Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death - Chapter 198

Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death - Chapter 198

Chapter 198: The Ripple That Had Sealed the Bottom of Her Heart Jennifer’s face was rosy, and even her two delicate little ears were stained with a red glow.

Listening to Jack’s powerful heartbeat, the subtle emotions that she had not felt for many years were quietly budding like rain.

However, she quickly reacted and did not dare to look into Jack’s magical eyes.

She brushed her long hair by her ears and stood at the side shyly.

The atmosphere became very subtle.

Jack’s expression was calm, and his expression was like a pool of still autumn water, without the slightest ripple.

But Jennifer’s heart was like a deer jumping out of its shell.

She quickly said, “It’s getting late.

You should rest early too!” After saying that, she quickly ran out.

Jack looked at his slim figure running in the rain, and his eyes flashed slightly.

After Jennifer left, Jack listened to the song in satisfaction.

In the second half of the night, there was a light drizzle.

The rain fluttered against the window, and the wind swayed.

Everything was fine, and Jack unknowingly fell asleep.

When he woke up in the morning, there were sounds of footsteps and conversations coming from outside.

“Shh, be quiet.

Brother Jie seems to be asleep.

Don’t wake him up.

” .



“Brother Jie must be too tired.

My heart aches for him.


“Yesterday, I wanted to send Brother Jie supper, but after watching the live broadcast, I didn’t dare to go downstairs.

I was too scared.

” “Look at how timid you are.

You didn’t dare to watch but insisted on watching.

This is great.

I made brother Jie starve.

” As the few girls spoke, the sound of footsteps gradually faded into the distance.

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COM Jack was speechless.

After they walked for a long distance, he got up from the sofa and stretched.

It was already sunny outside.

After yesterday’s rain, everything had changed.

Jack looked at the time.

It was just past seven o’clock.

Harry would probably arrive in half an hour, so he picked up his phone and leisurely swiped.

After last night’s ferment, the popularity of the live broadcast did not decrease.

His phone received more than a dozen news notifications, but without exception, they were all about the Death Inquisitor.

As he watched, a white Audi slowly opened and stopped at the entrance of the community.

The car door opened and a flirtatious woman got out of the car.

It was the property manager of Jade Coast, Rachel.

She wore a light gauze dress, and the fragrance was pleasant.

Unlike ordinary women, she gave people a hot feeling.

She was unrestrained and seductive.

Jack saw her walking towards the duty room and knew that she was looking for him, but he did not know why.

Unlike the first time they met, Rachel was smiling.

She looked very easygoing and did not put on any airs.

“You’re not here to console me, are you?” Jack asked.

Rachel giggled.

Her full chest rose and fell as she said, “Of course, I’m here to give you a promotion.

” Jack frowned.

How could a security guard be promoted? Seeing his doubtful expression, Rachel said, “I’m preparing to recruit another person, so you don’t have to be on duty in the future.

You’ll be the security captain, and I’ll give you a small car.

I have a total of four properties, and the other three are all around here.

When you’re free, go over and take a look, and guide them in their work.

I’ll give you a salary of 6,000, and the postage will be reimbursed.

How’s that?” “The security in the other three school districts is not good, right?” Jack understood.

Rachel gave him a charming smile and said, “Yes, since you came here, the security has improved a lot.

The people in the other three districts all said that there was a tall and handsome security guard here.

They are all in a bad mood and have a lot of opinions.

I’m begging you.

” She shook Jack’s shoulder and blinked her beautiful eyes seductively.

Her eyelashes trembled, and she looked like a little girl.

Jack’s face was full of black lines.

He had become the leader of the security industry.

“Where are the three residential areas?” Hearing Jack agree, Rachel’s beautiful eyes were watery as she said, “The flag cloud garden in the north, Phoenix View Park, and the Qinghe Red Bridge in the east.

These three are only two to three kilometers away from here.

What do you think?” Jack thought for a moment.

Having a status and not having to go to work was a very good cover for him, so he agreed after a brief thought.

“I’ll try.

If it doesn’t work, I’ll come back.

” Rachel’s beautiful eyes narrowed as she said, “A woman can’t say no, a man can’t say no.

” Jack’s face was full of black lines.

Rachel acted like an old friend.

She was as passionate as fire and extremely flirtatious.

Ordinary people really couldn’t handle it.

“How about this? You rest for a day first.

I’ll send you over after the arrangements are made,” Rachel said.

Jack refused immediately.

“No need.

I’ll take a taxi there myself.

I’ll leave when Harry comes back.

” Rachel had met and worked with many people.

When she saw Jack’s gaze, she knew that he had already made up his mind.

“All right, I’ll contact you later.

” Like the wind and lightning, Rachel drove away.

Jack shook his head slightly.

