Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death - Chapter 197

Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death - Chapter 197

Chapter 197: The Late-night Visit of a Beauty The scene froze at this moment, and the netizens were all boiling with excitement.

“The people of Shitan City send a congratulatory message.

Congratulations to the host for eliminating two scum for the entire human race.

” “The people of New York City send a congratulatory message.

” “The netizens across the country send a congratulatory message.

” Among these congratulatory messages, there were some bullet screens that were filled with immense gratitude.

“Thank you, Death Judge, for avenging my daughter.

Her soul in heaven has finally rested in peace.

” “Thank you, Death Judge, for allowing my mother’s soul to be redeemed.

I have been hoping day and night that the murderer would be brought to justice.

Today, I finally have the courage to go to her grave and tell him this good news.

” In an instant, bullet screens and rewards flooded in and occupied the entire screen.

Jack took a few glances and there were also some doubtful voices.

However, towards these voices, Jack only smiled coldly.

I am an unjust and sinful person! .



Bang Bang Bang Bang! Another explosion sounded in the live broadcast room.

Time was up and the metal ring exploded.

Peter’s limbs exploded into a bloody mist and his head was removed.

The huge impact sent his head flying out like a rubber ball.

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COM At this moment, Jack’s voice sounded again.

“Welcome to this live broadcast.

Thank you for your tips.

We’ll see you in the next episode.

” — Ding! “This death design has been successful.

” Ding! “This live broadcast has earned 14,000 yuan.

” Ding! “Evaluating the difficulty level of this death design.

” “After evaluating the city, the difficulty level of this death design is excellent + 5.

Obtained 25,000 death points.

Obtained layers of scenes of fear.

” [Multiple scenes of Fear: a quiet room, an empty road, a deep basement, strange sounds, exploring the deepest fear of humanity.

The design is of a high level.

] — Looking at the messages on the notification board, Jack was very satisfied.

He was especially surprised by the thick stack of US dollars on the table.

He had earned over 10,000 from his first live broadcast, and he had also obtained a scene.

The various skill cards that were purchased in the early stages and the 2,000 death points that entered the account could be used to increase one’s combat strength.

At this time, the scene of the last head rolling in the live broadcast room was deeply imprinted in the minds of Ross and the others, stimulating their nerves.


Once again, he succeeded.

Moreover, this time, he even gave the police station four days.

In front of the entire country! What a huge humiliation.


Ross’s face was gloomy.

He felt that there was a stifling feeling in his chest that he could not vent.

At this moment, the police from Shitan City called.

“Hello, Zero Major Crimes Department.

” “We have locked onto the scene of the major crime and are rushing over now.

In addition, we found some murder tools in Adonis’s snack bar.

They are some high-grade alcohol with spices added.

” Ross nodded and said, “Yes.

After confirming the scene, seal it immediately.

No one is allowed to enter except for the forensics and trace inspection personnel.

You have to work hard and don’t miss any details.

” “Don’t worry.

We will do our best.

” After hanging up the phone, Ross sorted out his thoughts.

“Judy, check the Saiyun stronghold and find out everything you can.

” “Yes, right away.

” “Anthony, investigate Peter’s life.

It’s necessary to go to his hometown.

” “Yes.

” “Monica, you’re in charge of re-evaluating the criminal mentality of the Death Inquisitor.

Try to draw a complete psychological portrait.

” “No problem.

I already have some ideas,” Monica said.

After Ross said that, he looked at Loggins and Willie and said, “You two rest.

You still don’t know what the Death Inquisitor will do next.

We have to be ready to work 24 hours a day.

” After everything was arranged, Ross let out a breath of turbid air.

The live broadcast ended, but the public opinion was not over yet.

On Twitter, the netizens on the forums were boiling with passion.

All of them were talking about the Death Inquisitor.

At the same time, the relevant media reports were flying all over the place.

“The Death Inquisitor has solved a cold case that has been unsolved for more than 20 years.

