinary stone.

Don’t ask.

If you asked, what in the world couldn’t be done by the system? Directly turning on the system and creating on the spot would be convenient and quick.

Wouldn’t that be beautiful? After looking at the news and glancing at the comments, Jack put down his phone and began to wash up.

Just as he was brushing his teeth, the doorbell rang.

When he opened the door, he saw that Aisha’s exquisite little face was filled with a happy smile.

She had put on light make-up that day.

The combination of a light innocence and charm revealed a different kind of beauty.

She was already so charming at such a young age.

In another two years, she would probably be a person who would bring disaster to the country and the people.

Jack wanted to say something, but he heard Aisha say something in a somewhat anxious tone.

“I don’t have time to explain.

This is your breakfast.

If you have time in the afternoon, Pick me up from school.

If you don’t have time, then forget it.

” Then, she hurriedly ran out.

Jack was dumbfounded.

Why was she in such a hurry? He looked at the time and smiled helplessly.

This little girl was going to be late.

Jack smiled and returned to the washroom to wash up.

Then, he opened the lunchbox.

It was still the same sumptuous and delicious food from before.

It was still the familiar taste.

It was Jennifer’s handiwork.

After eating his fill, Jack began his day’s work.

He had just finished driving around a residential area when a call came from Qinghe rainbow bridge came.

After Jack picked it up, the speaker on the other end said, “Brother Jie, you must not come here today.

” Jack frowned slightly and said, “What’s wrong? Did something happen?” “No!” He paused for a moment and then said in a low voice, “Jack, two old men and grandmothers who live alone came here early in the morning.

They are widowed.

Are they going to introduce their daughters to you? They are going to set you up on a blind date.

I have already seen them.

They are not beautiful and are not even as beautiful as goddess Aisha.

You must not come here.

” Jack couldn’t help but laugh when he heard that.

A blind date?! What era was this? A blind date? And there were two of them at the start.

Who could bear with that? Even if they were pretty, he couldn’t go.

Would he be incomplete without a woman? Aisha and Jennifer were different.

Such women could easily get into bed with a flick of their fingers.

They even needed a blind date just to get a man.

These were methods that only ordinary people used.