Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death - Chapter 220

Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death - Chapter 220

Chapter 220: HARD IQ: Directly Detonate While the netizens were analyzing the situation, Bipson had already put on his clothes that were covered in urine.

He held the lighter tightly in his right hand and placed his thumb on it.

His eyes bulged out as he panted and roared, “F*ck you, Death Inquisitor! I’m going to fight you to the death!” After saying that, he pressed his thumb down instantly.

Bang! With a loud bang, the natural gas was detonated.

A wisp of flame instantly turned into a sea of fire and swallowed Bipson.

His body turned into a fireball.

At the same time, a powerful force pulled his body and threw him fiercely onto the wall.

Then, he was thrown out again, like a basketball that had been blown up by fire.

“Ahhhh!” Bipson’s miserable cry resounded throughout the entire live broadcast room, deeply stimulating the auditory nerves of every netizen.

The explosion was only for a moment.

The fire flashed and then extinguished.




What was even more terrifying was yet to come.

The instantaneous high temperature and pressure caused by the explosion caused his entire body to ignite.

It was as if he was a piece of fat that had been thrown into a pot of oil.

With a crackling sound, his wet clothes and urine were all evaporated in an instant.

His fibers were also softened and stained onto his skin and flesh that they were seamlessly fused together.

It was painful.

It was heart-wrenching pain.

It was an uncontrollable pain.

He was like a fireball that had been dyed with gasoline.

He rolled crazily on the ground.

He wanted to extinguish this flame, but he could not extinguish it.

Instead, it seemed to be getting bigger and bigger.

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COM The netizens in the live broadcast room looked at the miserable and howling Bipson.

They all seemed to have been injected with stimulants as they clapped and cheered in front of the screen.

“This is so satisfying.

This is the out-of-print drama that I’ve been looking forward to.

Ah, so comfortable.

” “This is the price for doing something wrong.

You dared to kill my goddess.

This is what you get.

” “The funny thing is that he thought that his clothes would be able to block the high temperature if he wet his pants.

Now that he’s done it, he has actually helped the fire.

This is what he deserves.

” “The high temperature created by the explosion can instantly evaporate water and cause the clothes to become fibrous.

If he took off his clothes and curled up tightly, at most, he would be burned.

He wouldn’t turn into a burning man like this.

” Just as the netizens were analyzing the situation, Bipson screamed even louder, like a pig’s roar, interrupting their train of thought.

In the live broadcast room, Bipson was rolling on the ground with all his might.

As a result, when the fibers that were stuck to his skin touched the ground, some of them touched the ground and rolled with him, even his charred skin and flesh were torn off.

“Ah, f*ck!” Bipson did not stop because his flames had not been completely extinguished.

Moreover, he could no longer tell whether the pain came from the fire or the flesh that had been removed.

He could no longer care about these things.

The only thing he wanted to do was to extinguish the burning flames as soon as possible.

When the netizens saw such an exciting scene, not only did they vent their anger, they also felt like they were watching a live-action movie.

They gave out all kinds of rewards—planes, ships, and cannons.

Some people were happy while others were sad.

Ross, who was in front of the live broadcast room, had a gloomy expression on his face.

He roared at the communication device.

“Willie, what the f*ck are you doing? People are about to be burned to death.

We still haven’t found any suspicious vehicles.

If we were a few minutes earlier, the suspect could have been saved.

” Willie pressed his ears and said weakly, “Team leader, we are frantically searching, but we have yet to find a target.

” “Wait!” At this time, Willie shouted, “We have found a similar vehicle! We have found a similar vehicle, and we are landing.

” Ross was shocked.

‘F*ck, it’s finally here!’ Therefore, he switched the scene to Willie’s side.

He saw a white car in the open space in front of an abandoned house.

The helicopter landed immediately.

Willie immediately looked forward and confirmed that it was Bipson’s car.

“Number two, three, four, number one has found the target.

Immediately send reinforcements,” Ross ordered.

“Roger!” “Willie, immediately start a search of the building.

If there is any situation, report it at any time.

Be careful.

” Ross glanced at the scene as he spoke.

“Understood!” When they started to move, the two policemen standing behind the drunkard couldn’t stand still anymore.

“Officer, should we go and support them?” “Yeah, it’s useless for us to wait here.

The Death Inquisitor doesn’t come here.

” The drunkard said indifferently, “Support my ass.

I’m sure the Death Inquisitor isn’t in that building.

Do you want to bet? One bottle of Erguotou.

” “I’ll bet with you!” “I’ll bet two bottles with you.

If you lose, go back and take a shower and change into clean clothes.

The smell on your body is too strong.

” As he said that, he wrinkled his nose.

The drunkard’s face turned black.

“You’re a man yourself, so why are you so pretentious? Fine, I’ll bet with you.

” After saying that, his eyes fell back to the screen, and his eyebrows furrowed into a frown.

He saw that Bipson had extinguished the flames all over his body, but his entire body looked as if it had been burned into carbon.

It was pitch black, and his entire body was full of potholes.

He looked like Jack Freddy’s skin, especially his scalp and face.

There was even blood seeping out from the potholes.

It looked extremely terrifying.

At this moment, the light in the secret chamber had already been damaged, but the small hole that was emitting natural gas at the top was still burning, bringing with it a glimmer of light.

The walls of the secret chamber did not collapse due to the force of the explosion, but the walls around them were all cracked, and the wide cracks were shocking.

Light shot into one of the walls.

Bipson slightly raised his eyelids.

He felt that his eyelids were cold, and his eyeballs were sour, as if they were about to fall out of his eyes, “F*CK! F*ck your mother, Death Judge! I will not let you off, I swear!” Bipson collapsed to the ground.

Every part of his body was in burning pain.

He broke down.

“Why? Why does everyone else have shortcuts? I don’t have any.

I’m not convinced.

” He let go of his life and roared.

His lips had long been charred, and his teeth were completely exposed.

There was also a kind of coldness.

At this moment, Jack’s cold voice came from the secret room.

“Actually, I’ve already given you a hint.

You’re just one step away from success.

It’s because you didn’t pay attention and neglected the crucial clue of the carbon ash.

If you can seriously think about where the carbon ash came from, you’ll know the answer.

Now, please look under the wall where there’s light.

” Bipson’s eyes rolled.

He saw that under the wall, there was a crack that was very dense.

Moreover, this area that was not completely shattered looked like a dark group from afar.

“Didn’t you ask me how I got out? Let me tell you now.

After I put you in, I used a piece of wood that had been soaked in gasoline and pierced an iron wire in the middle to firmly pull him close to the wall inside.

I applied cement on the surface and then filled the bricks.

After everything was done, I took out the iron wire and inserted a fuse into the small hole.

After lighting the wood, it would look like what you see now.

If you look closely, you will see small holes in the wall.

You will see that the cement in this area is not as smooth as the other places.

” Jack paused.

Bipson was already dumbfounded.

Almost, almost.

He had already thought of carbon ash.

Why didn’t he think about it further? If he had paid a little more attention, he would not have been burned into charcoal.

He hated himself to death for his incompetence and carelessness.

At this moment, he felt like a big idiot.