The red-shirted murder maniac, Adonis, has died.

” “Netizens all over the country are wearing red clothes to celebrate.

The Death Judge has become the idol of the whole nation.

” “The police have failed.

The relevant person in charge has not responded.

” “The Death Judge has once again proved with his strength that his IQ is incomparable.

” One by one, the news was pushed to his phone.

Jack glanced at it and then turned it off.

At this moment, the rain outside had stopped, but the lights in the duty room were flickering.

They suddenly flashed when there was thunder just now.

“Looks like it’s broken.

” Jack glanced at it.

There was no spare light tube in the duty room, so he was too lazy to buy it.

Anyway, he liked the dark, so he merged his body into the dark.

This was his protective color.

Although the light was not bright, it had electricity.

Just when he wanted to listen to music, a tall figure walked toward the security room in the darkness.

Despite the darkness, Jack recognized the tall woman at a glance.

It was Aisha’s mother, Jennifer.

She had the perfect body that many women couldn’t help but admire.

She exuded the charm and allure of a mature woman.

She could switch between maturity and elegance with ease.

In Jack’s eyes, Jennifer was indeed different.

Dong Dong Dong! Jennifer’s slender fingers knocked on the window glass.

“Please come in.

” Then, she pushed the door open and entered.

The only light in the room was the afterglow of the neighborhood street lamps.

It was not even comparable to a candle.

A faint encounter followed.

Jack raised his head and glanced at her.

It was a floral dress that revealed half of her fair and delicate calves.

Her shoulders were slightly exposed, and her hair was disheveled.

The graceful figure in the dress was exquisite and beautiful under the light of the street lamps, and the atmosphere suddenly became ambiguous.

If it were anyone else, they would definitely lose control when facing such a beautiful woman.

They would want to press the woman in front of them to their heart’s content.

However, Jack’s expression was calm.

His expression did not change, and there was not a hint of emotion in his heart.

Jennifer and Jack looked at each other.

They were a little surprised.

She knew that she was a great temptation to men, but the man in front of her had a face like the wind, and his eyes were like a pool of clear water.

There was not a hint of embarrassment or unease in his expression.

All the men in the past would show lewd, infatuated, or intoxicated expressions.

This abnormal scene made her nervous.

“I see that your room is dark.

The light bulb must have burned.

I’ll bring you one.

I don’t know if it’s suitable…” Jennifer said as she placed a small box on the table.

His house was in the front row of the neighborhood.

With a wider view, he could see the security room.

Jack took a look and then took out the round light bulb inside.

He looked at the round light bulb on top of his head and said, “It should be fine.

It’s about the same anyway.

” So Jennifer turned on the flashlight on her phone.

A minute later, Jack changed the light bulb.

When the light came on, Jennifer’s skin looked whiter and more tender, reflecting a sparkling white luster.

Her cheeks were slightly red.

“Thank you!” Jack smiled slightly.

Jennifer was a little stunned.

She rarely saw Jack smile, but she quickly reacted and said, “I should be the one thanking you.

You helped me take care of Aisha.

She has caused you a lot of trouble, hasn’t she?” “It’s not like I took care of her.

She’s still very obedient in my place.

By the way, she’s already gone.

Is she asleep?” Jennifer stroked her hair by her ear and said in a flirtatious manner, “I didn’t let her watch the death broadcast.

She insisted on watching it.

She was going to come out to see you, but she was scared and didn’t dare to go out now.

” “It seems that you are very brave!” Jack looked at Jennifer’s beautiful eyes and said.

Jennifer’s face became even redder when she was stared at by Jack.

It was as if an electric current had passed through her entire body.

She felt her whole body go soft and fell into Jack’s arms.

She didn’t want to pick it up at first, so Jack felt a little helpless.

But when he thought of the corner of the chair behind him, if he fell on it, his face would definitely be disfigured.

He felt that Aisha would be mad at him if anything of that sort happened.