Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death - Chapter 219

Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death - Chapter 219

Chapter 219: Escape From the Chamber of Secrets Translator: Simple MTL  Editor: Simple MTL Bipson’s words succeeded in arousing public anger.

“Fuck you, you idiot.

Who are you to compare yourself to a judge?” “Bipson, you insult the Great Inquisitor of death? I sentence you to death without reincarnation.

The Almighty God will never forgive you.

” “I see you now for what you are—just a poor reptile, the light of a firefly, never as bright as the nine days of the Moon.

” “I F*CKING curse you! Sh*t, sh*t, sh*t, sh*t, sh*t, sh*t, sh*t!” “Go ahead and press it.

Why are you scared? F*ck!” Ross was staring intently at the computer screen.

His eyeballs were about to pop out, but he still could not see through it.

Moreover, he thought that he could more or less see through the clues before, but now it was completely a blind guess.

Without powerful brain cells and a heaven-defying reasoning ability, it was impossible to crack it, because in his opinion, this was an impossible task.

“It’s too difficult.

My IQ can’t accept it.

Please forgive me for not being able to do anything.

” Anthony looked at Ross’s gaze and spread his hands with a wry smile.

Then, Ross looked at Loggins, who was immersed in the painful process of trying to find a solution to the problem.

He was scratching his skin hard.

When he suddenly saw Ross’s gaze, he smiled bitterly.

“I can’t think of anything else, unless the Death Inquisitor hangs someone from the top and then seals the top.

Other than this, I can’t think of anything else.

” This didn’t sound like the best solution.

Ross looked at Monica.




In this team, only Monica seemed to be the most reliable.

Her thinking was clear and logical, and the results of her analysis were the closest to the truth of the incident.

Monica frowned.

She muttered, “I’ll say it again.

The Death Judge is a perfect criminal, and he’s obsessed with the game to the extent that it’s impossible to design a flawed secret room to escape.

There must be something that we’ve overlooked, such as the carbon ash on the side of Bipsen’s pants!” Everyone looked at the edge of Bipson’s pants and found that there was indeed a dark patch on his butt.

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COM Judy seemed to be possessed by a spirit and said excitedly, “Charcoal ash! Isn’t this the material used to make bombs? If we add sulfur, black gunpowder, and charcoal, we can just make a bomb and blast a hole to escape.

” She looked at everyone’s stunned eyes and her heart moved.

Could it be that she had unintentionally figured out the difficult problem of escaping? But then, everyone rolled their eyes at her.

Ross was even more resentful of her failure.

“Judy, how many times have I told you? We have to stand on the premise of logic and reason and not let ourselves be free-spirited.

With such a big imagination, why don’t you go write a novel instead of becoming a policeman?” “I got it.

” Judy touched her head in grievance and pouted her lips.

“Drunkard, what do you think?” Ross pointed at the drunkard who was scribbling.

The drunkard raised his head and looked at him when he heard the voice.

He said indifferently, “What does it have to do with me? Don’t ask me anything.

I’m good at the scene.

What can I tell you if I’m watching a live broadcast here?” Ross’s eyes flashed coldly when the drunkard said that.

‘What kind of attitude was that?! I don’t care how you used to be, but when you come to this unit, you have to change your bad habits.

No organization and no record will bak you up here.

This man isn’t a police officer.

He’s more like a hoodlum.

’ Because of the pressure from the Death Inquisitor, everyone’s mood wasn’t very good.

In addition, the drunkard bumped into the muzzle of the gun.

Ross directly exploded.

“What kind of attitude is that? If you think this place is small, you can do whatever you want.

We’ll respect your decision.

But if you still want to stay, then act like a police officer.

Don’t act like you haven’t slept all day.

Remember, we’re a group.

This is not a stage for you to act like a hero.

” As soon as he said that, Monica and the others knew that Ross was really angry.

The drunkard didn’t seem to hear it and continued to draw on the paper.

The sound of the tip of the pen rubbing against the paper could be heard clearly in the entire warehouse.

Soon, the scene was sketched out by him.

In the sealed room, a small person was kneeling on the ground.

His face was filled with a helpless expression.

The surroundings were green walls, and even the small holes on the roof were clearly carved out.

The two policemen behind him could not help but laugh when they saw his elementary school student’s talent in graffiti.

The drunkard curled his lips and looked at the hourglass beside him.

It had just finished leaking.

He clicked the mouse and stopped the stopwatch timer.

It was exactly ten minutes.

So, he wrote a few words on the paper: carbon dust, ten minutes.

Ross was completely speechless at his attitude.

He was too lazy to argue and switched the channel to Willie.

“Willie, how’s your progress?” “We’re searching now.

So far, we haven’t found any vehicles.

” “Continue searching.

Report back if there’s any news.

” Then, he cut off the communication.

He glanced at the drunkard.

This fellow was indeed capable, but he was too impulsive and disobedient.

He also couldn’t integrate into the group.

It was a bit of a headache.

Perhaps this was the difference between a genius and an ordinary person, but it was also good.

When dealing with the Death Inquisitor, they couldn’t use conventional methods.

They could think of unexpected gains.

Ross’s gaze fell on the live broadcast room once again.

At this moment, after a struggle in his heart, Bipson still gave up on detonating the natural gas.

“There’s still time.

I can’t give up just like this.

” Bipson let out a mouthful of turbid air.

He tried his best to empty his mind and let his rationality return.

However, the ethanethiol in the air and the strong stench made him more and more irritable.

As the seconds and minutes passed, he tried to force himself to calm down and think rationally.

However, he realized that he could not do it.

He just could not do it.

He was already on the verge of despair.

It was also at this moment that an idea flashed through his mind.

‘If my clothes were wet, would I try my best to protect myself during the detonation?’ Bipson looked at the time.

There were still two minutes left.

There was no other choice.

It was a matter of life and death.

At this moment, the number of people in the live broadcast room was still rising.

It had already broken past the limit of the past.

The number of people that had soared was more than a million.

It was about to break through to 10 million.

The boss of the live broadcast platform was grinning from ear to ear.

However, Bipson’s actions made all the netizens in the live broadcast room puzzled.

“What’s going on? Could it be that he’s hallucinating from the smoke?” “Taking off his pants? I don’t understand his thinking.

He’s preparing to do the opposite.

He knows that he’s going to die, and he’s preparing to show off his body.

” “He’s preparing to detonate it.

I was initially suspicious, but when he peed on his clothes, I understood.

” “That’s impossible.

The explosion is so powerful, and the high temperature generated is something a wet shirt can’t protect against.

” “But to be honest, looking at his valiant appearance, I didn’t expect him to be so vulnerable.

I can be two times more powerful than him!”