The security guard was just a cover for his identity.

He did not expect to be promoted and get a raise after working for less than a month.

‘My damn charm.

’ A few minutes later, Aisha came down from the neighborhood and walked on the road.

It was really a beautiful scenery.

Aisha pushed the door open and entered.

She pouted her sexy lips.

“I wanted to come over to see you yesterday, but after watching the death broadcast, I was so scared that I didn’t dare to go out.

Sob…” Jack smiled faintly and said, “It’s better for children to watch less violent and bloody live broadcasts.

” “It’s okay.

I have a bullet proof vest on anyway.

By the way, did you watch yesterday’s live broadcast? The Death Inquisitor is so handsome.

” Jack smiled coldly and did not say anything.

Meanwhile, Jennifer stood elegantly at the side, charming and full of temptation.

When Jack’s gaze swept over, she quickly shifted her gaze away, her face slightly red.

At this time, a black Mercedes-Benz drove over.

Jack looked at it and said, “Well, it’s getting late.

Hurry up and go to school!” “Oh, then I’m leaving.

Oh, right, this is for you.

” Aisha took out a lunch box from her school bag and walked up to Jack.

She whispered mysteriously into his ear, “This is made by my mother.

It’s very delicious.

You’re in luck.

” Jack could not help but look at Jennifer.

Seeing the strange look in Jack’s eyes, Jennifer’s face turned a little red.

She, who was originally elegant, became a little uneasy at this moment.

Without moving his eyes, Jack looked away.

His expression did not change, as if it was just a casual glance.

When Aisha and the others got into the car, Jack heaved a sigh of relief.

Although he did not understand women, she understood their hearts.

It was obvious that he had been able to detect the ripples in Jennifer since last night.

From the looks of it, Rachel had given him a job just in time.

He needed to leave this place.

Of course, he was not frigid.

He was just a little cautious when it came to relationships.

He was definitely not a man who would not be able to walk when he met a beautiful woman.

Shaking his head slightly, Jack opened the lunchbox.

Suddenly, a fragrance assailed his nostrils.

It had to be said that the color, aroma, and smell of the food were all superior to Aisha’s.

“She’s really good at cooking.

” Jack took a deep breath.

Whether it was the vegetables or the colorful mutton, one meat, one vegetable, and white rice, they were all just right.

Jack gobbled up the meal quickly.

At this time, Harry also arrived.

After exchanging some pleasantries, Jack hailed a taxi and left.

After resting and eating, it was time to get down to business.

Jack sat in the front passenger seat and tilted his head to look outside with an evil smile on his face.

In Basen City, the Weitai Group was surrounded by a lot of people, and the local reporters were all here.

A police car came from outside.

Four or five police officers came out to maintain order.

The Weitai Group was the economic pillar of Basen City.

It was also a large taxpayer in Basen city.

Therefore, as the boss of the Weitai Group, Dennis, as long as it was not an excessive request, the local government would give him support and give him the green light.

“What happened? Do you know what Dennis announced?” “I don’t know.

He just received a notice.

He didn’t say what exactly happened.

” “It’s so mysterious.

It’s probably not a small matter.

Otherwise, there wouldn’t be so many reporters and even the police.

” A few reporters discussed in low voices.

The employees outside were also confused about the boss’s intentions.

At this moment, a middle-aged man in his fifties and dressed in a neat suit came to the front of the company under the escort of a few senior executives.

Looking at the crowded crowd below, he pushed up the gold-rimmed glasses on his eyes and raised his palm to press down on the air.

Immediately, the originally noisy sound became completely silent.

Ka Ka Ka! The reporters took photos one after another.

Dennis did not look very well.

His eyes were bloodshot and his eye sockets were deep, as if he had not slept for the whole night.

“Hello, everyone.

I am Dennis, the CEO of the Weitai Group.

Today, I held a press conference to announce something to everyone.

I have thought about this matter for the whole night.

Now, I have thought it through.

I am old and cannot stand the torment.

” He paused for a moment, and the crowd below suddenly started discussing and whispering.


What does that mean? Did he get some incurable disease?” “It can’t be that he’s going bankrupt, right? F*ck, I spent all my money last month on the stock of his company.

It can’t be that bad!” “Listen to me.

Something big is really going to happen.

This is a hot topic.

” The editors-in-chief around them looked as if they had been injected with stimulants.

They were so excited that their faces turned red and they stretched their necks.

The company’s higher-ups also looked at each other.

They had countless ideas in their minds.

There was a transfer of the company, the terminal illness of the CEO, and the collapse of Weitai.

If something really happened, they had to make preparations early.

Dennis glanced at everyone, and his tone was earth-shattering.

“May 16, 2000.

