Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death - Chapter 164

Livestream: The Adjudicator of Death - Chapter 164

Chapter 164: Execution Begins Translator: Simple MTL  Editor: Simple MTL The death broadcast began.

One million people were randomly selected.

The people who were pulled into the broadcast room were so happy that they seemed to have hit the jackpot.

They roared loudly at midnight.

“The broadcast has started.

I’m actually being pulled into the broadcast room.

” “Front row, please be careful with your attitude.

Don’t make too much noise.

” The netizens rushed in crazily.

In less than ten minutes, the number of people in the broadcast room soared to five million.

At random, a cold and familiar voice sounded.

“Welcome to my live broadcast room.

I am your live broadcast’s Death Judge.

” “I believe that everyone already knows the story we are going to tell today.

Sunderland’s four new criminals raised maggots from human flesh and fed them black chickens.

Five of them died without a complete corpse.

In addition, they raped and killed four kindergarten children on March Day, 2020, and then threw them into the sewer.

” Hearing this, the scalps of millions of netizens went numb, and they almost exploded in anger.

“F*ck! These are nine human lives, scumbags, and perverts.

” .



“I’m so angry, host, quickly put them into the vat and feed them to maggots!” “That idea is not bad.

Let’s do it!” As Jack spoke, he put their crimes and photos on the big screen.

At this moment, hearing Jack’s cold voice, the tattooed man and the others woke up in shock.

However, they realized that they were surrounded by darkness and couldn’t see anything.

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COM “Adolf, Warner, are you there?” “F*ck.

I’ve been tied up.

” “Me too! Damn.

We’ve been captured by the Death Inquisitor.

” Jack’s cold voice sounded at this moment, “Hello, I’m the Death Inquisitor.

You guys left the desolate mountain and escaped frantically.

You successfully avoided the police and came to a desolate place.

Coincidentally, there’s a dilapidated building here.

We’ll play a game here.

” “Who’s afraid of who? If you have the guts, come out.

I have a lot of ways to kill you,” Adolf roared.

‘If you want to kill me, the prerequisite is that you have to untie the ropes first,’ Jack thought.

As soon as he finished speaking, the entire room was lit up.

The lights were so blinding that they narrowed their eyes.

However, the online viewers were all stunned.


What’s going on?” “They’re all stripped naked.

It’s a little cool.

” “The props look so domineering.

” “The streamer won’t really feed them to maggots, right? That would be great.

” After the four of them got used to the light, they looked at the mottled walls around them.

It was indeed a dilapidated building.

Their clothes were stripped naked and thrown on the ground not far away.

However, they wore something that looked like armor on their chests.

There were two sharp iron hooks suspended above their collarbones.

With just a slight movement, they could pierce through their skin.

Fortunately, the armor was fixed on their bodies.

The iron hooks extended slightly forward and connected to the metal ring on their hands through a remote pole.

The entire device was hung on the crossbeam by an iron lock, and their feet touched the ground.

There was also an iron wire fence around their periphery.

There was a metal ring on their neck, hands, and feet.

There was a small red light flickering rhythmically on it.

Seeing their situation, the four of them panicked.

“What are you doing?” “F*ck! Come out if you have the guts, you pervert.

” Jack’s voice sounded in the darkness.

 “The name of this game is called the killing game.

It’s specially designed for you! The game is very simple.

Your hands are bound by the iron rings.

If you want to escape, you have to pull the device in the middle of the iron rings.

The iron hooks on the top will pierce your skin.

When your palms break free from the iron rings, the iron hooks will pierce through your collarbones.

Of course, you have other ways to escape.

This is also the highlight of the night.

” As soon as he finished speaking, the four criminals heard a clanging sound.

it sounded as if someone was dragging something on the ground.

The four of them looked towards the sound and saw a tall figure walking towards the door.

However, the light was too dim and they could not see anything clearly.

They could only see that person holding something in one hand and holding a huge iron hook in the other.

The dull sound struck their hearts, and not only did it make their hearts turn cold.

That huge iron hook it made their scalps go numb, and they didn’t know what the Death Judge was going to do.

“Could it be that the host has appeared?” “Looking at those four scumbags’ terrified expressions.

The host must have appeared.

I want to see him too!” “I’ve been dreaming about what the host looks like.

He must be a handsome guy.

” In the live broadcast room, the netizens’ eyes were wide open.

They were anticipating the appearance of the host.

However, the camera was focused on the four criminals, so they could not see the host at all.

As the voice got closer, the appearance of the person became clearer and clearer.

Adolf and the others could not help but suck in a breath of cold air.

This time, Jack used the skin of the Devil Butcher, Strength 10.

Looking at the rotting flesh on his face, especially that sinister and terrifying face with sharp teeth, Adolf and the other three immediately broke out in a cold sweat.

Jack glanced at them coldly then placed the cage on the ground, and they heard a sound from the inside.

He removed the black cloth and saw that the cage was filled with wolfdogs.

Each of them bared their teeth and widened their eyes, emitting a cold light.

Adolf was stunned.

He immediately recognized that these were his own wolfdogs.

With a glance, he could tell that it was because their fur was bright and their bodies were very sturdy.

This was because he had fed them with maggots.

They had a rich protein diet.

“Why did you bring the wolfdogs here?!” Jack said coldly, “The second escape method is to wait until the dogs are full or the power supply here is out.

The devices on your bodies will fall and the fixed iron weapons on your bodies will also be turned on.

Oh right, I have to remind you that the power supply is the battery in your car.

” Adolf snorted angrily.

In order to be convenient, their car had especially changed into a large battery.

The power supply in it could last an ordinary user for a month.

If they waited for the power to run out, they would starve to death.

But now, there was only a second way.

He looked at the figure in the darkness and said, “What do dogs eat?” Jack replied coldly, “Maggots.

” After he said that, there was a ka sound.

From above them, there was a ray of light shining down, focusing on them.

The next second, the netizens were shocked.


So many maggots.

” “What’s going on? Where did these maggots come from? They weren’t there just a while ago.

” “Haha! It’s a projector.

It’s like a projection advertisement on the street.

The streamer projected the image of the maggots onto their bodies, but they weren’t real maggots.

However, as the image shook slightly, it was somewhat realistic.

” “I understand.

There’s something to play with now.

” Adolf and the others were dumbfounded.

They never dreamed that the game could be played like that.

Looking at their shocked and terrified expressions, Jack smiled in satisfaction.

“You all know the game, now let me explain the rules of the game.

Your wrists, ankles, and necks each have a metal ring.

I believe that you’ve watched the previous live broadcasts.

There’s a miniature bomb inside, which is enough to break your necks.

The key to opening it is placed behind the game.

Also, in this game, your feet are free, but you cannot move your body.

If this happens, it will be considered a foul.

and the price of a foul is elimination!” The voice paused for a few seconds, as if deliberately stopping to let them think.

Then, Jack continued, “This is a game that tests your wisdom and courage.

Whether you live or die depends on yourself!”