Everyone may not remember this day, but I will never forget it.

It was also on this day that I did something that I cannot forgive myself for.

I killed someone.

” As soon as he said this, there was an uproar.

Murder?! This had nothing to do with the chairman of a company.

It was completely unrelated.

What kind of situation was this?! Even if you kill people all the time, no one would be stupid enough to expose it.

Could there be some unspeakable secret behind this?! “F ck! This is a huge hot topic.

The chairman of the Weitai group committed murder.

What exactly is hidden behind this…” “Looking at how refined he is, I didn’t expect him to be a murderer.

” “Hey, brother, you can’t tell a man’s heart from his face.

People nowadays all know how to disguise themselves.

It’s better to be careful.

” “The case that he mentioned, could it be the case of Henry, the richest man in Basson, who was once a sensation?” “Friend, do you know the inside story?” “Of course.

Legend has it that Henry also started out in real estate.

At that time, he already had tens of millions of family assets.

But for some reason, his entire family was wiped out.

The gold, silver, jewelry, and one million project funds in his house disappeared without a trace.

The police investigated for three months, but there was no progress.

And this case was also listed as an unsolved case.

I didn’t expect the murderer to be this beast in front of me.

” “I estimate that he could do so much.

The starting capital was one million from killing people.

And I heard that all four members of Henry’s family were wiped out.

The youngest daughter was only two years old.

This demon is too cruel.

” Everyone present exploded.

The four or five policemen were caught off guard.

They were originally following the orders of their leaders to maintain order, but the person they were protecting and guarding was just revealed to be a murderer.

At this moment, Dennis walked towards the policemen and spread his hands.

“Arrest me!” Two of the young policemen had blank looks on their faces as if they had not yet reacted to the dramatic scene.

The middle-aged policeman next to him reacted quickly and took out his handcuffs from his back.

Snap! The sound of snapping photos could be heard.

Soon, the surrounding reports caused a huge uproar on the internet.

“Under the pressure of the Death Inquisitor, Barson’s richest man, Dennis, chose to turn himself in.

The unsolved murder case that had been sealed for more than 20 years surfaced, and it was announced to the world.

” “The murderer of the murder case turned out to be the richest man in Barson City, and he lived a carefree life for more than 20 years.

” “The murderer killed people in the local area and started from there.

The police investigation immediately had no leads.

The truth of the incident made people ponder deeply.

” “The Death Judge, the last justice in the world, the nemesis of evil, is the idol of all citizens.

” At this moment, Jack returned to his apartment, but the messages on his phone kept coming in.

He opened it and glanced at it.

He could not help but frown slightly.

Surrender?! He could also issue a death notice to those who surrendered.

But to these people, those who were still at large and carefree needed to receive a death notice.

Jack closed the S-rank file.

Because he knew that people had a herd mentality.

Jack believed that from now on, Dennis wouldn’t be the last one.

Those who stayed were those who had a glimmer of hope, or had a strong heart, and were extremely confident in themselves.

There were nearly a hundred people in the S-class files.

He did not care how many people would choose to surrender.

However, even if they surrendered, Jack would not cross them off the list.

If it was on a whim, a prison live broadcast would also be good.

Thinking of this, the corners of Jack’s mouth curled into an evil smile, like a devil walking on Earth.

He was the messenger of hell.

Sure enough, just as Jack expected, the police stations of all continents welcomed a wave of surrender.

“4-11 Penrabe tragedy solved! Murderer surrenders!” “8-02 Beiyang Tragedy solved! Murderer committed suicide! Left a suicide note!” “3-24 Shangguan district tragedy solved!” “11-11 Gabon tragedy solved!” One by one, the news was pushed to the mobile phone.

The major media outlets were extremely busy, and the netizens all over the country exploded.

“What’s going on today? So many people turned themselves in.

Could it be that today is the day of confession? This is too ridiculous! Usually, I don’t see these people having a conscience.

It’s strange!” “Brother, did you just get Internet access at home? The Death Inquisitor is so popular, and you actually don’t know!” “You can go to hell.

You don’t even know that the law enforcers of the night are helping the weak and upholding social justice.

You’re not fit to be a human!” “This is the thirteenth.

I wonder how many people turned themselves in today.

I guess the police stations are very busy now.

” The netizens were enthusiastic, but the police stations of the various states were very embarrassed.

They should be happy that a major case had been solved.

They could totally celebrate.

However, the one who solved the case was not them, but the Death Inquisitor.

He was a wanted felon.

This was a bit of a slap in the face.

The notifications crazily flooded in and continued until evening.

As night fell, everyone talked about the Death Inquisitor.

People were in high spirits.

In one Twitter forum, a few forum owners were discussing whether the Death Inquisitor could be featured on a news broadcast.